Inov8 X Talon vs Mudclaw. Which one has the better grip for running?

Inov-8 running shoes have been in the market since 2003 and have become very popular for fell running. This is off-road and off-trail running that entails loose rocks, mud, and slippery terrain because they’re designed to handle rugged and rough terrains. The inov-8 X talon and mudclaw are different trail running shoes with different features.

Inov-8 shoes have a wide range of shoes from the original mud shoes to cushioned trail shoes to road shoes. Most of these shoes have almost similar features like the lower heel to toe drop, lower stack heights, and a firmer cushioning. Inov-8 has some of the few trail shoes that have very low drops and stack heights, which will be perfect if you love minimal shoes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

What are the differences between Inov-8 X Talon and Mudclaw

Inov-8 shoe modelX Talon Ultra 230Mudclaw G260
Heel drop 6 mm4 mm
Stack heightHeel – 18 mmToes – 8 mmHeel – 19 mmToes – 15 mm
Lug depth8 mm8 mm
Weight230 g260 g
Check priceCheck price 

Inov8 X Talon vs Mudclaw. How do they differ?

Stack height

X-talon ultra 230 is designed to integrate the fell running features of the classic X-talon shoes with those of long-distance trail running shoes. It has a stack height of 18 mm at the heel and 8 mm at the toes that provide plenty of underfoot protection. It also helps to keep you stable and secure on the ground when running on different terrains. As for the mudclaw G 260, it has a stack height of 19 mm at the heel and 15 mm at the toes which are higher than x-talon 230 and make a huge difference in the stability of your shoes especially if you have wide feet.

The upper and toe box

X-talon 230 has been designed with a tough close-knit upper fabric which is a very unique upper unlike other shoes in the inov-8 range. It can handle terrains of orienteering, fell, obstacle racing, and trail. The toe area is well protected with a solid bumper, an upper material, and overlays which is a whole lot of protection for your toes. Mudclaw G260 has a tough mesh upper that is lightweight and breathable which increases its durability and plenty of Kevlar overlays to improve on protection and durability. 

Heel to toe drop

The heel to toes drop for the x-talon 230 is 6 mm with a cushioning of 7mm at the front and 13mm at the back which makes it an ideal shoe for a midfoot striker or a heel striker. Although a midfoot striker would prefer the 210 version of the shoes that has a 3mm heel to toe drop because it’s more flexible. The mudclaw G260 has a 4mm heel drop that will improve your stability and promote a better natural running form for a midfoot striker and help reduce pressure in your calf and Achilles. 

Inov8 X talon vs Mudclaw. A comparison review

Inov-8 X Talon ultra 230


X-talon 230 is a very lightweight and flexible shoe that is great for off-road races where the earth is steep and the ground is quite sloppy. This is because apart from being lightweight, it has 8 mm deep sticky rubber lugs that will provide you with an excellent grip on most of the trails. The sole has a rock plate that protects your underfoot from getting pierced by sharp sticks and rocks, which is a great feature if you’ll be running down loose rocky paths. X-talon 230 has a Powerflow+ midsole that is designed to provide you with better shock absorption and energy return. Although it’s a thin midsole, it will effectively protect your feet from rocks and other debris. 

The 6 mm heel to toe drop gives you a firmer and more stable footing if you’re a heel striker while the meta shank gives the shoe some stiffness and more underfoot protection. The deep 8 mm sticky rubber lugs will provide awesome grip on uneven trails and loose gravel, and even on wet and grassy trails. The upper is water-resistant with an all-round rand and toe bumpers to provide adequate protection to your feet and toes. The lace holes are punched into the fabric and the shoe has gaiter attachments on the sides to prevent debris from entering the shoe. 


  • Great toe box width
  • Excellent grip and traction in wet surfaces and mud
  • Feels light on your feet
  • Has enough cushioning


  • The sizes can run big

Inov-8 mudclaw G260


Mudclaw G260 is a lightweight low profile running shoe that will give you good mileage and excellent grip in soft and muddy trails. This shoe is very popular with cross-country athletes, obstacle racers, and orienteers. The shoes are designed with 8 mm triangular lugs and a graphene grip outsole that gives you an insane grip on most of the off-trail terrains and also increases durability. The sole is fairly flexible but with more stickiness and elasticity. 

The midsole and outsole have a layer of compressed EVA foam wrapped in graphene rubber for the midsole that adds to your feet’s comfort. The mesh upper is breathable, tough, and protective and drains water very quickly with Kevlar overlays for added protection. The lace holes have been punched into the fabric instead of the traditional eyelet. Mudclaw G260 has gaiter attachments on the sides if you don’t want rocks and other debris getting into your shoes. These shoes will provide you with the perfect glove fit especially through the narrow heel which is perfect if you have wide feet.  


  • Drains the water quickly
  • The upper is highly breathable
  • Excellent grip on hilly and loose trails
  • Very comfortable and light


  • Runs a bit small


Both Inov8 X talon and Mudclaw are excellent trail running shoes that will provide you with great grip and traction on most of the trails and keep your feet comfortable and protected throughout your trail run.

So, which one is better Inov8 X talon or Mudclaw?

Mudclaw G260 is the better trail run shoe because it’s designed with a water-resistant upper reinforced with Kevlar overlays that extend from the laces down to the arch and a graphene-enhanced rubber outsole with 8mm deep sticky lugs that have an awesome grip on uneven trails and loose gravel.  


Does inov-8 run small?

The sizing of inov-8 shoes can differ as they run ½ to 1 size small. So if you’re planning to buy inov-8 shoes, get a size bigger than your normal shoe size. 

Are inov-8 shoes wide?

Since your feet will expand if you’re in the shoes all day, x-talon 260 is designed with a standard wider fit which is ideal for runners with wide feet.

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