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CrossFit shoes for people with a high arch or plantar fasciitis should be well cushioned to give plenty of support and reduce tension. Read the Best CrossFit shoes for high arches to find the perfect CrossFit shoes for you.

CrossFit training with flat shoes or shoes that are as low as possible to the ground could be the worst decision you ever make when you have high arches, trust me. High arches are slightly raised above normal which makes it super difficult to find a fitting workout shoe. high arcs are the reverse/opposite of having flat feet.

Shoes with neutral cushioning do not come with extra stability attachment or medial posts but they have a softer midsole which makes them more flexible and allows them to encourage natural pronation. Finding the perfect support will go a long way in helping you run through a course or doing high intensity interval training without any hiccups.

Here are some things you should consider when selecting the best CrossFit shoes for high arches

Arch support

Getting a shoe with plenty of cushioning will guarantee you the arch support you need during your workout. The extra cushioning on the arch allows for a comfortable fit for people with extremely high arches and reduces pain and discomfort during training.

NB; the arch should conform to or fit as close as possible to your natural arch if you want to enjoy the benefits.

Heel lift and “drop”

Most CrossFit coaches and training professional’s advice the trainees that 0 drop shoes are the best for cross training while that is not the case. When doing squatting and weight lifting exercises, a raised heel is very beneficial. It gives your feet, body and the weight the support and comfort it needs to prevent any accidents or strains during workout. Studies show that an elevated heel helps with flexion and this allows the shins to be vertically aligned helping you with weightlifting and other exercises plus also keeping the torso straight and chest upright.

Secure CrossFit shoe

No matter the length or your ankle, your foot should be secured into the shoe. slippage or lose CrossFit shoes will interfere with the workout because the feet will try to find a way to readjust and fit into the shoe during movement. Lose shoes are annoying, can cause injury and will distract you from an effective workout routine.

Go for a shoe with a strap over the midfoot or one with a lace up. Lace up shoes allow for adjustments on the foot so you can get the best fit possible. Slip on shoes are a no when you are cross training because they offer zero security.

The Sole

Dual density shoes with a solid heel, midfoot and flexible towards the front are perfect for people with wider feet. Many athletes will tell you that cross shoes for side feet should be flexible to allow for natural movement and comfort of the feet.


Shoes with a roomy toe box allow for flexibility, movement and comfort of the foot. You also want shoes that are deep enough to accommodate extra padding or foot insole when you need one.

Here is a comparison table of the best CrossFit shoes for high arches

ShoeFeaturesWidthCheck price on Amazon
ASICS Men’s Conviction XPerforated Sock linerStandardCheck price
Reebok men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 Rubber soleStandard-wideCheck price
Adidas Women’s Adipure 360.3Adjustable midfootstandardCheck price
New balance Minimus 40v1EVA midsoleStandard- wideCheck price
Puma Women’s Cell RiazeCushioned midsole and heelStandardCheck price

Individual reviews of the best CrossFit shoes high arches

ASICS Men’s Conviction X

The ASICS Men’s Conviction X is guaranteed to offer you some of the best services you could get from a cross training show for a lot less money. It comes with great features than make it comfortable and very durable.

These low top CrossFit shoes are designed with a RhynoSkin synthetic upper. The synthetic material makes the ASICS Men’s Conviction X one of the roughest and most durable CrossFit shoe in the training world today. The shoes are perfectly designed with a 4mm heel drip to tackle any activity; you can run, weight lift and do everything in your routine with simple comfort.

It has a perforated inner sock liner that ensures your feet stay cool and dry during the training. The lace garage on the ASICS is integrated to organizes your laces so that you will not tip during the workout. The flat, firm heel of the ASICS Men’s Conviction X are created so they could spread your weight across the feet, which is a great strategy for weight lifting. It is designed to cope with/handle burpees, squats, rope climbing and more. These flexible and lightweight shoes are a great choice for CrossFit training.


