Best CrossFit shoes for wide feet

There is nothing more uncomfortable than tight shows during your workout. Read the best CrossFit shoes for wide feet review to find the perfect fitting shoes for your CrossFit training.

Having wide feet has its advantages and disadvantages during a workout. While your feet give you extra support, it is hard to find CrossFit shoes for wider feet. Manufacturers do not necessarily make CrossFit shoes for a wider fee, most of them come in medium width for an average fit. This can be a problem for people who have wider or more narrow feet. The crossFit shoe tends to be uncomfortable and can lead to pain, injury, and crumping. On the bright side, some manufacturers make CrossFit shows with material that stretches to meet the needs of people with wider feet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Things to look out for when buying the best

There are certain features you should look for in a cross-fit shoe to ensure it is suitable for the shape of your leg and also the type of intensive exercise you are engaged in.

Width – this is obviously one of the most important aspects of the shoe when you are looking for the perfect fit for your wide feet. The fit of the shoe is very important when you are out in the field training.

The size of the shoe – most people make a huge mistake by thinking that getting a larger size in length will make up for the width and give them a properly fitting shoe. If you do this, you end up with a big CrossFit shoe that still does not measure up to the width. If you find one that does, you will still have to make up for the excessive length so you can get a proper fit.

What you are looking for is a snug fit on both sides of the shoe. Wearing a CrossFit shoe that is bigger than your foot will cause you to slip and slide while you are running and one that is too tight will simply make it unbearable.

Stability and the weight of the shoe

The size of the sole will depend on the kind of CrossFit training you are mainly into. Weightlifting requires a heavy sole to give you more stability on your feet while running and other cardio exercises require a lighter sole to reduce the weight on your feet and give your agility and speed.

Cushioning/ comfort, flexibility, and breathability

Most athletes sweat inside the feet after intensive interval training; which is why it is important to get breathable shoes. They ensure airflow in your feet to reduce overheating or sweat making your workout time more comfortable. People who focus more on weightlifting and such workouts should go for CrossFit shoes that will not absorb too much shock. This is because it will reduce your lift on a routine basis. If your CrossFit workouts are more focused on running, then you need shoes that will absorb the shock and ensure you do not injure your feet while running.

A removable insole

Removable insoles allow you to install new insoles when they wear out fast. This is very beneficial for when the insole wears out and you need better cushioning for a better workout. Keep in mind that even high-quality shoes can be subject to wear in the cushioning and arch support region which is why you should be ready beforehand.

Arch and heel support

You want to Get a shoe that will support you depending on the shape of your feet. Some people have flat feet while others have a long arch at the center. A shoe that supports your arch and heel will distribute the weight and pressure evenly on the foot reducing any strain or pain and accidents.

Grip – The traction of the shoe

CrossFit shoes require an excellent grip especially when you are doing physically demanding exercises. get a shoe that will have traction on multiple kinds of grounds to maximize the exercise results.

Here is a comparison table of the best CrossFit shoes for wide feet

ShoeWidthCheck price on Amazon
New balance Minimus 40v1x-narrow to xx-wideCheck price
ASICS Gel-Venture 6 CrossFit ShoeXXN (Extra-Extra Narrow) to XXW (Extra-Extra Wide)Check price
PUMA Tazon 6 Cross Training ShoeXXN (Extra-Extra Narrow) to XXW (Extra-Extra Wide)Check price
Nike Metcon 4 Mens Cross Training ShoesXXN (Extra-Extra Narrow) to XXW (Extra-Extra Wide)Check price
Inov-8 Women's F-Lite 250 Fitness ShoeXXN (Extra-Extra Narrow) to XXW (Extra-Extra Wide)Check price

Individual reviews of the best CrossFit shoes for wide feet

New Balance Minimus 40v1

The new balance Minimus 40v1 is specifically designed for people with a medium to wide foot. It is an excellent and comfortable cross-training shoe for people who fall on the wide side.

This CrossFit shoe is multifunctional and versatile. You can easily transition from running to lifting without any effect on your feet. The reality tech on the heel allows the New balance Minimus 40v1 to provide you with shock absorption and cushioning during training. They have a rapid rebound and responsive capability that will not let you miss a beat during your workout.

These CrossFit training shoes are super comfortable on wise feet. You can use the new balance Minimus 40v1 for jumping, running, and heavy lifting. It is built to provide stability and cushioning with a stable heel and high drop.

