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One thing that most people don’t understand is that while a shoe may be good for one person, it could be a thorn in the flesh for another, and that is why people must be careful when choosing a running shoe for concrete. New runners also need to get their running style sorted, which concerns itself with the overall body posture such as relaxing the neck and shoulder when running, the arms must also be relaxed as they help ensure that you run on a straight line. 

There is also the foot strike in running, and the big question is whether you strike the ground with the forefoot, midfoot, or heel. What most people don’t know is that the above really doesn’t matter, even though a good number of people might want to change the way their foot strikes, they are better off getting a running shoe that is not only comfortable but can complement their style of running. The latter is better than developing a new neuromotor pattern for the perfect foot strike.

Runners must also pay attention to cadence, which is the number of running steps per minute. Cadence varies between the short and tall runners. Cadence has potential negative effects on the joints, individuals who, therefore, have a low cadence will experience undue pressure on the joints, and unless you are experiencing pain, your cadence should not worry you.

And now that we have resorted to getting the right shoe for the relevant running style, we have duly compiled the best running shoes for concrete, for both the male and female runners. 

Comparison Table- Best running shoes for Concrete

Shoe TypeCushion TypeWeightPrice
ALTRA Men’s AL0A4VQO Paradigm 5 Running ShoeMax11.2oz/318gCheck Price Here
HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 7 Running ShoesCompression-molded Eva foam midsole1.65 pounds Check Price Here
ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running ShoesRear and forefoot gel technology cushioning system2 pounds Check Price Here
ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running ShoesRear and forefoot gel technology cushioning system5 poundsCheck Price Here
Adidas Women’s Ultraboost 20 Running ShoeSuper lightweight cushioned midsole9.4 ounces Check Price Here
ALTRA Women’s AL0A4VQY Paradigm 5 Running ShoeMAX cushioning 9.2oz/261gCheck Price Here

Best Men’s running shoes for concrete 

ALTRA Men’s AL0A4VQO Paradigm 5 Running Shoe

Best running shoes with a wide toe box

Running on concrete is not entirely a fun affair if your shoes cannot provide you with the right cushioning and balance. The Altra Men’s ALOA4VQO has, therefore, been designed to offer the necessary support thus incorporated some of the most innovative features. The shoes are light in weight and heavily cushioned for runners wishing to engage the long distances. 

The ergonomic design of the shoe takes to the contours of the runner’s foot and even leaves space for the foot to relax and spread out in a natural fashion. 

The above encourages comfort and stability when the runner is on course. What’s more is that balanced cushioning allows for a natural foot alignment, where the foot and the heel are placed at the same distance, from the ground consequently encouraging the relevant low impact while eliminating pressure points on the leg throughout the course.

And given that you will be running on concrete, the energy return is of utmost importance, and which has been catered to with the double-natural midsole compound that also, enables a responsive and soft feel. The Altra men’s ALOA4VQO has been engineered to enhance the three natural stability zones, on a runner’s foot, which in the long run, prevents excessive, pronation or foot collapse, via the stability pod. 


  • Durable upper thanks to the engineered mesh 
  • The wide toe box allows for the toes to relax and spread out naturally
  • Comfortable and balanced 
  • The durable outsole features the foot pod technology


  • The outsole wears out pretty fast

Check Price Here

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 7 Running Shoes

Best comfortable running shoes for concrete

The Hoka one one is a performance-oriented concrete running shoe, with all the incorporated features, aimed at protecting the runner’s feet thus encourage the best performance. Right of the bat, we are presented with a rubber outsole, which apart from providing users with the relevant grip,  minimizes weight, while maximizing on durability. 

And for foot support, the shoe has incorporated the TPU overlays which enables the midfoot structure, thus offers the much-needed support. The upper part is characteristic of an open engineered mesh fabric designed to allow air circulation in and out of the shoe. The Hoka one one is exceptionally comfortable and stable thanks to the foam padding on the tongue and the memory foam collar. 

Comfort and balance of the foot while inside the shoe has been enhanced by incorporated compression-molded EVA foam midsole. The lace we must say is quite stable and allows the users to achieve the perfect fit, with an additional eyelet at the same angle with the end of the tongue. 


  • The shoe is roomy thus can be worn with sox 
  • The tongue is cooperative and the shoe offers the necessary cradle
  • Best shoes for heavy runners with tender knees 
  • Offer support complete with decent toe protection


  • The only cushioning added is from the sole 
  • Do not absorb shock 

Check Price Here

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

Best value concrete running shoes

Asics has for a long time used the GEL technology in most of their running shoes, a tradition that has been passed on to the Kayano 27 running shoes that have been treated with rear and forefoot gel technology, cushioning system. The latter prevents the runners from developing pain in the knee joints. The Gel technology cushioning system, therefore, attenuates shock on impact, and during the toe-off phases. 

And even better is that the technology enables movement on multiple planes during the transitioning process of the foot through the gait cycle. Sporting the flyte foam feature, the Asics Kayano 27 running shoes will offer the best performance for concrete runners who wish to engage longer distances because the incorporated technology offers a quick responsive bounce. 

If you have previously owned shoes that have incorporated the soft and low-density foams, then you must have experienced the packing out problem; and it is because of the above that the Asics men’s gel Kayano 27 running shoes have utilized the organic super fibers, which help eliminate the packing out problem. 

