5 Best Trail Running Shoe for Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendon is an injury that can happen to anyone it doesn’t matter if you exercise on a regular base or if you’re an athlete. If you suddenly get pain above your heels and below your calf muscles, you are most likely suffering from Achilles tendonitis. The good news is you don’t need to reduce your exercise time, you just need to wear the best trail running shoe for Achilles tendonitis.

If your tendon is inflamed, wearing your regular running shoes can make things worse. The best running shoes that will help you recover from injuries to your Achilles should have supportive cushioning, good ankle support, a high heel to toe drop, and a lot of flex. If you also have over-pronation ensure that the running shoes you wear provide enough stability.

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What is Achilles tendonitis?

This is a very common condition in runners which is a very painful and very uncomfortable inflammation at the back of your lower ankle where your tendon is attached to your heel. The piercing and burning feeling you get can prevent you from carrying out your daily activities like walking or running. The most common symptom is pain that begins as mild aches around the back of your leg or above your heel after running or participating in other sports activities. The intensity of the pain can increase if you continue running, splinting, or climbing. 

Some of the other symptoms you will experience like tenderness and stiffness will mostly happen in the morning. The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in your body and it helps to prevent pronation which is when your feet roll inward. Certain factors like poor foot alignment, a sudden change in activities, tight heel cords, or change of shoes will increase your risk of developing Achilles tendonitis. 

Features that can be found in the right running shoes for Achilles tendonitis


Shoes designed with a mesh upper are a better option because mesh material is lightweight which provides good ventilation for your feet.

Toe box

Shoes with a wide and round toe box are the best as it will provide enough room for your toes to move around without any hindrance.

Heel collar

Running shoes that have an elaborated heel collar provides excellent cushioning for your ankles and provides you with a perfect fit.

Air, foam, or gel midsole

Most running shoes nowadays are designed with the latest midsole technology, but you need to ensure that your tendons don’t hurt. So it’s best to go for shoes with either gel, foam, or air midsoles that will provide you with good cushioning that will protect your feet from the impact caused when your feet hit the ground. 

Achilles tendon protector

Look for shoes that will lock your heel in place which will help to reduce the stress on your tendon.


Shoes with good insoles will provide proper cushioning and support for your arches and feet.


Go for shoes that have grooves and treads on the outsole to provide great traction and good grip which will prevent slipping on surfaces. 

Some factors to consider when buying running shoes for Achilles tendonitis

Shape and size of your feet

Most of the time when you’re buying shoes you don’t consider the shape just the size, but for running shoes, for Achilles tendonitis, you need to consider both to avoid aggravating the problem.  

Shoe design

Although it’s good to get shoes that fit your style, it’s also important that you consider the design if you’re looking for relief from Achilles tendonitis. Avoid getting shoes that are too wide or too narrow and focus more on the shoe’s toe box. Ensure there’s enough room for your toes to move freely because shoes with the wrong design and fit can cause blisters, bunions, hammertoes, and calluses.

Amount of cushioning and support

If you’re suffering from Achilles tendonitis, you should buy shoes that provide more arch support which will help to reduce the pain during and after your run. This will also help to lower the discomfort and pressure as you run. The insoles should also provide proper height and cushioning to your heel so that you don’t feel the pressure when making brisk movements.

Cushioning and ventilation

Comfort is very important when you’re buying any kind of shoe and especially running shoes for Achilles pain. Go for shoes that have extra cushioning because it will help to reduce the impact to your feet as you run which in turn will help to reduce the pain. Also, shoes with a breathable upper will provide more air flow to your feet so that your feet don’t become hot when you’re running especially during the warm season.  

Table for the best trail running shoe for Achilles tendonitis

Running shoeFeatures Amazon link 
Brooks men’s ghost 12 running shoesSoft and protective cushioning, neutral support, smooth heel to toe transitionView Price
Saucony ride ISO 2Excellent support for supination, breathable toe box, stable heelView Price
Brooks women’s Ghost 11 running shoeNeutral support, well balanced soft cushioning, View Price
Nike men’s air zoom Pegasus 36 running shoesGreat arch support, lots of color options, durable tractionView Price
Mizuno women’s wave rider 23 running shoeLightweight, well-cushioned, high drop, responsive midsoleView Price

Brooks men’s ghost 12 running shoes

This is a great shoe to wear if you’re recovering from Achilles tendonitis because it has a great fit and also provides good support with a high drop. These are very popular running shoes for both men and women. It’s a lightweight shoe with a 12mm midsole drop which will help in relieving the pressure on your tendons. If you have high arches, the midsole will help in providing extra cushioning for your feet whether you’re running, cross-training, or in the gym. This will reduce the pressure on your Achilles which will reduce the pain and inflammation. The shoes are designed with a segmented crash pad that acts as shock absorbers to provide cushioning with every step you make and for a smooth heel to toe transitions. The shoe’s midsole cushioning that comprises the BioMoGo gel and DNA loft foam work together to give you just enough softness at your heel without losing its durability and responsiveness. It adapts to your strides to give you a smooth footfall with every step.


