Deciding on a CrossFit Jump Rope for Your Body Type


Using a strong CrossFit jump rope is one of the easiest ways to build cardio strength without breaking the bank by buying big bulking equipment. Offering a physical challenge and giving a strong workout, the prospect of using a CrossFit jump rope is a great choice for individuals who want to focus on their health and shape the body into a machine. The exercise is sometimes overlooked as it is assumed to be too simplistic, but even military institutions require recruits to be in shape by jumping rope.

Why A Rope?


While some folks have to go to a gym to workout, the CrossFit jump rope can be used at home, at work and even in the parking lot. The convenience of the equipment allows exercise to fit within the lifestyle of the athlete. Few exercises offer such a portable workout that offers such great results.


The length of CrossFit jump rope is important to consider and here is an emphasis on safely jumping. The ropes should be long enough to circle your body when twirled, but short enough that the pace won’t lag when being moved in a circular movement. Typically the ropes are sold from seven to nine feet long. The taller the individual, the longer the rope is required. There are dozens of manufacturers, so prices do vary and shopping online might be the least expensive.


Giving the athlete complete control, the CrossFit jump rope can be controlled by speed and tempo. However, the faster the rope, the more likely it is to get in shape faster. Gaining strength by the repetitive motion, individuals who put the jumping into their schedule swiftly find a response to the exercise.

But I Want to Lose Weight


If burning calories is the focus, this exercise is a perfect practice to start. With a quick pace, the rope will give the body an entire workout with a focus on strengthening the upper body. Able to control how quick the rope moves and how long to train, it isn’t just athletes who exercise using a rope, the average laymen do too. Starting slow after several weeks of daily jumping, the workout becomes easier. Expect the speed and the overall routine to be modified to build up muscles and sculpt your body.


Professional athletes are no stranger to the CrossFit jump ropes. Boxers, tennis players and even swimmers use the technique to build up stamina and keep their bodies in top shape. Trainers insist on incorporating the exercise into the lifestyles of the professional athletes to methodically train for long-term endurance during a match.


Special attention should be taken to keep the jump ropes in excellent condition. The ropes should never be tied in a knot in storage as it weakens the material over time. The surface where an athlete jumps is also very important. The daily usage should be on coated floors, mats and gym floors. Using the equipment on abrasive surfaces like concrete, dirt or gravel will quickly destroy the materials.


The CrossFit jump rope is a perfect choice to incorporate into your workout routine.

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