How to Wash and Store your Adidas Shoes

Learning how to properly wash and store your Adidas Sneaker is vital if you ever plan on wearing them. You don’t want to live in fear of dirt making your fresh creps, a sight for sore eyes. Today, we will be going through how to wash your Adidas trainers by hand, in the washing machine, and how to store them.

How to Wash Adidas Shoes in Washing Machine

Cleaning of shoes in a washing machine is a debatable subject because of its integrity, for example when you use the washing machine to clean your sneakers, the structure and integrity of the foam can be greatly compromised, and the wearer can, therefore, forget about the initial responsive feel and the consistent cushioning. 

So since most people overlook the functions of a shoe, here is a little reminder; shoes are designed to comfort and protect the human feet, and on the flip side they are items of fashion and decoration.

The shoes that you wear have to fit the specific function, and that is why you find that there are shoes for different professions and activities; for example, we have the nursing shoes that have been designed to be worn on the go. We also have the running shoes designed to complement the foot thus flex with the feet during movement, are breathable, and well-cushioned for comfort. 

Machine Washing Adidas Shoes 

The idea behind machine washing sneakers is to preserve them and not to cause permanent damage, we will, therefore, outline the most basic of steps that you can follow to ensure that your Adidas shoes are in good condition after machine cleaning. 

So once you have removed your shoes from your feet, just bang the soles together gently to shake off the loose dirt, you will then remove the shoelaces and the insoles, and wash them separately. This is to prevent grime from sticking to the laces during washing and to obliterate any chances of tangling. 

You will then find a soft brush that will work gently on the surface of your shoes, as you get rid of the excess dirt and scuffs. Now into the washing machine, you will put your shoes and the side pillowcase with the laces and the insole. Also, don’t forget to accompany your shoes with some old towels, as they will help balance the load and at the same time protect the shoes from banging on the walls of the machine during washing. 

When it comes to the cleaning detergent, don’t use the powdered type because it will stick on the shoes, you can, therefore, use the liquid detergent as it has been proved to be effective given its ability to easily dissolve when in contact with water. Then on a delicate cycle, you will run the machine with cold water, complete with an extra rinse to get rid of the soap residue. 

The last step is drying your shoes and here there are a couple of things that you need to strictly observe if you expect your Adidas shoe to serve you for long. 

So the first thing is that you need to ensure that your shoes will not lose their shape once dried and to achieve this, place a dry cotton towel inside the shoes. Most of us are fond of drying our shoes in direct sunlight yet the negative effects are irreversible, for example, when you hang clothes in direct sunlight they lose their color, and some will even lose their shape more so when hanged after wringing. 

The same goes for the shoes; direct sunlight is detrimental for the shoes and will, therefore, make them shrink or change their color. And as a rule of thumb do not use the dryer or the hair dryer when removing excess moisture from your shoes, because the excessive heat will surely warp the soles of your shoe. If you follow the above procedure keenly then be sure to find the best storage as this also contributes to the shelf life of your shoes. 

Hand Washing your Adidas Shoes 

For individuals who don’t wish to use the washing machine to clean their shoes, we have a simple process outlined for you. You will first remove the laces and the insoles and then bang the soles together to get rid of excessive dirt. Find a soft toothbrush to remove the excessive loose dirt, and to wipe away the tough stains find some warm water, a mild liquid detergent, and gently wipe the stains away. 

To remove the excess soap on the shoes, use a washcloth soaked in warm water, and to maintain the white soles, you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush. You can then air dry the shoes at room temperature, the insoles, and the laces can be put inside a pillowcase and washed in the washing machine.  

How to Store your Adidas Shoes  

If you walk around most homes, you will be impressed as well as disappointed by how people store their shoes, some have secluded a whole room and built storage shelves, others store them in the boxes that they were bought in, while others have invested in plastic containers that look almost like the safe deposit boxes.

 On the flip side, some people just keep them in piles and they have to rummage through several shoes before they get what they are looking for. 

Others will throw them under their beds and even forget about them thus the glue will disintegrate because of dust among other unfavorable environmental conditions. So which among the above methods is the most effective, given that environmental factors also contribute to the deterioration of shoes. 

How to Store Shoes 

Individuals who have walk-in closets can arrange their shoes neatly on shelves and then invest in a dehumidifier; the reason for the above is because it helps with preservation. Remember that high humidity equals to dampness and a damp walk-in closet will create an environment that can cause yellowing. 

Apart from the above, the most ideal method that we can offer for you to store your shoes, is by first finding the zip lock bags, which are inexpensive and will surely help to keep dust and humidity out. You will also have to find the silica gel packs and insert them in the ziplock bags as well, to prevent molding. 

And if you don’t have a walk-in closet don’t fret as all you need to find is an area with cool temperatures, avoid piling your shoes together, rather use a shoe rack or the storage shelves and be keen on the material that has been used to construct the shoe rack. 

A word of caution is that you shouldn’t bother with your Adidas soles too much because over time they are going to turn yellow because of oxidation, which is a natural occurrence. Lastly, make sure that you store them in a safe place.

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