My Experiences With CrossFit

I started CrossFit a while back, and I can honestly say that I have been pleased with it since the day that I started it. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into at first. However, after a couple of weeks of getting the hang of it, I found that it was both an enjoyable and great workout for me.

One main thing that I enjoy about the program is the amount of diversity it offers. Unlike going to your everyday gym, CrossFit features many different styles of getting into fit, with even more sub-styles underneath. I never felt bored during CrossFit activities; I was simply happy that I was getting back into shape in a realistic, easily noticeable, and effective way.


So Why CrossFit

I’ve read on the internet that there is a lot of question behind whether this program is beneficial or not. Some athletic scientists have come out and said that it is basically “Working out to the point of death.” This is somewhat relatable to those in extremely bad shape. However, for those who are already in somewhat decent condition, the possibility of death is not there, if non-existent.

CrossFit has given those who wish to take their routine workout another level a great start. The program is designed with the more athletic in mind; those who wish to become something greater. I have, amazingly enough, found CrossFit to be a still suitable program for others as well. I have already recommended it to others.

Is CrossFit For You?

For people that are not in shape, this program is not for you. The activities, for the most part, are extremely work-intensive. If you are not prepared to sprint a mile after bench pressing, then you should consider waiting before joining the program. Although I am in decent shape, I found the first couple of weeks extremely difficult.

For the most part, the people I have met there go against the typical stereotypes. For most bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts, you would expect someone acting god-like and omniscient. At CrossFit, I was able to talk with your everyday business workers to stay at home moms.


I believe that CrossFit is an extremely efficient program. Besides the public skepticism on the program, I know that there is a positive and meaningful platform for using CrossFit. It beats the mentality of going to the gym every day and doing the same thing over and over again. When you can really engage with your workout and own the day, every day, it becomes something to look forward to.

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