Best cross training shoes for bunions for 2020

There are many reasons why you would develop bunions on your feet, but the main reason is the pressure that your shoes exert on your bunions which makes the situation worse by causing internal inflammation. The best cross-training shoes for bunions can help reduce the inflammation so you’re able to walk normally.

Bunions can be very painful and wearing the right shoes can make your life a lot easier and the shoes can help in reducing your pain and suffering. Bunions affect the metatarsal bone which gets deformed and this changes the way you walk, influences the shoes you wear, and the tendons that control your movement no longer work correctly. Wearing the correct shoes is important, especially if you spend most of your time on your feet. Look for shoes that are wide enough to avoid putting pressure on your joints with extra depth to avoid rubbing on top of your toe. The shoes you wear should be flexible, soft, and durable so that they don’t add pressure to the sensitive areas on your feet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

What is a bunion?

This is a deformity that occurs at the base of your big toe. It’s very painful and it can restrict your movement. The most common bunion occurs when there is a build-up of calcium which usually appears at the joint of your big toe. When your bunion is inflamed, there is a build-up of fluid that makes it difficult for you to walk. Different types of bunions are common in most people.

  • Inflammatory bunions usually disappear then reappear when you have an inflammation. 
  • Arthritic bunions are the hardest bunions and the most painful. It’s also called rheumatoid arthritis which can prevent you from using your big toe at all. 
  • Complication bunions are mostly found at the top or side of your big toe. They’re hard and have a smaller surface area, but they tend to protrude more than your common bunion.
  • Tailor bunions are also called bunionettes because they usually form on your little toe instead of your big toe. They can also be painful.

Factors to consider when buying for bunions


Look for shoes that are made with soft leather, mesh, and other softer materials. Soft shoes are very comfortable and help in protecting the bump from any accidents without adding any more pressure. Hard and rigid material like patented leather can make your condition worse because it will rub against your bunions which will cause more inflammation and pain. Rubber is a great material for the soles of your shoes as it will provide protection, it’s durable, and gives you good traction. 


Any time you’re buying shoes for foot-related problems, it’s important that you wear comfortable shoes. This will help your feet muscles relax, but no matter how much support the shoes provide or inserts and padding they have, if they aren’t comfortable, you shouldn’t wear them. They can make your situation worse and increase your pain and fatigue.


If you suffer from bunions, then you already suffer from inflammation which means the last thing you want is to put extra weight and pressure on your toes. That’s why you should wear lightweight shoes because they won’t put extra pressure and stress out your muscles and tissues. This will reduce fatigue and tissue damage which will help in a quick recovery. 

Firm grip with good traction

This is a feature you should look for in all shoes. Shoes with a firm grip help to reduce your risk of injuries which can worsen the bunion bump. Shoes with good traction and a firm grip will also avoid slippage when you’re walking or running or carrying out different activities. 


The insole of your shoes is very important and more specifically the material it’s made of. A well-padded insole will help in absorbing the shock of impact when you’re running or walking and having a removable insole is an important feature in shoes for bunions. This will allow you to remove and replace with orthotic inserts that are specifically designed to deal with different foot problems.


Flexibility is a feature that you need to look for in shoes for bunions because if you suffer from bunions, you will find it hard to walk normally, jog, or even run. Flexible shoes help you to move smoothly and prevent slips and falls. The easier the shoes bend the better they are in protecting your bunions. They help in taking care of internal injuries and in speeding up your recovery.

Comparison table for the best cross-training shoes for bunions

Shoe modelFeaturesAmazon link 
New balance women’s 20v7 minimus cross trainerSynthetic mono mesh material, asym-shaped collar, a 4mm midsole drop View Price
Asics women’s gel-contend 4Laminated mid cage, ortholite sock liner, rearfoot gel cushioning technology View Price
Reebok men’s nano 9 cross trainerFlex weave upper, wide toe box, removable sock liner, View Price
Inov-8 men’s F-lite cross trainerExtra heel cage, superior non-slip grip, welded toe bumper, breathable knitted upper, flexible outsoleView Price
Nobull men’s training shoesOutsole lug pattern, medial rope grip, super fabric guard plates, breathable and abrasion-resistant upperView Price
Altra women’s HIIT Xt cross-training shoe Fully cushioned zero drops, quick-dry air mesh upper, sticky rubber midsole, removable insoleView Price

New balance women’s 20v7 minimus cross trainer

If you like doing intense workouts, these are the perfect shoes for you. They’re made with synthetic mono mesh material that encloses your feet and provides support while ensuring that your feet are properly aired to avoid them becoming sweaty and stinky. The nylon-infused yarn found on the upper creates a barrier around your foot to provide lateral support and extra protection when you’re working out. The asymmetrical-shaped collar gives you a more natural fit while the one-piece Vibram outsole ensures that you have good traction. The midsole has a 4mm drop which helps to keep your feet comfortable and reduces the strain on your muscles.