Even the best athletes get sweaty feet after a good workout while the new balance Minimus 40v1 is made from synthetic material, the mesh upper significantly makes up for moderate ventilation. The midsole is made with Rapid rebound technology that makes the shoe comfortable enough for most kinds of CrossFit training.

The enhanced TPU on this shoe creates a cage to hold the foot securely giving lateral stability and preventing the foot from shifting which would cause major injuries.

The new balance comes with a simple style and construction. You get to pick from 4 color choices and two width sizes, the branding is subtle but the shoe still looks stylish and is very functional.

It features a low drop of 4mm to provide a great ground feel during a workout.


  • Material is breathable
  • It is available in wide and extra wide
  • Has rubber reinforced with wide eyelets
  • The flat stable base allows for heavy lifting
  • It is durable lightweight and comfortable
  • Very versatile- can be used for different CrossFit training


  • There is no color-variety
  • Is not suitable for all kinds of lifting- too much compression will affect the midsole

The verdict

The New Balance Minimus 40v1 is part of the minus collection from new balance which means that as far as cushioning, it offers hat of a traditional athletic shoe makes. It is designed to provide traction comfort and durability needed for people with wide feet during tough workouts.

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ASICS Gel-Venture 6 CrossFit Shoe

Asics is a brand known to produce some of the best CrossFit shoes with cushioning designed that offer the athlete comfort while ensuring maximum shock absorption throughout the run. The shoe is very lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for multiple CrossFit training activities.

High arched cross-fit trainers need a good training shoe that is supportive enough to keep the ankles straight and comfortable while avoiding any unexpected twists or accidents that could lead to fractures and other injuries. The ASICS Gel-Venture 6 CrossFit Shoe will do just that.

It has plenty of support that allows even distribution of weight on your feet. This feature makes it exceptional for jumping, squats, and weight lifting. It also ensures there is minimal additional pressure on your knees and ankles for extra safety during the workout process.

The ASICS Gel-Venture 6 CrossFit show is well ventilating to ensure free air circulation in your feet during high intensity and long workouts and prevent any sweat, moisture, and odor from being trapped into the shoe. say goodbye to unnecessary sweat which can be very inconveniencing while running y getting yourself the ASICS Gel-Venture 6.

The shoes are made with high abrasion rubber that withstands any damage during jumping, squats, and lifting. The lace pockets help you die away from the ends of the laces so they do not get snagged in machines and lead to bigger injuries.


  • Comes with detachable sole for easy cleaning and replacement
  • The arch is great for leg and the support during workout
  • The outer sole has a strong non-slip grip that prevents slippage and injury
  • The cushioning is very comfortable
  • The lace allows for perfect adjustability of the shoe


  • Not good for extremely wet conditions/areas


The ASICS Gel-Venture 6 CrossFit is great for people with a wide fit and also perfect for high-intensity workout programs. Hire arched athletes and trainers can wear these shoes to their cardio workouts and even when weightlifting.

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PUMA Tazon 6 Cross Training Shoe

This is the top economical CrossFit sneaker for people with wide feet. It is great in terms of comfort, quality, and support. It gives you ideal arch support, has EVA heel pods for shock absorption and cushioning and a strong middle saddle. The branding on this shoe goes all the way with the basic Puma Forms trip on the side plus a cat on the toe box, tongue, and heel. It comes in multiple color options including the iconic monochromatic look.

The PUMA Tazon 6 has an upper part that goes higher on the ankle than most CrossFit shoes and is available in wide, which helps you secure a better fit. The sole is made out of synthetic leather that makes it sturdier and firmer during workouts that might involve side to side slippage. It is also heavily padded on the inside making it very comfortable and supportive but it can also be heavy.

On the outside, it provides a good grip on different types of terrain; you can wear it on gravel, gym floor, wet floor, and gravel among others. The midsole of the shoe is made with EVA foam cushioning heel pod that allows the shoe to absorb any shock. The problem is, the EVA sole wears out quicker than the leather which holds up much better and this could be a major issue.

The upper part goes higher on the ankle than most CrossFit shoes and is available in wide, which helps you secure a better fit. This is a great option for people with flat feet who are also looking for shoes that will offer stability during basic training and workouts.


