Asics Vs Adidas

Athletes always tend to look for a reputable company with years of experience in sportswear manufacture, given that not any shoe can be worn to any sport and their overall health and that of their feet are dependent on the type of shoe that they decide to go with.

Sport shoe manufacturers, therefore, have to gain the trust of players by creating footwear with specifications that would resonate with the different types of sports and the varied types of courts including the feet types. Two such companies are Asics and Adidas which are multinational corporations that produce a wide range of sporting items.

With that in mind let us find out how the two sports giants stack up against each other and which one has a competitive advantage and on what products. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Asics FeaturesAdidasFeatures
Asics Gt 2000Offers midsole stability


Torsion Resistance

Upper part Support

Adidas Ultra BoostPrime knit upper


Stretch web outsole

Breathable upper part

Asics Gel CumulusFlytefoam Cushioning


Rearfoot and Forefoot gel technology

Adidas Ultra Boost UncagedUpdated torsion spring


Prime knit upper


Stretch web outsole

Asics Gel ScramDurable outsole


Amplifoam midsole

Breathable upper part

Rearfoot gel cushion

Ortholite Sockliner

Adidas Rockadia TrailFlexible with rugged upper mesh


Toe cap protection

Ortholite sockliner

Traxion outsole for grip

Asics is a brand that has for a long time created high-performance sports shoes used by marathon runners. Their products tend to target a specific market and are made to offer comfort to problem feet therefore; one of the Asics sports shoes will definitely suffice if you are an athlete.

Asics Company History

The idea of starting the Asics sports shoe company was born from the desire to enhance the health of sportsmen, and encourage them to participate in sports but with the right footwear. The original roots of Asics date back to 1949 when it used to be known as Onitsuka Co. and later changed to Asics when it officially began its operations in the 1970s.

Since then Asics have expanded their operations to cover other niche sports such as rugby and tennis, and are producing and marketing their apparel line, with the aim of penetrating other large markets. They do rank third from Nike and Adidas and aim to gain a competitive edge, however, they have remained loyal to the vision of the company’s founder, of incorporating technology and design in shoe manufacture, while also offering comfort and performance.

The company plans to expand its markets by sponsoring various sports such as rugby, and tennis while also promoting some of its latest products designed to improve an athlete’s running posture.

The Most Popular Brands

Ranking third Asics market is growing big given the necessity of running while utilizing the appropriate footwear. Most of the prices of their products are on the higher side, making it unaffordable for their lower-middle-class clients. Their apparel and footwear still rank best as they are consistent with innovation to create a better version of the already existing products.

They have recently widened their scope to include two niche products, the women’s apparel and the golf brand of products. Important to note is that even with the introduction of the two niche products many of their sportswear are for runners.

Asics Gel Cumulus

The Asics Gel cumulus is a more improved version that enables flexible footwork as it is a more lightweight shoe. The midsole is made of Flytefoam which is a lighter version from the previous, and the upper part features a more breathable mesh. The improvements are bound to surprise runners because, despite the shaved weight, the shoe comes packed with quality features.

The previous cumulus series did not incorporate the shock-absorbing gel cushion but rather featured a plastic truss at the arch area for padding in the midsole. The shoe will thus perform well with neutral feet, and the gel cushioning will offer support during propulsion. Most of the recent Asics shoes are made with gel technology, which will cater to the different types of feet.

Asics Gt 2000

The features of the Asics GT 2000, allows flexibility and support in movement, the shoe features a heel to toe gel cushioning for shock absorption and accommodates wide foot players, the cushioning is lightweight delivering high performance in the running track. The latter also gets support from the dynamic duo max, which is effective for platform support.

From the previous GT 2000, Asics has released the latest model with a redesigned upper part, and a spacious toe box. However, the outsole and midsole remain unchanged, offering a blend of enhanced technological features, while maintaining its traditional feel.

Asics Gel Scram

Asics has been known to cater to the needs of different types of feet and their main objective is to provide shoes that will offer relief to existing foot problems. The features incorporated in the Gel Scram will give relief and offer stability and flexibility during motion.

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Adidas Story

Adidas products target all types of users, they do have some high-performance shoes with a high price tag but the lower middle class has also been considered. Their ability to incorporate Technology on their high-performance shoes that come in different styles gives them a competitive edge against Asics.

Adidas manufactures shoes for different types of sports while incorporating features that accommodate different foot types. They also produce multiple function sneakers but at an affordable price when compared to Asics, which only caters for Upper middle to high-end runners.

Asics besides introducing new products has not been able to maintain competitive pricing as its target market is narrow when compared to Adidas.

Company History

Adidas was founded in Germany (1949), it is a multinational corporation. The sportswear giant comes second from Nike, which is the largest sportswear company in the world. Adidas has grown exponentially given that it has maintained the second position for quite a while now. Some of the reasons for its expansion are because it has embraced digitization in its marketing strategies.

A huge percentage of its marketing budget goes to digital and social media marketing campaigns. Also, the company has since inception been focusing on different market niches apart from sneakers, such as producing high-quality clothes and accessories. It, therefore, does command a large market and sportsmen and women can rely on their products for high performance.

Most popular Adidas brands

Adidas Ultra Boost

The ultra boost is for the high-end players because it comes with a high price tag, the features on the shoe are unique offering exceptional support. For one it has a stretch web outsole that flexes with the feet during motion and the rubber has been made to contend with different types of ground while offering stability and traction.

Adidas has given its best in the Ultra boost as the prime knit material on the upper part of the shoe will hold your foot in place but also allow it to be flexible. The feet will remain cool and dry because of the breathability feature, all in all is that the shoe is responsive, complete with shock-absorbing features.

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

The uncaged shoe is still new in the market having been introduced in 2016, there is no much difference from the previously discussed Ultra Boost. However, the shoe stacks up better than the models of the Asics running shoes because it also features some additional advanced features that are not on other Ultra boost.

Adidas Rockadia Trail

Trail runners have been furnished with the Rockadia Trail; the shoes are a glove fit and have been made with lightweight material. They are specifically for use in trails, given the intensity of the exercise, they offer breathability and can withstand the beating of different terrains. Durability should be of less concern because they come equipped with an adiWEAR compound.

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Niche Models

Niche models are the different marketing groups that the sports shoe companies use to gain a competitive advantage. You will, therefore, see the difference between the products when it comes to application. So for people looking for specific features in a running shoe, should check the niche market for information on which product stacks up well.

Each sportswear company can autonomously decide what each niche means for their products as there isn’t any particular standard of measure.

Asics trail running shoes feature an ortholite sockliner that counters shock, are breathable obliterating any chances of moisture being retained in the shoe. The Asics gel technology has been incorporated for the rear foot, for shock attenuation and to enable a smooth transition during movement. The midsole features an Amplifoam whose function is to offer flexibility, platform adaptability, and comfort.

The Adidas Trail running shoes, on the other hand, come with a durable outsole that gives a good grip even on wet ground. The shoes have been made with waterproof material so you can use them on any type of weather. The Gore-Tex waterproof material allows air to penetrate so you won’t be soaking up from the inside.

The upper part of the Adidas trail running shoes provides stability on any type of terrain whether smooth or rough, so the chances of slipping and hurting your foot are non-existent.


So Adidas and Asics have both stacks up well each offering unique but significant features, from the above information they don’t have similar characteristics and you will, therefore, have to approach selection with regard to foot type or terrain. I must say that Asics may take the cup on this one if not for use by neutral feet. But Adidas has also stacked up well and will carry the day if for use with Neutral feet.

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