How Joining CrossFit Improved My Life!

I used to be a victim of an inferiority complex when I was 16. I lacked confidence because I was overweight, and I let people define me on this trait. I tried many diets, sometimes I almost starved myself but nothing worked. It felt as though my weight would never go away, and eventually, I stopped trying to get rid of it.

So What Changed?

I was 18 when I first came across a CrossFit gym. I joined it with my best friend who insisted that CrossFit gyms will help me improve my life. I disagreed, but I couldn’t hurt her feelings so I joined the gym with her.

I am very happy that I listened to her. Joining a CrossFit Gym has changed my life. The fitness programs of CrossFit Gyms are designed to forge long-term Elite fitness. They believe that everyone from Stay-at-home moms to athletes share the same fitness needs. They only differ in the degree of fitness that they require. They help shape up your body in such a way that you feel sharper and stronger!

CrossFit Gyms?

CrossFit gyms believe in Universal Scalability. Their fitness programs are based on realistic expectations, and thus not everyone is expected to lift the same weights. Through Scalability, everyone gets the same fitness training routine as hardcore athletes.

Joining a CrossFit gym was the best thing that ever happened to me. I achieved so much more than I could ever have hoped for. I did not only lose weight, but I also got relief from chronic back pain that I had suffered from since I was a child.

As CrossFit wasn’t afraid to incorporate weights in my fitness program, it benefited me in many ways. CrossFit helped me build stronger muscles and joints, and it increased my metabolism. I also achieved a perfect figure that I never even dreamed that an overweight woman like me could have.

What Changed Me?

The thing that always kept me motivated, even at the hardest times was that at CrossFit gyms I was never working out alone. I was either training in a group, or I worked out with an expert trainer. Someone was always there to push me and motivate me to work hard. Furthermore, working out with other people also ensured that I worked correctly, and I work hard. I advise all women struggling with their weight out there to try cross fits.

Pick a gym close to your house, and join it with a group of your friends. Once you have your friends with you then you will enjoy your work-outs. Be persistent and work hard. if you keep attending all your sessions then you’ll see the results on your strength and weight very soon.

I started feeling a difference in myself after only a month of my training. Try it, you won’t regret it!

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