  • It has good arch support that isn’t too high
  • Lightweight and versatile shoes
  • The mesh material keeps your feet cool and odor-free
  • Offer good traction


  • The size may differ
  • Water may sip into your shoes


Minimalist shoes that will give you a natural feel with good cushioning and support for your feet when you’re doing your intense workouts.

Asics women’s gel-contend 4

Asics have great cross-trainer shoes that are lightweight, comfortable for flat feet, and also if you’re suffering from bunions. These shoes in a variety of designs and colors. The upper has a laminated mid cage that will provide your feet with great support and stability. You can replace the removable sock liner with a customized orthotic insert to add extra comfort and support if you need it. The rearfoot gel cushioning technology helps to absorb the shock impact and allows for a smooth transition with every step you make during your workouts. The synthetic sole allows your shoes to bend easily which gives your feet more flexibility.


  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Offers great support
  • Very flexible
  • Has enough toe room 


  • Sizing may differ


Very comfortable, lightweight, and flexible shoes that you can wear all day without having sore feet. They provide great arch support and have removable sock liner that you can replace with customized orthotic inserts.

Reebok men’s nano 9 cross trainer

These are very popular cross-training shoes and have an attractive design. These are very comfortable gym sneakers that are designed to focus on your comfort. They have a very nice wide toe box that gives your toes enough space to move freely and breathe easily which helps to prevent rubbing and friction on your bunions. Your feet also need plenty of room when you’re making quick moves from climbing the ropes to the running track. The flex weave upper allows for air to properly circulate in your shoes to keep your feet cool and improve durability. The cushioning provides you with added comfort while the minimal drop in the outsole ensures your feet are secure and comfortable with every step you make. 


  • Has a very roomy toe box
  • Have a nice blend of cushioning and stability
  • They’re breathable with great ventilation
  • They have a nice design


  • Not designed for flat footers 
  • The shoes are a bit heavy


They have plenty of room for your toes and a nice balance between comfort and stability. Very comfortable and supportive to use in the gym.

Inov-8 men’s F-lite cross trainer

The main focus of these shoe’s design is on ensuring your feet have enough room. They provide you with wider shoes so that you don’t have to squeeze your feet into most of the narrow workout shoes. This versatile cross trainer has a flexible outsole to allow your feet to move more naturally and an external heel cage at the back of your shoe to give you a sturdy base when you’re doing some lifting. The heel cage will also hug your heel and prevent slippage while providing you with natural cushioning with better shock absorption. The welded toe bumper protects your toes when lifting. The breathable knitted upper fabric is lightweight and ensures the shoe moves naturally with your feet to give you an ergonomic fit. The rubber outsole has a sticky grip which is good for providing traction and better underfoot grip when you’re working out.


  • The heel is very sturdy
  • The sole is comfortable
  • Provides good support
  • Has very good grip and traction


  • The shoe size runs small


A lightweight cross-trainer shoe that has a sturdy base with added support at the heel to provide support and a good grip to prevent slippage when working out.

Nobull men’s training shoes

Lightweight and breathable sneakers you can use to run, lift, climb, slide, etc. with flexible protection that allows the shoe to move as you do. The upper is designed with a one-piece seamless super fabric that makes your shoes breathable, abrasive resistant, and durable. These shoes have a wide toe box which leaves enough room for your toes to move freely which prevents friction near your toe knuckles. The high carbon lateral and medial guards provide added protection at the sides. The outsole has a lug pattern design that allows you to use the shoes in different terrains to provide good grip and traction in most surfaces both indoors and outdoors. It provides a great balance between flexibility, support, and traction.  


  • Ideal for people with wide feet
  • The very roomy toe box
  • Very comfortable
  • Provides good support for your heel and toes


  • Narrow around the midfoot
  • Not ideal for running long distance


Very comfortable and flexible training shoes that are designed to adapt to the movement of your feet while keeping you comfortable and snug and very airy.

Altra women’s HIIT Xt cross-training shoe 

These are sneakers that have been designed with high-quality materials and a great option for people with bunions. They have a wide toe box so your toes aren’t squashed and cause you more suffering with a stylish and durable upper made with a quick-dry air mesh fabric for breathability. You can replace the removable EVA midsole with a customized orthotic insert that is more comfortable. These training shoes have a fully cushioned zero drop platform that gives the shoes better stability and a rubber insole that provides good cushioning, support, and flexibility. These shoes are very comfortable and you don’t have to worry about fatigue or pain at the end of your workout.


  • They provide excellent stability and support
  • The zero-drop makes the shoes very stable
  • Good grip and traction on most surfaces
  • Very stylish shoes


  • The sizing is slightly different
  • The toe box is narrower


Stylish and extremely comfortable and stable shoes that are perfect for running, squatting, and climbing. They’re very stable and flexible with excellent grip.


The best cross-training shoes for bunions are supposed to provide you with the support you need as well as enough cushioning under your forefoot and a wide toe box to keep your feet comfortable throughout your workout. The New balance women’s 20v7 minimus cross trainer is perfect training shoes for intense workouts and are designed to keep your feet well ventilated and provide good support. 

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