The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Men’s Work Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day

If you work on a concrete floor all day, you might start to feel tired and sore all over. The hard surface can cause issues for your body as it needs to handle constant walking and standing. Without the right work shoe, your feet can suffer from a lack of support. This causes pain in … Read more

How to choose outdoor trainers for Netball

We all know the feeling of freedom of getting out on the court. We also all know that feeling, when the shoes we wear don’t quite fit right. Looking after our feet should be priority number one, especially in netball where you are constantly on your feet moving, running, and jumping. Why are Netball Trainers … Read more

Myrtle Stretching Routine – Hip, Girdle & Running Exercises!

Runners and professional athletes include dynamic warm-ups and stretching exercises in their daily routine to improve range and strengthen the core. These routines can be done at any time and make you ready for a run.  The Myrtle stretching routine is a simple, no-equipment, versatile routine that anybody can do to better prepare themselves for … Read more

Best Waterproof Trail Running Shoes for Men and Women is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Trail running, is among the intense exercises that help the body burn about 10% more calories when compared to road running. The idea, … Read more