Best Adidas Men’s Running Shoes 2020

All Day I Dream About Soccer, of course, you don’t but it isn’t such a bad acronym for Adidas either, “Adi Dassler,” was the founder of Adidas who grew the company from very humble beginnings (his mother’s laundry room) and the first training shoe that he made retailed for two reichsmarks. The company consequently gained the top spot as the best athletic shoe manufacturer following the victory by the German team in the World Cup back in 1954. 

Over the years, the company has managed to maintain the second position just after Nike, and some of the strategies that have made it successful are innovation, and going full-scale athletic from the production of shoes to accessories, apparel to sports and fitness kits, while accommodating all age groups.  Among its best innovations are the Men’s running shoes and we are, therefore, going to unravel some of the best features incorporated in the shoe that help enhance performance. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Comparison Table for Men’s Addidas Running Shoes

Product Name Features Check Price 
Adidas Men’s Adizero SUB 2Incorporated the Adiwear rubber outer sole, Upper part made of breathable mesh material complete with a light midsole.View Price
Adidas Aerobounce Made of 100% synthetic material, features double skin lightweight mesh upper View Price
Adidas Men’s energy boost Made from 100% textile and synthetic material incorporated a responsive boost midsole, and supportive lace closure. View Price
Adidas Men’s Adizero tempo running shoe Equipped with a lace-up and a reflective heel marker, the incorporated arch type comes in both high/normal and the midsole drops 10mm.  View Price
Adidas Adizero Boston 7The shoe has incorporated a stabilizing torsion system and comes in three varied colors which are cloud white, core black, and grey six.View Price
Adidas Ultraboost Made with prime knit upper and a heel to toe boost, the features the eTPUView Price
Adidas Solar Glide Comes in three distinct colors which are grey five, core black, and cloud white has incorporated a fit counter heel to offer unrestricted fit. View Price
Adidas Adizero Adios Features both the normal and high arch type, equipped with a responsive cushioning that returns energy to with every step that the runner makes. View Price

Adidas Men’s Adizero SUB 2  

Adidas Men’s Adizero is for individuals who want performance minus the weight, these sports shoes motivate the athletes to go the extra mile whether they are running a race or jogging. The shoes can also be adopted for use in the tennis courts, as it has been equipped with an outer rubber sole that offers the much-needed traction while performing the sudden stops and side moves. 

The upper part features a single mesh construction thus prevents the accumulation of moisture by allowing movement of air in and out of the shoe and in the process keeps your shoes cool and dry. The gum rubber sole is perfect for the different surfaces given its tacky nature, so whether you are using it on concrete or the bare ground you can forget about slipping. 

The incorporated heel cap and the enhanced sole at the heel offer balance while also securing the rear foot with the aim of reducing slippage. 


  • The single-layer mesh upper offers a snug fit 
  • Perforated sockliner ventilates the underfoot
  • The shoes are very light on the feet
  • Tacky gum rubber sole offers the best traction


  • Athletes complain of minimal cushioning 

Adidas Aerobounce   

The Adidas Aerobounce is rather contemporary and has thus been designed for individuals who want to remain fashionable even when working. The shoes are very attractive from the top given the contrasting colors used on the laces and the shoes; the tongue has also incorporated some detail making it very attractive for the female athletes. 

So apart from its obvious beauty, Adidas Aerobounce also features, bounced cushioning necessary for comfort and flexibility; the cushioning has been extended to the rubber sole thus you can expect them to be very stable. The upper part features an engineered mesh that is not only light in weight but breathable thus offers support during movement and a snug fit for the wearers.  

The outer rubber sole features some durable deep groves and is sure to offer traction in different surfaces. 


  • Beautifully crafted 
  • Made with durable 100% synthetic material 
  • Engineered mesh upper flexes with the foot 
  • Fits like socks when worn. 


  • Not convenient for the long haul 
  • The shoe is too narrow

Adidas Men’s energy boost  

The Adidas Men’s energy boost doesn’t offer much out of the ordinary, so for one, you can expect the shoe to fit just normally, given that the previously reviewed Adidas running shoes offer a snug sock-like fit. From the back, you can see the collar is a bit extended and well-cushioned, well this is for the comfort of the Achilles and for support during movement. 