  • Integrated Lace Garage
  • Stability with a firm flat heel
  • Lightweight and durable
  • RhynoSkin synthetic leather upper
  • Perforated sock liner for moisture drainage
  • Dense rigid sole
  • Modest arch support


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet


The ASICS Men’s Conviction X offers some of the best features of a cost trainers, with minimal costs. This CrossFit shoe is perfect for daily training and ankle support. The feature like the Rhynoskin synthetic leather, integrated lace garage, the 4mm drop, firm heel and the perforated sock liner make this shoe perfect for multiple things. The conviction x trainer is great for lifting and provides you with a solid lateral support, stable firm sole and modest arch support.

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Reebok men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0

The Reebok men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 is one of the tops in most areas when it comes to cross training shoes. They are low profile shoes that are designed to give you the support, flexibility and stability people with high arches need. The Nano weave upper od the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 are not only breathable but they are solid enough to give you traction and support your foot needs to cope with more intense training and activities. It also means you can use this shoe for aerobics and also heavy lifting.

Your foot is offered protection with a reinforced heel cup, 360-degree heel wrap and power launch toe box that keep your feet securely locked into the shoes while you move around vigorously during training. It has a strong foundation and multidirectional countering that enhances the durability and traction all round. The 4mm heel drop is good for comfort and stability too.

The shoe is made with Nano weave overlay that creates a mesh look and adds contrast to the selection of bright colors that move up he heel and outsole. The added heel drop and heel piece provide you with more stability for lifts. The multidirectional traction and anatomical toe box have been designed to give you a natural toe splay during high intensity interval training workouts like jumping, lifting and squats. They offer a good level of stability without hindering your movements during workout


  • 4mm heel-to-toe drop
  • Secure and locked in feel
  • Nano Weave upper for breathability and durability
  • External heel counter for stability
  • Crystallized rubber sole
  • Flexible and durable


  • The woven upper part lacks the stability you would get from other cross feet shoes
  • They may feel baggy and unsupportive during vigorous workouts


It does not matter what type of exercise you want to include in your CrossFit training routine, the Reebok men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 will definitely handle it. It is created to offer people with flat feet more stability, comfort., flexibility and durability while working out. The Nano weave makes the shoe more breathable for lengthy workouts. This is a great shoe for flat fee and a lengthy workout routine. The solid knit uppers of the reebok 8.0 are breathable, lightweight and comfortable. They fit, move and feel like a pair of socks would on your feet.

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Adidas Women’s Adipure 360.3

Adidas is another well-known brand that produces some of the best women’s CrossFit shoes in the business. The Adidas adipure is lightweight and flexible and creates to help you overcome difficult moves during your cross fit training. Its ability to offer your plenty of support and protection while you are running and doing other forms of training makes it one of the best shoes out there. The sole of the Adidas Adipure has a deep flex groove design that gives your feet a natural and smooth slide.

It is designed with a 4-way mesh upper that has the ability to stretch and adapt medial and lateral movements while you are training. It does that without imposing any pressure on your giving the workout a natural feel. It has a secure lace up that ensure everyone gets adequate support. That, together with the midfoot, combine to provide you with a snug fit around your arch and make it more secure around the feet. It is the perfect structure for people with wider feet because it ensure it is more accurate fit.

The Adidas Women’s Adipure is coverd with a material that is combined with synthetic polyurethane patches so it can provide durability. The padding around the ankles offers your feet extra comfort and an ideal fit on top of the natural stability. On the inside, the Adidas Women’s Adipure has a soft textile lining that does not mess with the airflow in the shoe and also makes it more comfortable.


  • Very flexible and lightweight
  • Give off a natural stability
  • There is no skin irritation
  • The material is water resistance


  • The sizes run small


Adidas Adipure has to be one of the best designs for people with wider feet. The secure lace up and midfoot give you a snug fit around the arch of the foot which gives you a very secure fit. The materials on the sole and he upper body of the shoe are created for durability which means that the Adidas CrossFit show will last you a while.