Though low profile, the Asics 27 running shoes have been configured to enhance stability, offer support, and in the process reduce the weight while enhancing platform support, thanks to the dynamic duo max support system. 


  • The shoes are very comfortable 
  • Offers the best stability thus can be worn every day
  • Perfect shoes for overpronated feet
  • The shoe is true to size with the best grip and durability 


  • The toe box is a bit constrictive 
  • And the laces are short

Check Price Here

Best Women’s Running Shoes for Concrete

ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes

Best durable concrete running shoes

The Gel cumulus 22 women’s running shoes is perfect for both concrete and off-road expeditions,  the shoe is soft and flexible and will easily take into the shape of the foot and flex with it during movement, features that make it a good option for training. The Asics gel cumulus has also managed to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and support for the runner’s foot, thus offers the perfect fit out of the box. 

The midsole is characteristic of the flyte foam technology, designed to make running on concrete easy as it offers a pillowy ride. What’s more, is that Asics has engineered the shoe to effectively isolate impact by redesigning the under heel; runners will also notice the deep forefoot flex grooves on the new heel that are made complete with a soft midsole foam, which enables a rather soft ride. 

Traction has been enabled with the hard-wearing ahar rubber outsole compound, which has also been conveniently placed in the key contact areas, thus the runners can cover more miles. 


  • The outsole is made of durable rubber 
  • Equipped with a spacious toe box and offers a true fit 
  • Improves training or running on concrete 
  • Impressive aesthetics, with a lot of comfortable cushioning 


  • Does not offer support to the high arched feet 
  • Not the best shoes for the long term 

Check Price Here

Adidas Women’s Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe 

Best lightweight concrete running shoes

The Adidas Women’s Ultraboost 20 running shoes are performance-oriented right from the first foot strike, the runners feature a foot-hugging knit upper, designed to wrap around the foot while offering a supportive fit and in the process enhances movement. Runners will also enjoy optimal energy return thanks to the 20% midsole boost, which helps enable an amplified boost feeling. 

And at a weight of only 9.4 ounces, the Ultraboost 20 affords the foot more energy when on the concrete course; performance is also enhanced via the cushioned midsole, which has been made of lightweight material thus energizes the runners every step. And the upper part features a seamless, breathable, and stretchable lightweight fabric, for enhanced stability and comfort. 

Speaking of comfort, the insides of the Adidas Women’s ultra boost 20 running shoes are characteristic of a bounce cushioning, which enables flexibility and complete control during movement. The low profile female running shoes offer the best concrete grip, thanks to the continental outsole, designed to flow with every step. 


  • The concrete running shoes are comfortable 
  • Can double up as workout shoes 
  • Are light in weight with cushioned soles 
  • The Adidas Ultraboost 20 offer a true to size fit


  • The insole moves occasionally
  • Takes some time to break-in 

Check Price Here

 ALTRA Women’s AL0A4VQY Paradigm 5 Running Shoe

Best value concrete running shoes

Female runners looking for comfort and added support in their running shoes can settle with the Altra Women’s AloA4VQY that also comes equipped with a balanced cushioning feature, designed to position the heel and forefoot at the same distance when measured from the ground. The above features will no doubt afford the runners the best alignment, a good form coupled with a low impact landing. 

The foot shape design seeks to address the biological differences between men and women and that is why the ALO4VQY model is also available in the male version.  Altra’s signature foot shape, therefore, encourages comfort as the feet are provided with more flexing and seating space. 

Female runners who are worried about their foot strike and whether it might lead to the development of pain will benefit from Altra’s guide rail, which has been configured to act like a supportive, highway guide rail that adapts to the foot consequently encouraging a natural foot placement, as it provides guidance. As regards the foot strike, the shoes that you wear matter a lot, and must, therefore, offer much-needed support. 


  • The shoes are soft and comfortable 
  • Are highly responsive 
  • Wide to box allows for the flexing of the toes 
  • The balanced cushioning correctly positions the heel and the forefoot


  • Highly-priced

Check Price Here

Factors to consider when choosing concrete running shoes 

  • Given that you will be running on a hard surface, it is important to find shoes that have the best cushioning and can offer much-needed support even when the training or running becomes intense. 
  • Consider your foot type, if you have wide feet then don’t go for shoes that are narrow at the toe box and vice versa. 
  • The outer sole must also offer the relevant grip/traction, a fall on concrete can leave you defaced, so if the outsole wears off, the shoes should be replaced to avoid accidents while on course. 
  • Consider the weight of the shoe, as it may very well delay you on the track, the upper material and the sole should be made of lightweight material. The best material for the sole would, therefore, be rubber, because it is flexible; for the upper part, ensure that it is made of mesh material to encourage the flow of air thus keeping your feet dry. 
  • Check on the cushioning of the tongue and the collar, as they contribute to the stability and comfort of the shoes, you don’t want to end up with sore Achilles. 
  • Lastly, always ensure to try the shoe while at the store, and even move around a little to get the overall feel, while listening for the pressure points. For the online buyers, ensure to get the right size and find out whether the fittings come in small sizes, large, or are true to size.

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