While the shoe will offer a regular fit, it has incorporated a four-way stretch mesh upper, with an additional TPU cage, and on the inside, you get a responsive boost midsole meant to enhance comfort and stability. The outer sole is made of rubber, and can comfortably tackle both the wet and dry surfaces. 

The sole has also been enhanced in the heel area and it, therefore, offers exceptional balance to the wearer. The shoe comes in some rather interesting colors, which are iron metallic, core black and vivid yellow. 


  • Offers the perfect fit 
  • The shoes are firm and stable when worn
  • The shoes are a bit heavy on the feet 
  • Comfortable for the long runs 


  • The insole is not very effective 
  • The shoes are a bit tight around the toes

Adidas Men’s Adizero Tempo Running Shoe

For a snug tight fit then the Adidas Adizero tempo will suffice, the shoe features the micro fit lockdown, and a flexible stretch web outer sole made of rubber for traction, the lace-up has been extended a bit to enhance stability during movement and the tongue is sizeable perfect for the races. 

The three signature Adidas stripes on the sides enhance the shoe aesthetics and the combination of the luminous green color on the inside and grey on the outside makes them the perfect fit for both the gents and the ladies. One feature that stands out on the Adidas Adizero Tempo that we haven’t seen on the previous models is the dual-density boost cushioning under the arch, which is a perfect option for problem feet. 

The shoes are light in weight and can, therefore, boost your performance and encourage you to go the extra mile when training. These running shoes come in varied interesting colors such as black and solar yellow. 


  • The shoe is comfortable and stable 
  • They are flexible and light in weight 
  • Comes in a variety of colors 
  • The bottom sole is soft and flexible 


  • Not good for wide feet individuals 
  • Might need to size up 

Adidas Adizero Boston  

The Adizero Boston is quite unique, most especially with the triple lines, and has been equipped with a boost that has for a long time been known to offer perfect cushioning. The lace-up stretch also seems a little bit extended, well this is best for stability during movement and the toe box where the first line begins is wide, meaning that the shoe is perfect for runners with wide feet. 

The upper part features a breathable mesh which will help ensure that sweat doesn’t accumulate in your feet and air can circulate keeping them cool and dry. What’s more, is that the responsive cushioning has complemented the flexible outsole thus when worn they for sure offer an energized ride. Wearers should also expect a regular fit given the upper lace closure. 


  • The shoes are light in weight when worn
  • The running shoes are versatile thus can be worn when running or working out
  • Molds to the feet 
  • Great for long distances 


  • Might need breaking in if they are to be used for sports 
  • Forefoot cushioning is wanting 

Adidas Men’s Ultraboost  

The Adidas men’s ultra boost was launched back in 2015 and we must say that they are the real face of innovation given their unique extended cushion less collar and the lace cage detail on the sides. To put the Adidas Ultraboost you don’t necessarily have to remove the laces, just slide in your feet and lace-up for stability. 

Ultraboost is very fashion-forward, and that is why they have mostly been adopted in the fashion world instead of being used in the tracks. However, they were specifically constructed to be used in the running tracks, and the reason why they have integrated an energy-returning boost midsole. 

And unlike other Adidas shoes that might require you to get a size up, the ultra boost are true to size just get the Adidas sizing guide. The shoes are also durable but that also depends on usability, so to know when to replace the ultra boost then you will have to check the outer sole and if the treads have started to disappear and are approaching the midsole then you will have to get some new shoes. 


  • The cushioning provides comfort when used on the concrete surface 
  • The boot-like design offers a snug fit 
  • Has maximum support for the Achilles 
  • Has a spacious toe box 


  • Do not last long especially the sole 
  • Tends to be too narrow on the midfoot area 

Adidas Solar Glide  

 The Adidas solar glide boasts of the solar propulsion rail that has been designed to guide the foot, complete with the stabilizing torsion system. The shoe is a regular fit with a flexible mesh upper featuring a seamless haptic print overlay. Additionally, the outsole has incorporated a stretch web that flexes naturally with the foot for a more energized ride. 