  • Has a midfoot saddle for comfort and optimum fit
  • The cushioning is comfortable
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes in multiple appealing style and color options for the trainer


  • The shoes need a break-in period


The PUMA Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe is generally an athletic cross-training shoe that you can wear to work, leisure, and the gym. The TOU shank and EVA foam cushioning make the shoe comfortable but very heavy this is not recommended for long runs. The upper part of the shoe contains perforated detailing to allow for some ventilation.

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Nike Metcon Cross Training Shoes

The Nike Metcon has a noticeably supportive heel and coveted fly wire structural support that make it stand out from the rest. It is a great solution to the past durability concerns that came with the previous Nike Metcon line. The Metcon has a flat platform that stabilizes you during all the movements. This is a CrossFit shoe that was designed to take on all your stitches with ease and rhythm, from heavy lifting to sprints and sled pushes.

The Metcon CrossFit sneakers have a firm heel with soft midfoot padding that allows extra flexibility in the toe box. This, together with the breathable mesh gives you more extension on the foot. It comes in multiple color choices and faded design patters. The Nike Metcon is comfortable and have a great design. It features Flywire technology; the Nike Metcon is integrated with Flywire cables for quick movement and a more stable transfer. The flywire on the midfoot unifies with the laces to give you a secure and yet flexible fit.

A new drop-in midsole is included on the shoe and works with the heel for figuring and to action to give you flexibility when you run and more stability when you lift. The forefoot of the shoe is made with a sticky rubber material that works together with the TPU heel counter to give you control on your lateral movement and more traction.

This Metcon also features a new toe to heel 3D print base durable upgrade that is blended with an enhanced mesh material. This increases the strength and grip needed for the ropes without wrecking the soles. You are able to slide, climb, or jump more securely without the need for extra energy. The outer soles are constructed with extra abrasion for extra protection. The light mesh material breathes so well that the sweat builds up is not an issue within this CrossFit shoe.


  • Great for climbing and ropes
  • Has a wide toe box
  • Made of good quality material
  • Breathable and Very flexible


  • A break-in period is required

The verdict

This shoe is totally worth your money with its features that allow for durability and stability. The versatility of the all-terrain should construction makes it great for multiple functions and areas. The Metcon works to stabilize you without compromising the comfort levels on your feet. It makes the wearer feel that they are grounding into the shoes when there is added weight and pressure.

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Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 250 Fitness Shoe

Inov-8 has a great history of making some of the best functional fitness shoes. The CrossFit shoes are made to be minimal giving off a feeling of barefoot, fitted and flexible while you work out. The shoe is very lightweight making it perfect for jumping, running and other cardio activities.

They come in standard(wide) and (narrow) fits. If you have been doing cardio, looking to start a little lifting and you are not used to the sturdier feel that comes with it these are the right shoes. It features a met cradle lacings system that provides you with a snug and yet flexible security that locks your foot in place during training.

The rubber toe provides you with extra protection and does not catch while you are doing box jumps. The sticky outsole rubber is extended to the upper so the shoe can support increased traction while you are climbing. It provides you with support for close to all the exercises without getting in your way even once. What makes it stand out from the rest? It has a more flexible and snug-fitting when compared to other major CrossFit shoes.

This shoe has one of the highest drops when compared to the other CrossFit shoes. It also has a power heel, which is a stable and dense lifting heel that enables you to power through heavy lifts without concern for injury.


  • Has a power heel
  • designed to give you and extra dense lift on the heel
  • has and 8mm drop
  • has a great grip on the sole
  • lightweight and very flexible
  • comes in multiple color options


  • Runs small, you have to order up
  • Stiff sole is not great for cardio and running

The verdict

the Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 250 Fitness Shoe is considered an excellent shoe for CrossFit specifically for women with wide feet. Its high level of comfort allows for a successful workout and high-level performance. They are perfect if you like a more natural/ barefoot feel while you are on the field. The shoes are super lightweight and provide you with a great grip so there’s no need to worry about accidents.

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Final word

People with average and medium width feet have it easier to find shoes than people with wider feet. Your first course of action should be to measure your feet and find a brand that has a shoe maker that can fit your easier or one that makes shoes flexible enough to fit different widths including yours. This list will help you find the most convenient shoes for your feet to increase the efficiency and performance of your CrossFit workout routine.

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