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New balance Minimus 40v1

These CrossFit training shoes are super comfortable on wise feet. You can use the new balance Minimus 40v1 for jumping, running and heavy lifting. It is built to provide stability and cushioning with the stable heel and high drop. The new balance Minimus 40v1 is specifically designed for people with a medium to wide foot. It is an excellent and comfortable cross raining shoe for people who fall on the wide side. This CrossFit shoe is multifunctional and versatile.

The midsole is made with Rapid rebound technology that makes the shoe comfortable enough for most kinds of CrossFit training. The enhanced TPU on this shoe creates a cage to hole the foot securely giving lateral stability and preventing the foot from shifting which would cause major injuries. The new balance comes with a simple style and construction. You get to pick from 4 color choices and two width sizes, the branding is subtle but the shoe still looks stylish and is very functional. It features a low drop of 4mm to provide a great ground feel during workout.

You can easily transition from running to lifting without any effect on your feet. The revlite tech on the heel allows the New balance Minimus 40v1 to provide you with shock absorption and cushioning during training. They have a rapid rebound and responsive capability that will not let you miss a beat during your workout. Even the best athletes get sweaty feet after a god workout while the new balance Minimus 40v1 is made from synthetic material, the mesh upper significantly makes up for moderate ventilation.


  • Material is breathable
  • It is available in wide and extra wide
  • Has rubber reinforced with wide eyelets
  • The flat stable base allows for heavy lifting
  • It is durable lightweight and comfortable
  • Very versatile- can be used for different CrossFit training


  • There is no color-variety
  • Is not suitable for all kinds of lifting- too much compression will affect the midsole

The verdict

THE New balance Minimus 40v1 is part of the minus collection from new balance which means that as far as cushioning, it offers hat of a traditional athletic shoe make. It is designed to provide traction comfort and durability needed for people with wide feet during tough workouts.

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Puma Women’s Cell Riaze

Puma has been in the shoe business for quiet some time so it is natural to trust that they make some of the best CrossFit shoes today. The Puma Cell Riaze is proof that puma never disappoints when it comes to creating functional shoes. These stylish training shoes have a moderate arch support, without the arch being too high with a soft foam insole and decent cushioning to make the shoe more comfortable.

Puma equipped the shoe with great technology that comes with a perfect build that provides comfort, sole engineering and ensures breathability for freshness and aeration. The rubber sole is uber cushioned with Everide and EverTrack to enhance the traction and protect your feet when you are training.

You can use the Puma Cell Riaze for all kinds of CrossFit exercises. This means it is good for running, climbing, all kinds of aerobics, lifting and all other exercises. The CrossFit shoes feature a 10-cell heel cushion that gives you a high-tech shock absorption. This feature is great when you are running, jumping, climbing or engaged in other vigorous exercises.

It s designed with an ArchTech TPU shank that gives you great stability in the midfoot which allows for natural movements while you are on the field working out. The intelligent fussion design featuring the EcoOrtholite footbed and AirMesh upper with textile lining makes the Puma Cell Riaze one of the best breathable CrossFit shoes for women. The combination was created to ensure there is enough room for cooing, odor resistance, wicking and best of all comfort.


  • It is very supportive for weak ankles and flat feet
  • Has enough room for an orthotic insert.
  • It has a flattering aesthetic (very stylish)
  • Made of quality material for durability
  • Very stable and balanced
  • Has good ventilation


  • It is too narrow in the midsole for people with wide feet

The verdict

The Puma Women’s Cell Riaze is designed to handle long hours on yoru feet and this makes them perfect for all day comfort. The shoe is designed to enhance your training regardless of the routine and location.the synthetic mesh upper material of the sneaker gives it a sleek look while also delivering the exceptional breathability feature. The shoe allows for free motion thanks to the support and flexibility allowance of the ArchTech at the arch of the shoe.

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Final word

High arched feet need plenty of arch support and cushioning to prevent any accidents, tripping, slipping or injury during your workout. Trainers with high arches require an extra bump at the midfoot area to give the perfect support. Neutral cushioning shoes will work best to give you the support you need without taking from the workout.

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