And apart from the deep grooves, the continental rubber is sure to offer traction even when worn in wet surfaces. The upper material is fairly breathable and offers the wearer a stable feel, the shoes are also perfect for runners who want to engage long distances, and the elongated collar offers stability and allows the feet to move freely. 


  • Features durable synthetic sole 
  • Offers a sock-like fit 
  • The shoes are light in weight and breathable 
  • Best for long distances 


  • Not durable 
  • The inside is not seamless thus leads to the development of blisters 

Adidas Adizero Adios  

The Adizero Adios shoes pay their respects to a Japanese shoemaker, who designed the shoe to be used by the best marathon runners in the world, so if you decide to settle with them try to go a half size bigger for the perfect fit. Other features are not very different from the other Adidas shoes except for the top construction as the shoe seems to be a bit wider on the toe box and has also been equipped with a durable Adiwear sole. 

When jogging or exercising you don’t need your shoes to be a distraction with too much weight that is why the upper part is normally made of lightweight breathable material, both the outsole and the midsole are also made of lightweight material, so for every mile that you are running you will carry less weight and you will be able to go for longer distances more especially if you are training. 

The Adizero Adios is, therefore, made of lightweight material and is very supportive meaning that runners can concentrate on winning the race instead of worrying about the shoes on their feet. 


  • Best for quick paces 
  • The shoes are comfortable for the feet 
  • The thick sole enhances comfort and offers great arch support 
  • Easily adapts to different surfaces including the treadmill 


  • The outer rubber sole wears out fast 
  • Slide around a lot when won 

Features to look out for when purchasing running shoes 

An uncomfortable shoe will distract you from your mission and that is why we have compiled a list of what you should look out for when shopping for running shoes. 

Ensure the inside of the shoe is seamless- remember that running shoes are designed to offer a snug fit, so if some of the seams are raw then they will rub against your feet when you are in motion, and consequently cause you to develop blisters a thing that can be quite uncomfortable. So ensure to check if the upper part of the shoe is seamless. 

Offers Arch supportthe insoles of your shoe should be a primary concern because they are meant to protect the metatarsal bones from shock and pressure that athletes tend to suffer from when running. The insoles thus help reduce strain to the plantar fascia tissue and consequently prevent PF by offering the right arch support and proper cushioning. 

Wide toe box- the benefits of a wide toe box for runners can never be exhausted, we are, therefore, going to mention a few. So the first very basic relevance of a wide toe box is that it leaves enough room for the toes to flex, improves the foot’s balance and agility, helps in the alleviation of lower leg tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

Flexibility- running shoes need to be stiff enough to prevent the collapse of the foot of the ankle and also be flexible enough to allow the foot to move as naturally as it possibly can. You will, therefore, find that running shoes have incorporated different materials, some of which are soft and others that are stiff; for example, you will find that the midsole is stiff and the upper part features flexible mesh material. 

Additionally, the insole is also normally very flexible to offer comfort and stability, the collar of the running shoe is also padded to add to the comfort and stability of the feet. 

Sometimes go a half size up or full size larger- for your shoes to offer a snug fit you will have to go a half size up as it will offer plenty of room at the front. You will, therefore, find that athletes who are into long-distance running experience a lot of swelling and should, therefore, go the full size larger. 

Breathability- running shoes are normally fitted with a perforated upper part and others will feature a mesh material that allows air to get in and out keeping the feet cool and dry. Failure of the above will lead to the accumulation of moisture thus make the feet uncomfortable leading to a loss of concentration. 

Traction- slipping in the race track is not an option for athletes and it is, therefore, important for the outer sole to offer traction; additionally, the shoe should be adaptable to different types of grounds whether concrete or earth. Durability- running shoes take a lot of beating in the race track or in the tennis court, it is, therefore, important for you to ensure that the shoes you decide to settle with can handle the changing climatic conditions among other outdoor demands.

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