Best Adidas Basketball Shoes in 2020

Sneakerheads would go to any lengths for their basketball shoe collection, some will, therefore, opt for the cheap factory defect basketball shoes that are an exact copy of the original. And, some would wait for footlocker to do the friends and family sales and then get the coupons, which shaves off a percentage thus they can grab themselves a pair of cool basketball shoes. 

True shoe fanatics won’t settle anything but the best basketball shoes to add to their jump shot. So, stick around as we sample the best Adidas basketball shoes on the market. These may not make you play like Jordan, Kobe, or Lebron, but they will get you closer than you’re regular sneakers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Criteria for selecting basketball shoes  

Essentially the basketball shoes are made with three parts, designed to offer comfort and stability. The upper part consists of the laces, the tongue, the collar, the counter lining, and the toe cap. The second part is the sole that has been divided into two parts, which are the outer sole and the midsole both of which are made of different materials. 

The sections mentioned above are made of materials that will determine how long your shoes last and their performance, and that is why you need to look at these features and pick the one that has incorporated materials that suit your playing style and needs. 

As you comb the markets, you will also notice that the different basketball shoes have different closure techniques, all of which have been designed to offer stability. There are, therefore, those that have incorporated the hoop and loop closures, we have those that come with straps and others with zippers. So, for as much as you will be gaining more support for your ankle, there will be an increase in weight because of the extra coverage on top of your shoelaces. 

Check the Midsole

Check on the basketball shoe midsole, because you will need a lot of impact protection, for example, the big and heavy professional basketball players, tend to exert a lot of stress on their joints and will, therefore, do well with densely cushioned shoes. And for the players who are addicted to the basketball court, then your shoes will definitely wear out faster thus the need for a second pair of shoes that offers additional cushioning thus help relieve stress on the joints. 

Lastly, if you have been experiencing a lot of pain on your knees, after playing a basketball game then you need to look for impact protection features on your shoe. Different types of basketball shoes feature different cushioning material, you, therefore, don’t want to feel like you are walking on slab thus the remaining option is the soft pillow type of cushion. 

You can, therefore, find some of the best Adidas cushioned shoes from the recommended retail stores, such as the Adidas Dame 6, the Adidas N3XT L3V3L, and the Adidas Marquee Boost among others. 

Traction on the Outsole

Adidas DON issue 1 and Adidas dame 5 are some of the best basketball shoes that have incorporated the best outsole known to offer high traction. Therefore, ensure that the basketball shoes that you settle with don’t feature a narrow traction pattern because it will attract a lot of dirt and rubble and consequently lose traction, also, the traction pattern should be wide and with deep grooves. 

Low Top vs Mid Top Sneakers?

Basketball shoes come in three different categories, those that run from mid-top, high-top, and low-top and this is with regard to the shape of the collar of the shoe. However, the most fashion-forward design of the basketball shoe that has turned out to be a staple is available in two versions, the low-top and the high-top. 

The low-top basketball shoes are less bulky so basketballers who are looking to enhance their speed can settle for this type, which is characteristic of a little ankle support. The high-top is a bit weighty given that the upper part has more material designed to wrap around your ankle, which then offers an extra layer of support and consequently stability. 

The mid-top, are known to offer the best ankle support since the upper material sits at the ankle; this type of basketball shoes also offer increased flexibility. 

Best Adidas basketball shoes for the guard position 

So here we will take a look at the shoes that are best suited for basketball players who play the guard position, which is characteristic of quick movements. If a player plays the shooting guard position then the team depends on them to score points and steal the ball on defense; you can, therefore, get the Adidas Harden for this position, or the Adidas performance men’s crazy light boost low.  

In overall, when selecting your basketball shoes, ensure that you get maximum ankle support, the traction and grip offered by the outer sole should be on point because basketball entails making some sudden and sharp moves. And with regards to the position that you play, ensure to get shoes that have the perfect weight to support your style of play. 

Best Adidas basketball shoes for indoors and outdoors

Lastly, you need to consider whether you are going to use the shoes indoors or outdoors, because of the differences in construction, the outdoor shoes will, therefore, come equipped with a rubber material but are way harder than the indoor shoes. And as a rule of thumb do not wear your indoor shoes outdoor, as its color and grip could be compromised. 

Some of the best Adidas outdoor basketball shoes are such as the Adidas Dame 5, which features a responsive cushioning and is best for the quick guards, the Adidas DON issue 1 is also a good outdoor shoe that comes recommended for the explosive guards, and is supported with a responsive low-top. 

