A buying guide for The Best CrossFit grips for small hands.

Did you know that the size of your CrossFit grips determines how comfortable they’ll be? Using the right sizing guide for your hands will help you chose the right ones. With a variety of sizes, there are some great CrossFit grips for small hands!

If you are thinking about buying CrossFit grips for your training, there is a lot you have to consider. Apart from the quality, wrist security, and durability, size is one of the most important to consider. If your hands are small, you should use the sizing guide to get a perfect size. 

This will ensure that your hands and palms are properly covered reducing the risk of cuts and abrasions. If you have small hands, we got you covered! In this list, we look at some of the best CrossFit grips in the market today!

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Name MaterialNumber of HolesAction
Bear Komplex 3hole Hand gripsLeather3Check Price
JerkFit Raw  GripsLeather2Check Price
ISO hand GripsSynthetic3Check Price
Aelos Leather Hand gripLeather3Check Price
Profitness Leather Training GripsNeoprene4Check Price

The Best Hand Grips for Small hands

1. Bear Komplex 3hole Hand grips- Giving you the best leather grip

The Bear Komplex 3hole Hand grips are some of the best in the market. They come in all sizes including a size small which can be fitted perfectly to your hands. 


  • 3 finger holes
  • Custom hook-and-loop strap
  • Sold in pairs
  • Leather

Available in size small, medium and large, the Bear Komplex 3hole hand grips are simple and effective for a variety of high-intensity training and gymnastics. They are made of leather ensuring their durability over time. The 3 hole design ensures that your hands and palms are protected while you are training. 

Some amazing features of the Bear Komplex grips are the adjustable wrist strap. With a hook and loop strap, you can adjust to become as comfortable as you wish. You also don’t need chalk with these grips which are amazing for athletes who might be going for competitions and not sure what to expect. 


  • The 3 hole design provides adequate grip and coverage for your palms and hand. 
  • The leather material offers a great grip and is very durable. 
  • The angled cut design allows for comfort and flexibility while working out
  • The price is reasonable for leather hand grips. 
  • The hook-and-loop wrist strap offers comfortability and easy adjustment. 


  • They are more costly than other regular grips 
  • Some users still prefer 2hole grips which are much lighter. 
  • The circular shape of the holes sometimes digs into the fingers making it uncomfortable. 


Bear Komplex produces some of the best grips in the market. With the leather material and the adjustable wrist strap, the Bear Komplex hand grips are efficient and durable for CrossFit training. 

2. JerkFit Raw Grips- 2 Finger leather grips that cover your whole hand. 

The Jerkfit Raw hand grips are one of a kind. Although having two finger holes, it still covers your entire hand. 


  • Comes in sizes small to Extra large
  • Leather material
  • Adjustable wrist strap

These hand grips offer some of the strongest grips you will find. With such a firm grip, you can hit the bars with confidence and much better wrist mobility. They are very durable and designed to reduce blisters and rips while on the bar. They are also very comfortable. 


  • The 2hole design makes these grips light. 
  • The broad cut maximizes the coverage on the palm reducing the risk of injury. 
  • The leather material is very durable. 
  • To customize grips they come with sandpaper. 


  • The Leather material hand grips are costly compared to synthetic ones. 
  • The 2hole grips are not as sturdy compared to the 3hole grips in the market. 


These hand grips offer extreme comfort and won’t dig into your hands. With the full hand coverage and extra mobility, these gloves are ideal for small hands while giving you all the support you need. 

3. ISOGrip hand Grips-Best synthetic hand grips in the market. 

The ISOGrip hand grips offer some of the best synthetic quality grips. With wide palm coverage and one-piece design, the ISOGrip hand grips are sure to give you a strong grip while exercising. 


  • Synthetic material
  • 3hole design

The ISOGrip hand grips are simple synthetic grips that are ideal for CrossFit training and exercises. The design is ideal because it reduces the chances of wear and tears during workouts. With the multiple seams, these grips will last a really long time. These grips have a separate elastic strap to offer increased comfort as well as fit. This is ideal for small hands. 


  • The synthetic material is durable and can withstand a lot of stress applied to it. 
  • The finger loops are elastic compared to cut-out holes that can dig into the nails. 
  • The 3hole design provides a wide palm coverage 


  • The large design may not be appealing to all customers. 
  • It is more costly compared to other grips especially synthetic ones.


The ISOGrip hand grips are ideal for CrossFit training and gymnastics. It is one of the best synthetic grips with wide hand coverage. This ensures you are comfortable while still getting a strong grip while on the bars. 

4. The Aelos Leather Hand Grips- Straight cut Gymnastics handgrip with a great feel. 

These are some of the best quality leather hand grips for gymnasts and other athletes. 


  • 3 hole design
  • Leather material
  • It comes with a bag for carrying your accessories. 

