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Apart from indulging in a balanced diet, gym training is the second healthiest way of keeping fit. Many people prefer to train at home, and you might have noticed a few carrying sandbags, skipping ropes, or just running especially in the mornings. To this end, have you ever given thought to the shoes that you wear that have to bear the intensity of your exercises?

Not many people know that there are different types of shoes for different exercises; the specifications of a running shoe differ from those of basketball footwear. And the same applies to the shoes that you will use in the tennis sport that has to be different from the ones used for football. And that is why the Asics Men’s Gel-Quantum 180TR Cross-Trainer Shoe comes recommended for CrossFit Training.

Asics Men’s Gel-Quantum is a professionally made shoe that offers gym-goers support and stability when engaging the lateral moves. When working out it is necessary that the shoe does not weigh you down either by constricting your feet or becoming too heavy for movement.

The Men’s Gel quantum has thus been made using lightweight material such that when they are worn, the feet get comfortable and the user’s moves are not restricted leading to high performance. CrossFit exercises consist of a number of varied high-intensity workout programs, all of which are aimed at improving the cardiovascular and physical well being of individuals.

You, therefore, need an appropriate shoe that will obliterate the possibility of developing an injury in the soft tissues or encourage pain in the back, at the foot or in the lower torso including the spine. Therefore, by adopting any flat shoe or using a running shoe, you risk ripping the footwear apart or attaining some serious injuries.

What to expect from Asics Men’s Gel-Quantum

The Men’s Gel-Quantum will, therefore, offer you flexibility, remember that your shoes are to flex with your feet whenever you move. Exercises such as lifting weights, climbing ropes, jumping or sprinting need a shoe that will move with the rhythm of your feet, a Cross Fit shoe should also be durable; sneaker replacement is always after 6months but earlier for those who spend long hours in the gym.

CrossFit exercises consist of rope climbing, which wears the shoe out rather fast; the Men’s Gel-Quantum, therefore, offers durability via its trusstic feature. Remember that Asics is one of the renowned sportswear manufacturers, and the company makes shoes that suit different sports and which are also durable; a common feature in most of their shoes is the fore and rearfoot Gel technology.

The latter not only provides comfort but also adds some extra protection; high impact exercises require an insole that can attenuate shock while encouraging movement on more than one plane. The movements also require a durable upper part, and with the Men’s Gel-Quantum, you don’t have to worry about ripping up your shoe as it is made to withstand the intensity of the cross Fit exercises.

Key features

The Asics Gel-Men’s Quantum is made with a durable rubber sole and a high abrasion rubber outsole, which will be effective for rope climbing, weight lifting, the overhead squats, and the deadlift exercises, which require an outsole with exceptional stability. That is apart from providing good traction and durability properties.

The trusstic technology used in the manufacture of the Men’s Gel-Quantum ensures that the sole is lightweight without compromising the structural integrity of the shoe. Jumping or climbing ropes cannot be successful with clunky shoes; CrossFit shoes should thus feature light but durable material, such that when you are working out you barely feel their presence.

A good Cross fit shoe should incorporate a stable platform, especially for the weight lifters. The rear and forefoot gel cushioning technology by Asics help in shock attenuation in the foot of a gym-goer when they engage in the high impact exercises or the toe-phases. The feature is also effective when transitioning through the gait cycle and enables movement on a number of planes.

Synthetic leather material has been used in the construction of the upper part of the shoe, which flexes with the foot during movement without ripping apart and the incorporated mesh allows air conditioning, which helps to keep the foot cool and dry.

Some people argue that any flat shoe can be used for CrossFit exercises but what are the exact features that you should look out for when shopping for workout footwear. First is that you need to ensure that the shoe offers a proper balance when doing squats, lifting weights or jumping on boxes.

Check the Heel-to-toe drop, and this is where the flat shoe concept comes in, a flat platform is convenient for those who lift weights as it offers stability. So a good CrossFit shoe should provide you with a stable platform that also offers comfort. Gym goers should also be keen on the weight of their shoes.

A heavy shoe will constrict movement, that could easily make you roll your ankle, but a good CrossFit shoe like the Asics Men’s Gel-Quantum, will offer you support, be comfortable in your feet and are also light in weight. Value for money applies to any type of product you purchase, so invest wisely chose the Asics shoe.


  • Offers rear and forefoot gel cushioning technology for shock attenuation
  • Features a breathable upper mesh
  • Made with a lightweight midsole featuring Eva Speva
  • Features the TRUSSTIC technology
  • The shoe has been made with highly durable abrasion rubber for traction


  • Comes with a narrow fit
  • The upper part cannot hold up with consistent intense training

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Final thought

CrossFit training shoes have been made with the necessary specifications to withstand the intensity of the exercises; the ASICS Men’s Gel-Quantum 180 TR Cross-Trainer Shoe has, therefore, incorporated lightweight material, is versatile and offers ample support when working out.

But just like any other product the Men’s Quantum is not all that perfect as they run a bit narrow, meaning that wide feet individuals might have a hard time finding a perfect fit. However, they have also incorporated the TRUSSTIC, the fore, and rearfoot gel technologies that will offer stability when engaging the high-intensity workouts.

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