For the indoor basketball shoes, you have a wide selection; for example, the Adidas Men’s all court indoor NTnavy Uniora and Silvmt, and the Adidas N3XT L3V3L. Let us now review the best Adidas basketball shoes that you can adopt for the next game or tournament.

Basket Ball from Adidas

Today we will be going over our favorite Adidas basketball sneakers in 2020.

  • Adidas Men’s Dame 5
  • Adidas Harden Vol 4
  • Adidas Marquee Boost shoes 
  • Adidas BYW X Shoe
  • Adidas Don Issue 1 
  • Adidas Harden Stepback shoe 
  • Adidas Own the game
Basketball ShoeFeatures Check Price 
Adidas Men’s Dame 5Incorporated TPU midfoot overlay, and a soft heel.View Price
Adidas Harden Vol 4Equipped with a responsive cushioning which is also lightweight.View Price
Adidas Marquee Boost Shoes Features an air mesh and a textile upper. Offers extra comfort when used on hardwood.  View Price
Adidas BYW X ShoeFeatures a unique sock-like construction and a podular boost midsole. View Price
Adidas Don Issue 1 Features a multidirectional herringbone pattern rubber sole, has incorporated a lace closure and offer a regular fitView Price
Adidas Harden Stepback Shoe Available in varied colorways and these are core black, cloud white and dove grey View Price
Adidas Own the GameAvailable in white, black, and active red. Ideal for wide feet and with perforations at the top discourages the build-up of moisture.View Price

Adidas Men’s Dame 5  

At about $41 basketball enthusiasts and professional players can bag the Adidas Men’s Dame 5, the shoe offers a regular fit, complete with a soft cushioned feel to protect your joints from impact. The shoe has incorporated a Thermal Plastic Unit (TPU), midfoot overlay which is normally used at the bottom of the midsole to support the midsole material. Additionally, the material can be used in the midsole to help reduce overpronation. 

The upper part of the shoe features a breathable lace closure, and the lace-up design enables the shoe to offer stability to the wearer. The minimal padding on the collar does not add weight to the feet of the player; also, the padding ensures that the feet are held in the right place. The rubber outsole has been equipped with a herringbone-pattern that comes into play when a player needs a grip in dry conditions, or when playing on loose or damp surfaces.

The shoes have also been designed to enhance performance thus have incorporated a flexible bounce midsole cushioning.


  • made with rubber soles that offer traction 
  • Comes in varied colorways 
  • Best when performing the quick cuts 
  • Complete lace-up of the shoe offers great lockdown


  • The shoe size runs long 
  • Not so great for wide feet individuals 

Adidas Harden Vol 4  

Harden Vol 4 shoes pay homage to James Harden, a professional basketball player who is known to play the shooting guard position quite well. The shoes have, therefore, incorporated a feature that stands out among most NBA shoes and this is the midfoot band that enhances stability by locking the foot down. The latter is especially important for players who are used to making some rather decisive cuts. 

The rubber outsole was crafted with much consideration factoring in Harden’s signature on-court movement; the shoe, therefore, offers the much-needed court grip and traction. Adidas Harden Vol 4 is a regular fit, and comes with a unique lacing system; the incorporated banking barrier also affords players lateral stability. The shoe colorways are also quite interesting, you will, therefore; find them in core black, cloud white, and pale nude. 


  • Has incorporated the best aesthetics 
  • The midfoot band feature enhances stability 
  • The shoes are extremely light in weight when worn 
  • Offers good grip and traction 


  • Very expensive 

Marquee Boost Shoes 

Marquee boost shoes are one of the classics that have been upgraded with to complement the contemporary society. Their design is to help enhance the performance of professional basketball players who are agile on the hardwood. These classic kicks have incorporated a support and comfort feature, via the molded ankle collar and the cushioned heel; additionally, every jump that the player makes will be met with a return of energy thanks to the midsole. 

Basketball shoes must offer players high traction to protect them from falling and attaining injuries on their lower torso; the Marquee boost shoes therefore, have been equipped with a herringbone outsole designed to provide extra grip. The shoe is available in three colorways, and these are core black, cloud white, and active gold. 


