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Most of the time shoes are predisposed to creasing because of how we handle them and the various care processes that we blatantly fail to observe. So, while there are varied care processes that we can implement to prevent our favorite Adidas superstars from creasing, it is also important to also know what exactly causes them to crease. 

One of the culprits, therefore, is our walking style, which causes shoes to develop creases in specific areas and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about that, the front part, for example, bends with the feet as you take steps, and these are one of the areas of the shoe that experiences the most creases. If you are in the habit of putting on big shoes then you must have noticed that they are a lot wrinkly when compared to well-fitting (not tight) shoes. 

A big shoe is problematic to walk with, because for one your feet can barely maintain the shoe shape caused by too much space, or even hold it in position thus leads to creasing. When your shoes become wet they are susceptible to creasing and that is why people invest in the water repellent spray to keep moisture away as much as they can. 

Wrinkly shoes are not a pleasant sight to behold but better get used to it because with time your shoes will naturally develop creases, which is totally normal and this is because of too much flexing and as the shoes wear out. Additionally, people need to desist from putting their shoes under direct sunlight because apart from causing them to crease and shrink, they might also change color. 

Keeping Adidas Superstars from Creasing 

Your Adidas shoes have a life, just like you, and they, therefore, need to be cared for, meaning that the care procedures to be implemented will revolve around how you wear them, how you store them and how you care for them while away. 

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So when you want to put on your Adidas superstars, what is your style, do your force your feet into the shoe, or do you undo the laces and then lace up when your foot is inside. Well, while the latter might pass as the best method it for sure eats up a good amount of your time. To prevent your Adidas superstars from developing creases while still new, you will have to invest in a shoehorn. 

Yes, a shoehorn is a device that helps your feet get into the shoe without causing too much strain either on the front or the back part of the shoe. Remember that as you put on your shoes you tend to push your foot forward and even bend the toe box area and for the back, most people will simply crash the heal area that protects the Achilles. The above are, therefore, some of the most critical areas known to develop creases first and which you should be careful about. 

Creases will also develop on your Adidas superstars when they are on your feet, more especially when you walk. But how is this inevitable given that you cannot walk without bending your knee and your metatarsal bones, well there is a solution that hasn’t really been appreciated by many people as they claim to experience discomfort, while its followers swear by them, the sneaker shield.

The Sneaker Shield – Shield around your Sneaker

The sneaker shield comes in two versions, the softer and the stiff version; they are very effective in maintaining the shape of your toe box and the other adjacent areas consequently preventing the development of creases. After you have removed your shoes, how you store them will also determine if they wrinkle faster or not. 

What about the drying process after washing; the best way to dry your Adidas superstar sneakers, therefore, is by first placing a dry cotton towel inside them, so that they can retain their shape as they dry up. Don’t be tempted to throw them into a dryer because you are in a hurry as you will warp the soles, and these will consequently encourage the development of creases. 

When it comes to storage there are a couple of things that you could do to keep your Adidas superstars from developing creases, and this is by using the shoe tree. 

The Shoe Tree – Stems the Creasing

The shoe trees are available in many different designs and are adjustable, so while your shoes are in storage they might not be able to maintain their shape on their own so for some the upper part will fall. To avoid the above you can invest in the shoe tree, which you will insert inside the shoe to help maintain their form.

For your Adidas superstars, you can get the shoe tree that has been made with cedarwood because it will leave a great fragrance on your shoe obliterating any other smell produced by sweat that you might have left behind. If you are too tight on the budget and can’t afford the shoe tree, then don’t stress yourself, instead, improvise, you could get some old newspapers, crumble them up and put them inside your shoes or some pieces of cloth. 

What Else can I do to Stop my Sneakers from Creasing?

Another tip to keep your Adidas superstars from creasing is by investing in other durable but interesting pair of shoes. Though some people prefer to have the same type of shoes in all the available colorways it is still okay because you can rotate between them and not wear one pair of shoes for a long time, which makes it develop many creases and consequently age quickly. 

The last not very obvious method of preventing your Adidas superstars from developing creases when traveling is by using the pack bag that is mostly accompanied by the original shoes. Most people are never aware of how to use this bag, so their purpose is to keep your shoes safe from dust and from rubbing against other stuff that you might have carried. 

Also instead of using the shoe tree that could be quite bulky, because you are trying to save on space inside your bag, improvise and use the pair of socks you will be wearing in the place of the shoe tree to retain the shape of your shoes even as you are on transit.

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