  • The upper is soft and comfortable and still keeps your feet in place
  • Provides excellent support for high arches
  • The cushioning significantly reduces knee and foot pain
  • The heel collar helps to keep your ankle stable


  • Doesn’t have a variety of colors
  • The lacing system can be a bit tight


A very comfortable running shoe that focuses on providing great cushioning and proper support for your feet when you’re running.

Saucony ride ISO 2

This is an all-round shoe that has very beneficial features for people suffering from Achilles tendonitis. It has a lightweight mesh upper that provides support and structure and a lacing system that will keep your feet in place without having a tight and uncomfortable fit. The thin layer of everun foam in the topsole is designed to adapt to the shape and motion of your feet and provide added cushioning. The shoes have an 8mm heel drop that will help in reducing your Achilles pain. These shoes are very ideal if you have neutral pronation or if you need extra cushioning but minimal support. The rubber sole is designed to provide excellent grip and traction but minimal support. These shoes will help make your starts and stops a bit less traumatic for your tendons.


  • Lightweight shoes with a good fit
  • Has lots of cushioning to protect your ankles and feet
  • They have a wide toe box
  • Very comfortable


  • The 2-piece insole may not align properly


Lightweight running shoes with lots of cushioning to protect your feet from the impact and provide relief to your tendons.

Brooks women’s Ghost 11 running shoe

These running shoes are available in a variety of designs that include light hues and darker tones. The designs are laid back but still attractive and an ideal shoe if you’re a runner with a medium to high arch and you’re looking for shoes with neutral support. These shoes have an upper made with mesh material that helps to enhance your comfort, breathability, and durability while the Gore-Tex membrane keeps moisture away leaving your feet dry throughout and reduce the growth of bacteria. The BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft technology provide you with amazing cushioning and just the right responsiveness that won’t strain your Achilles which will help to reduce the soreness and pain on your feet. The segmented crash pad is designed to absorb the shock impact of your feet by providing better cushioning and a smooth heel to toe transition when you’re running. The omega flex grooves on the outsole allow for better flexibility so you can enjoy a more natural forefoot movement. 


  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Excellent cushioning 
  • The outsole provides great stability and traction
  • Has a variety of beautiful colors


  • The toe box can be a bit narrow
  • The quality of the shoes isn’t consistent 


Excellent running shoes if you have a high arch and are looking for shoes with neutral support and enough responsiveness.

Nike men’s air zoom Pegasus 36 running shoes

This is a high heel to toe drop which makes it an ideal running shoe if you suffer from Achilles tendonitis. This shoe is perfect if you have a neutral stride and you’re looking for shoes with arch support. The upper is designed with a single layer of mesh material and a seamless notched inner sleeve to provide better air circulation and maximum comfort. The cable flywire will lock your feet in place to ensure less movement and provide support mostly at your arch area. The midsole is designed with special foam to provide your heel with soft and responsive cushioning allowing for better forefoot flexibility. The outsole is made with solid rubber for durable traction and grip on different surfaces. These shoes are available for both men and women with different sizes and colors. The women’s version has a softer midsole because they’re not as heavy as men.


  • Very light and comfortable
  • Provide a great snug fit
  • Has a lot of cushioning around the heel area
  • Has a wide variety of colors


  • It’s expensive
  • The quality isn’t consistent 


The perfect shoes that will provide you with lots of cushioning around your heel area that is responsive with a breathable upper and durable traction.

Mizuno women’s wave rider 23 running shoe

This is a lightweight and very functional shoe that features a lightweight and breathable mesh upper that will ensure your feet don’t get hot and sweaty as you run. This is a great shoe for people with slight under-pronation to very slight over-pronation. These shoes have a unique zippy ride with a patented wave plate that acts as a shock absorber that absorbs the impact of your feet when you hit the ground and disperses it throughout the length of the plate. They have a great underfoot feel, high durability, and good heel support. These are excellent shoes when you want to do some speed work, take a short run, or race. The dual-compound midsole helps to provide better responsiveness and the wave plate in the midsole keeps your feet stable while maintaining rigidity in your arch and heel. The high drop and flex are ideal for relieving pain in your tendons.


  • Very comfortable with a great fit
  • Has a variety of nice colors to choose from
  • Provides good support for medium arches and slight pronation
  • Excellent shoe quality


  • The size runs a bit smaller than normal


Ideal running shoes if you’re slightly pronated and have medium to high arches. They will provide enough cushioning and support at the heel and midsole to keep you comfortable.


Having Achilles tendonitis shouldn’t prevent you from running. You just need to invest in the best trail running shoes for Achilles tendonitis like the Brooks men’s ghost 12 running shoes that have a great fit, good support, extra cushioning, and a high drop, all you need for a great run with no pain.

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