Five Daily Tips For CrossFit

All-day every day I see people moving improperly. Since the beginning, we’ve continued to wreak havoc on our bodies. Whether awkward positioning or just hinging at the hips and lifting with our back, we’re always doing something improperly. Until we take responsibility for any and all movements, which we make every day, nothing will improve that reality. Acknowledging when you’re moving improperly and taking action to correct every movement. No matter how small that movement may feel, every motion counts. I can provide some professional tips to help your everyday grind.

Tip 1

When standing around, how do you stand? Do you stand with your toes pointed out in a wide stance, or do you stand with most of your weight on one leg? That’s the first tip I have: You have to stand with the weight balanced on your feet. You also have to put your feet between 0 to 12°, because externally rotating your feet as such can create valgus knees weakening the ACL joint.

Tip 2

The second common mistake is how people lift objects off the ground. So many people now hinge at the hip. Never hinge at the hips and always work to keep the weight over your feet. A lot of people may be required to lift heavy things on the job or children at home. Take a tip from this coach and take it easy on your back.

Tip 3

People also fail to sit properly. Not that sitting is great in the first place. What I’m specifically talking about is when people sit down and when people get up. When you get up, use your legs; don’t just thrust your weight forward putting a lot of sheer pressure on your knees.

Tip 4

Also, when people lower themselves to the ground, they consistently do so in a destructive manner. In my profession. if you just took one big step forward and then lowered one knee to the ground in a lunging forward movement they can lower themselves to the ground in a much more effective and safe manner for their knees and back.

Tip 5

Just creating movement is some people’s biggest problem. When you stay stagnant in any one position for an extended period of time, the muscles can go into atrophy. Create movement all day every day. Don’t just sit down, and if you’re just sitting down, stand up every once a while, and if you just standing walk around.

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