  • The shoe has incorporated a forefoot stabilizer 
  • The rubber sole offers the much-needed traction 
  • The padded heel collar enhances comfort 
  • Features a breathable air mesh on the upper


  • Not good for indoor basketball as they slip 
  • The shoe tends to have a narrow fitting 

Adidas Crazy BYW X Shoe  

The 90’s basketball-inspired shoes feature quite the aesthetics, more especially when it is presented in the maroon color. Also, the sock-like construction does not only hug the foot but also enhances stability and comfort. The shoe features a unique lace-up design meant to enforce lockdown and stability, additionally, the materials used to construct the upper part makes the shoe to stand out, you will, therefore, be presented with some nicely laid suede overlays, complete with a knit upper and mono-mesh panels. 


  • The boost midsole pods are responsive 
  • Offers a soft and lightweight feel on the foot 
  • Comes in three different attractive colors 
  • Incorporated a high grip rubber sole 


  • Price is on the higher side 

Adidas DON issue 1  

The Adidas DON issue 1 was designed for the paint to which end they have incorporated a multidirectional herringbone pattern on the outsole that offers the perfect grip and traction when used in the paint. The shoes also offer other basketball classics a stiff competition with the propulsion clip on the side, used for lateral support when engaging the dynamic moves. 

On the inside, the shoe has incorporated a flexible bounce midsole necessary for the instant step-in comfort complete with a cushioned responsive ride. The textile upper has been designed to provide the shoe with a signature look, thus the spider web inspired details. 


  • The shoes fit comfortably 
  • Features a cool design thus loved by players of all ages 
  • Incorporated the best aesthetics 
  • Equipped with a breathable upper and wide toe box


  • The shoe is not suited for indoor basketball 
  • The shoes are not comfortable at the heel 

Adidas Harden Stepback basketball shoe 

The Harden stepback basketball shoe features an ergonomic lace-up system; the shoes are a regular fit with a slightly elongated tongue, which apart from contributing to its aesthetics also offers comfort. The shoes are light in weight when won and have incorporated varied breathability features (mesh upper and perforations) so that the player’s foot stays cool and dry. 

The wide toe box leaves room for the toes to flex while the cushioned midsole, flexes with the foot in addition to offering comfort and stability when in the court. The outer rubber sole provides the perfect grip; it is, therefore, safe to say that they are high traction bounce shoes. 


  • Features a cushioned well-padded collar comfortable for the Achilles 
  • The basketball shoes are breathable 
  • Offers players a regular fit 
  • The outsole offers the best traction 


  • Shoes are a bit tight-fitting 
  • Should be bought a size down as they are too big

Adidas Own the Game  

Adidas owns the game has been determined to be a comfortable shoe, first because it is spacious, the lace-up, when compared to others, is not fancy or unique but still offers stability. The toe box is wide to accommodate the wide feet individuals and has incorporated perforations at the top for air to move in and out thus discourage moisture build-up. 

The shoe is available in three different colors, white, black, and active red. We know some enthusiasts who like a bit of variety in their life, and prefer to own all three. Personally, the active red is my recommendation for the best looking in this lineup. 


  • Are a wide fitting shoes 
  • The shoes are comfortable to play in
  • The shoe comes at a pocket-friendly price 
  • Incorporated some of the most comfortable cushioning 


  • Not convenient for the long haul 
  • The construction is not sturdy 

Tips for buying basketball shoes 

Traction- it is mandatory for basketball shoes to offer high traction therefore, check on the material used in making the outer sole and the grooves, good shoes like the ones reviewed above offer both traction and grip on the respective floors. 

Size and Fit- it’s fairly hard to find the right fitting shoes when you purchase online, but if you know your size perfectly then knock yourself out. For those who will be visiting the physical shoe store, ensure that the shoe that you want to buy can take the beating of a basketball court (the sudden moves, jumps, and runs). 

Also, the shoes that you use for training should also offer the same fit and comfort as the shoes that you will be playing with, so while in the store, test them out and see if they suffice before paying. Remember both too small or too large a shoe will distract you from the game which might be too costly for the team. 

Durability- Knockoffs abound some of which have been designed to resemble the designer basketball shoes, therefore, check on the material used to make both the upper and lower part of the shoe because if they are cheap, the shoe will fall out sooner given the intensity of the basket ball game. Comfort- there are specific features in a basketball shoe that if you look at, you will be able to tell if the shoe is comfortable or not, for example, the density of the insoles and the midsole, check on the cushioning of the collar and the breathability features on the top part. Shoes that have not featured a mesh upper or perforations on the top part of the sides will retain moisture, which can be quite uncomfortable.

If you need an Adidas sneaker that can do the business on the track and not on the court, check out our favourite Adidas running shoes, by Clicking Here.

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