Crossfit Won’t Make You Bulky

This seems to be the most common fear women have when considering Crossfit or other weight-lifting programs. I also see a lot of confusion around this question. So let’s get some things straight, shall we?

Yes, Crossfit CAN make you big

You’ve seen the women that compete in Crossfit, right? I think we can all agree, they are muscular women, and probably much more muscular and “bulky” than most women want. We can debate what our culture finds attractive, but the truth is most women don’t want to look too muscular, and extremely intense, hardcore Crossfit training can do that to you. Most of the photos you see online of Crossfit women tend to be of this elite group – the hardcore, the coaches, and the competitors.

I realize this might be blasphemy, as the Crossfit community likes to talk about how women should be strong and have some muscle (and I agree!), but we need to face the reality that many women do not want features that can be considered too “masculine.”

But, it’s VERY hard to get big

The women that compete in Crossfit are elite athletes that have dedicated themselves to their training. They spend hours a day training and eat like machines. Getting as strong, powerful and fit as those women are far from easy, and will not happen by accident. I’m a guy, and even with my higher testosterone levels, I find it hard to put on muscle. It’s even harder for women.


Crossfit will make you strong and fit.

I know, you want to hear words like “toned,” “sculpted” and “firm.” I know you do. Here they are: if you get fit and strong, and if you eat right, you will look toned, sculpted and firm. Focus on actually being able to perform the exercises, and the fit, feminine-looking body you are after will come.

For proof, stop by a Crossfit gym and check out the people (try not to look creepy). You’ll see some that are elite, some beginners, and most are somewhere in between

Of course, there are all the other benefits of Crossfit – being physically capable, being healthy, being mentally challenged, and more (it has been shown that weight-bearing exercises can decrease the likelihood of osteoporosis). But since most of us just plain want to look good, rest assured it can do that too

So ladies, don’t fear the weights.

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