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Sports place a great amount of pressure on the legs, ankle, and feet. Jumping, and running for instance generates a force that is three times the amount of your body weight on your feet. Thanks to tech advance, today’s shoes are designed to cater to specific activities in mind.

The shoes are designed with specific athletic activities in mind. If you participate in a certain sport you should purchase a shoe designed specifically for that for maximum results. Exercise is the most important part of staying fit. With the right moves, you could reach your fitness goals in no time but the only issue many people seem to have is finding the right equipment.

Why is finding the right kit important?

Your clothes and shoes have a pretty great impact on your workout performance. While the outfit helps you get into gym-mode, they can actually help increase the results of your workout as well.

Here are the benefits of wearing the right workout gear

Breathability /sweat-wicking

You’re going to be sweating a lot during the workout; even your feet will be sweating. This is why you need to pick the right shoes with breathable fabric. Most fitness/sport shoes have breathable fabrics that help wick away the moisture keeping your feet dry and cool. This will make a very huge difference in how your feet feel while you are on the field. Also, go for fabric that will not promote bacteria growth like cotton, this helps avoid smelly feet after a workout

The durability of the material

Most people think that you have to spend a ton of money to get good, long-lasting workout fits and sports shoes, which is not true. There are plenty of brands that make great fits at a very affordable price, you just have to figure out what type of outfit or shoe you need.

Cushioned shoes –  are designed for people with rigid and high arched feet. The midsoles of the shoe are made from a single sole material and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) at the heel and arch for performance, shock absorption, and durability.


Shoes can provide light or moderate stability depending on the arch on your feet. Pronators, people with a high arch, need to maintain their arch while running for comfort and stability. Fitted with layers of gray polyurethane material or EVA, can provide you with extra stability.

Motion control

Running shoes should provide you with extra stability, especially when you have flat feet and a heavier body. The shoe may also have extra stabilizers in the heel for maximum control. Outer sole made of carbon or blower rubber to make shows more flexible for the feet. Carbon rubber provides more durability for the shoe.

Besides the factors mentioned above, there are other things to look out for when choosing the best fit. Some of the main factors that guide you through getting the right sports shoes are

The sport

Different Sports require different specialized footwear. The appropriate shoes can help improve your performance, comfort, and best of all prevent any kind of injuries.

Here are a few examples of sports and what to look for in their appropriate shoes

  • Football – cleats or soccer shoes outdoor soccer shoes are made for outdoor games while Indoor cleats are perfect for indoor gaming.
  • Basketball – tennis shoes, athletic shoes, trainers or sneakers are perfect for this indoor sport. They can be used for a variety of sports because of their capability to offer traction, maneuverability, and comfort.
  • Baseball – they are also known as cleats or spikes but way different to soccer cleats.

Your Feet Meets the Right Shoe

Obviously, not everyone’s foot is the same. Apart from length, there are multiple other differences. Some people have wide feet, others have narrow feet. Some have high arched feet (supinator) while others have low arched feet with a flat footprint (pronator) and they will require different shoes to get the perfect feet.

Types of athletic shoes and what you should expect from them

Running shoes

Most athletic wear companies have placed great focus on running shoes. You need to replace your running shoes regularly. A running shoe that has been used for over 500 miles will show structural damage and lose 45% of its shock absorption ability.

Minimalist/barefoot running shoes

Barefoot running has become so common in the past few years. Shoes made for this promotes forefoot and midfoot strikes as opposed to the heel strike.

Trail shoes

Trail shoes are for people who like to stray away from the beaten track. Designed primarily, for people who prefer to run off the road. They have deep tread patterns allowing for maximum traction and stability.

Cross-training shoes

They are designed to handle the switch from one sport to another. They have mesh and leather combination for breathability and durability.

Walking shoes

They focus on providing you with stability through the arch, a smooth tread, and great stability. A sole that encourages a natural roll on the foot while you walk can come in handy if you have arthritis or pain in the foot.


There are 4 types, soccer cleats, lacrosse cleats, baseball cleats, and football cleats. Soccer cleats are more fitting and have a tight feel to provide more control to the player. Whereas, lacrosse cleats are made with a high upper at the angle for extra stability. When performing maneuvers like start, stop, and changing directions, these cleats are ideal.

General tips for finding the right athletic shoes

  • Shop for a shoe that will cater to that specific sport
  • Try the shoes at the end of the day because your feet sweat and will definitely do the same during a workout
  • Ensure that the hill counter holds and grips well for more stability
  • Go for a shoe with ½ inch space between your longest toe and the tip
  • The toes box should leave enough space that you can move and wiggle the toes
  • Go for a shoe that works well in different surfaces
  • The right and left shoes may not fit you the same

Final word

One of the best ways to determine what kind of shoe fits your foot best is to consult a professional. They can evaluate your feet and tell you whether you are a pronator or supinator and the width of your feet which makes it easier for you to pick the right shoe. the professional can also perform a gait analysis to determine the foot function while you are running and help you find the best shoe.