The Aelos Leather grips are created by Aelos and are great for users who want to experience a leather grip feel without having to pay as much. The extra padding on the area that covers the palm to ensure they remain durable for months even with regular use. 

With a straight cut, the handgrip covers the whole palm ensuring there are no cuts or scrapes while on the bar. The leather padding is essential in locking in the grip while working out


  • The thick-cut makes it wider than some other grips
  • There is padding throughout the palms and wrists
  • Very affordable for athletes on a budget


  • The wide-body design might reduce some users’ hand flexibility. 


If you are looking for leather handgrips with a firm grip but less costly then these are the ones for you. They are ideal for athletes who are looking for or durable and flexible grips with wide palm coverage. 

5. The Profitness Leather Cross-Training Gymnastic Hand Grips- 4hole design for wide palm coverage

These hand grips are unique due to their 4 finger holes. This is different compared to the more popular 2 or 3 whole designs. 


  • 4 finger holes
  • Built-in wrist wrap
  • Elastic finger loops

These grips go around the four fingers providing wide palm coverage and extra support. The body is made of neoprene. This material is very flexible. These hand grips are elastic compared to their leather counterparts and won’t tear easily

For more protection, there is added silicone padding beneath the palm. This will protect you from cuts and bruises. Although the 4 finger design may be restrictive, the moderate cut allows your hands to move freely. 


  • Four finger design offers increased palm support
  • The neoprene construction makes it flexible and durable
  • The wrist wrap is built into the base of the grips.
  • The finger loops are elastic which is more comfortable than the cut-out holes. 


  • The 4 finger design can be restrictive to some users.


These 4 fingers holed grips are unique and ideal for cross-training If you are looking for grips that are adjustable and offer wide palm coverage for small hands these are a great choice!

Reviewing the Best CrossFit hand grips for small hands.

What do you look for before spending money to buy CrossFit hand grips for your training?

The number of Finger Holes.

The number of holes in your hand grip is really important depending on your preferences. The number of holes is a major difference between many grips in the market. The most widely used is the 2 finger and 3 finger grips. 

The 2finger grips are lighter and offer more flexibility. There is more flexibility because your index finger and pinkie fingers are free. However, the 2 finger grips also mean that there is reduced palm coverage but added flexibility. The 3finger grips increase the surface area ensures more of your palm is covered reducing the risk of injury. The wider coverage also improves your grip while exercising. The 4 finger design provides a much stronger grip but can also be restrictive compared to the 2 fingers or 3 finger design. 


You should also take into account the wristband of the grips. Most of the grips come with a strap while others are fitted with a hook. The thinner the wrist band, the more flexible your palm is and the broader the range of motion.

If you want a better fit, then go for a thicker wrist band. This is an advantage especially if you sweat a lot while training or doing CrossFit exercises. This is because they can remain fastened around your wrist even if your skin gets moist with sweat. 


The material used to make the grip is very important because it determines whether they are comfortable or not. Doing a little bit of research on the type of material you chose. There are different types of material making the grips vary in feel, comfort, and durability. 

The leather hand grips are more popular due to its texture and proven durability. They can withstand wear and tear for athletes who engage in intense workouts and training. Some users may opt for synthetic grips due to how stiff it can become. Many also go for synthetic grips because they are much cheaper. The synthetic grips can also be washed which will ensure that our grips stay clean.   

Another material used for grips is neoprene. These types of hand grips are heavier than leather but they are also softer to the touch. This material is more flexible with increased flexibility if you are looking to try other materials aside from leather and synthetic materials. 


A very important aspect to consider is the fit of the handgrips. Getting the right-hand grip is important because a loose fit can be dangerous and you could risk sliding in the middle of a lift. To ensure that you get the best fit for your hands whether small or big, you should use a sizing guide. 

You should check the wrist when you are trying on the grips. To ensure that they fit, look for a pair that when you pull them snug, lands below the crease of your wrist. Most grips come with wrist straps. You can tighten the grip to your satisfaction. Keep them locked in place but not too tight to tamper with your blood circulation. 

Depending on the amount of palm coverage you want, you might opt to pick a type of handgrip over the other. Most of the grips are cut directly from less the wrist to fingers while others simply cover the center palm. Full palm coverage will reduce the risk of getting cuts while center palm coverage covers less of the palm but allows more mobility. 


While you consider buying hand grips, you should also check the price and compare with your budget. Some of the more costly grips are those made of leather, while the synthetic material hand grips are cheaper. 

The price of the handgrips is also determined by other factors aside from the material it is made from. Different brands also charge different prices for their hand grips. The number of holes and the different palm designs might differentiate the price between similar-looking hand grips. 


While the price of CrossFit hand grips matters a lot, you should find the grips that are the perfect size for your small hands. Depending on the training or exercises you are doing, you should check the type of material, palm coverage, and the number of holes in your hand grips. The best CrossFit hand grips will fit your small hands and be comfortable while you train. 

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