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Unlike the female gym-goers, their male counterparts have since time immemorial been obsessed with gaining some mass and creating the perfect physique, or attaining the much-coveted six-packs. Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift 3.1, are the types of shoes that will offer you stability and balance as you engage in the weight lifting exercises.

Weight lifting exercises will give you distinct benefits when compared to aerobic exercises, as they will have you increase your muscular strength and bone densities. The muscle strengthening exercises are especially important when on a weight loss program because they help in maintaining muscle mass.

What you should expect

The performance Men’s Powerlift has been made with a lifted heel, so when you are working out, your ankles range of motion will be increased and you will also be able to stretch your Achilles. This, therefore, means that during weight lifting you will not be able to comfortably squat all the way down. However, the Men’s Powerlift can help you achieve greater depth.

As you work out, you might desire to go the extra mile but without the relevant footwear that would be a pipe dream. The power lift shoe, therefore, helps you successfully carry out more power lifts, which would be achieved and enhanced by the high-density die-cut midsole wedge.

What happens is that when you are lifting up weights your feet sink into the padded cushion enabling stability and as it supports your weight, it also absorbs the force generated when you push out.

Lastly, you should expect the Powerlift 3.1 to offer you stability and support when doing the overhead squats, clean and jacks, snatches and the front squats. Given the cushioning and the raised heel design of the shoe, it does not come recommended for weight lifting in combination with other activities. You are therefore advised to get a cross fit shoe.

Key features of the Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift 3.1

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Wearing running shoes to your weightlifting sessions is wrong in so many ways, and putting on your hiking shoes to the basketball court will have you visiting a Podiatrist. The logic here is simple, investing in shoes that are not specifically made for a particular type of workout or sport will either affect your ankles, knees or spine.

The technology that goes into the making of running sneakers differs from that which goes into the making of weightlifting shoes. Running shoes are made with provisions for the forward motion while offering shock absorption properties and foot cushioning.

Most people who have secluded time for training in the gym need to determine the mechanics and movements of their lifts because it will help them to acquire appropriate shoes that will also improve their performance.

Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift 3.1 comes equipped with a durable synthetic leather upper complete with an air mesh to enable the circulation of fresh air in the feet. Upon wearing the shoe you will notice that it has a padded tongue and collar, which will be necessary for enhancing your foot stability and comfort.

On the upper part of the Men’s Powerlift, you will notice that there is a foot strap, whose purpose is to hold the tongue and the laces securely in their position. The purpose of the strap is to support your ankle during ankle dorsiflexion.

The heel height might not be very convenient for people who love sitting back on a higher heel but on the positive side, weight lifters will find it relatively easy to carry out a low-bar squatter, or when adjusting. The shoe, when worn, feels light on the feet and so you will not experience any limitations when transitioning to different activities. Your performance is also enhanced as you are able to do more activities.

Wide feet individuals will have a hard time fitting in the Men’s PowerLift because the shoe comes as a narrow fit. The forefoot also has an open structure and are flexible, thus no restrictions when transitioning as it will easily flex with your feet.

Shoe replacement

Lifting weights with a wrong type of shoe is just as bad as wearing a worn-out shoe, the effects can be catastrophic. Remember that shoes designed for weight lifting have an all-round enhancement to give you stability, so it would be wise to check the bottom part for physical wear, check the outer sole and how it has advanced into the insole.

After 6 months you should have made plans to acquire a new pair of sneakers, but people who spend long hours working out might have to get new pairs earlier. The inside and upper outer part will also show signs of wear, signaling you to get some new weightlifting shoes. Adidas being one of the giant sportswear manufacturers caters to different foot types and at fair prices.


  • Secure lace closure with a hook and loop strap
  • The upper part has an air mesh for breathability
  • The outsole has good traction
  • Features a high-density die-cut midsole perfect for weightlifting


  • Lighter upper leather used in the construction of the shoe
  • High-Density Eva heel used yet not very durable under intense sessions


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Final word

The Adidas Performance Men’s PowerLift 3.1 turns out to be the perfect weight lifting footwear, as it has incorporated all the necessary features that can counter the stress exerted on the feet due to weight lifting. For example, the high-density die-cut midsole wedge cushions and provides comfort to the feet and the durable Adiwear outsole offers good traction, support, and stability.

Gym goers should also keep in mind that wearing their weightlifting shoes as they run errands is not advisable because they tend to wear out much faster than they should have and will therefore not be as effective when used in the gym.

The shoe market is flooded with both fake and original products, so as you go about shopping for the perfect weightlifting shoe, try them on and practice some of the weightlifting positions to see if they will suffice in the gym. Given the above qualities, an Adidas Performance Men’s PowerLift should suffice your weightlifting needs.

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