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A high-intensity workout program is bound to impact your training shoes negatively, making them wear out fast. A CrossFit, for example, involves varied functional movements such as push-ups, weight lifting, squats, pull-ups, gymnastics, rowing, and running. Now a combination of all the above exercises can best be handled by an Invo 8 CrossFit, as it has incorporated the features necessary to withstand their intensity.

Inov 8 CrossFit manufacturers create shoes that would cater to the athletes who are out to push limits. According to them, the interaction between the environment and an athlete is one of the factors that are put into consideration when designing footwear. The company is innovative producing lightweight but durable footwear that enhance speed.

Inov 8 CrossFit therefore, is high-performance footwear that has been used by athletes around the globe, they thus enable natural movement during activity and most of the shoe outsole offers a good grip even on unpredictable terrain. They come in a wide variety and you will, therefore, need time and information to choose the right type of Inov 8 for your training needs.

What to expect from Inov 8 CrossFit

Given that Inov 8 has a wide variety of this type of shoes; we will sample the best, which is the Inov 8 F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Training shoe.

And just like the other shoes in the Inov 8 family the F-Lite 235 V2 is versatile, and when in use, it offers stability, durability, flexibility, and allows easy transition to multiple directions. Its versatility will be revealed when you can easily adapt them during the weightlifting sessions when engaging in a fitness workout when running and lastly during performance training.

As you go about shopping for your perfect Inov 8 cross fit shoe be sure to try them on, and ensure that the design is comfortable and appropriate for your foot type and will match your exercise combination.

Key Features

The Inov 8 F-Lite 235 V2 is made with Meta Flex grooves at the geometric outsole and the forefeet, which enable natural flexing in the shoes, the feature enables a user’s foot to move naturally in every step that they make. Upon engaging in an exercise with the shoe, you will realize that your heels enjoy some rare form of stability and this is because of the Y-Lock heel support feature.

Rope climbers can rely on the shoe during the exercise, because a shoe lacking the necessary traction features will have you sliding down, as you try to push yourself up. But with Inov 8 F-Lite, you will enjoy maximum grip as it is made with a Rope-Tec 360 rubber outsole.

For people with overpronated feet, they could simply use their orthotics as the shoe comes with a removable 3mm footbed. The fitting is true to its size, unlike other sneakers where you might have to pick a size up or down. The shoe is also light in weight, so you will not be restricted when engaging different moves.

Also, there are some hardships that you are likely to experience with the shoe, such as the problem of breaking in, from the box the shoes tend to be a bit stiff, so it might take a while before, your break-in. The ankle support is a bit wanting and you should be careful with the activity that you are undertaking as there are chances that you could roll your ankle.

Cleaning the shoe frequently will be necessary depending on the type of environment that you are using them, as the toe box area tends to attract dirt really fast. The shoes come recommended for indoor activities, it would therefore, be best if outdoor use is minimized.

Other features

The technology used in the making of the shoe’s upper, adds stability and support, for example, the external heel cage is made of thermoplastic polyurethane at the rear foot that will protect your foot from wobbling when weightlifting or when performing the lateral moves. At the midfoot, the shoe has incorporated the Met-Cradle a synthetic rib cage.

The feature works with the lacing system to hold your foot securely when performing multi-directional movements. The Midsole construction features a steady platform that offers support to the feet during weight lifting; it also enables shock absorption and improved rebound.

The outsole has incorporated a Graphene grip which makes the sole 50% stronger, durable and flexible than the traditional rubber. A sticky grip is also used on the sole made from climbing rubber that offers good traction in both the outdoor and indoor surfaces. The feature also works well with wet and oily surfaces.

A horizontal flex groove is incorporated at the forefoot area that prevents bending during movement; lastly, there is the Rope Tec technology, which is usually incorporated at the midfoot section of the outsole. The feature is a jagged rubber that offers support when carrying out a rope climbing exercise.

The jags, bite on the rope when a gym goer is ascending whereas the durable rubber prevents the shoe from deteriorating during descent in a rope climbing exercise.


  • Made with Metaflex Grooves to enable natural flexing
  • Features a Rope-Tec 360 rubber outsole
  • Has a removable 3mm footbed
  • Incorporated the Y-lock heel support for support and stability


  • Takes time to break-in
  • Ineffective ankle support, increasing the chances of rolling your ankle

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Final Thought

The Inov 8 Cross Fit has incorporated some of the latest technologies in shoe manufacture that are yet to be used by other sportswear manufacturers. Shoes from the company, therefore, come highly recommended especially the Inov 8 given the number of varieties to choose from.

Unlike other training shoes Inov 8, can handle a variety of different exercises making them versatile for use on the varied kinds of gym activities such as weight lifting, rope climbing, and running among others. Users should watch out for tear and wear with regard to the intensity of training or replace the shoe after six months of use, to prevent developing ankle, knee, and spinal cord problems.

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