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It beats me how many people don’t put into serious consideration the type of shoes that they wear to the gym. Studies have shown that there are ailments associated with wearing the wrong type of shoe, let alone training shoes. Nike Men’s Metcon 1 is a type of CrossFit training shoes, “CrossFit” is a strength and conditioning program for gym-goers.

The workouts are a blend of bodyweight exercises, aerobic exercises and Olympic weight lifting that emphasizes the strengthening of all parts of the body while also raising the heart rate and burning fat and calories.

Why should you wear the correct Cross Fit training shoes?

CrossFit training involves a lot of complex moves with which you will require proper balance, therefore, by adopting the correct type of shoes; a gym-goer will perfectly maintain their body form and reduce the risk of sustaining injuries during intense work out sessions.

The Nike Men Metcon 1 has been constructed to offer the required support to the body and to the areas that are most susceptible to injuries such as the knees and ankles.

The many CrossFit exercises involve a lot of intense pressure exerted on the shoe that you are training with, so if you are wearing your average sneakers that lack the necessary features to withstand the pressure then they will most definitely give in and you have to make an appointment with a podiatrist.

What to expect from the Nike Men’s Metcon 1

Gym goers can look forward to a successful CrossFit training with the Nike Men’s Metcon 1 because they have been made to counter the demands of high-intensity training. With the footwear, you can lift, climb ropes and even run with minimal impact on the sensitive parts of your feet and legs.

Gym goers should note that matching the right type of shoe with a correct activity will enable them to utilize their energy potential better, which translates to an effective work out session complete with body and health benefits. Support from the appropriate shoes will also let you engage in longer workout sessions and with high performance.

What are the Key features

The shoe comes with a Flywire lacing, which is necessary for locking your midfoot to the ground. The Metcons heel is also a bit wider, so when you are lifting weights your foot gets to rest on a stable platform. The shoes are lightweight when on the feet can thus stand the high powered workouts.

The sides have been made with extra durable material, and it also features some flex grooves. The latter enables forefoot flexion at the Metatarsophalangeal joints; this is to help prevent cases of foot pain caused by the bending of the shoe. You will, therefore, be able to perform your box jumps, running exercises and burpees with ease.

The shoes also feature a minimal toe drop to help with stability, and an abrasion-resistant mesh has been incorporated in its construction that allows for the circulation of fresh air in your feet, keeping them cool and dry. The mesh is also made of durable material when compared to other shoes that disintegrate because of the pressure exerted by the intense routine.

The midsole of a sneaker serves a variety of purposes, and one is to prevent your foot from feeling the hard objects on the ground. In a playing field, they help with the rebound as they absorb shock. Cushioning, on the other hand, serves to offer stability and comfort to the foot, what’s more, is that a good midsole follows your foot line for maximum support.

The Nike Men’s Metcon 1 is thus equipped with a dual-density midsole, and this provides enhanced cushioning to the feet. All in all, the type of training shoe that you choose for your CrossFit workouts, should be able to support varied movements, such as changing direction quickly, breaking, cutting or stopping.

Features to look out for are the flatness of the shoe that is the “heel drop,” which is the heel height and the toe height distance. The Grooves and outsole should enhance traction, especially for the multi-directional movements. And while doing your squats, your shoe should be able to support your body when you stand up and go lower.

The upper part of the training shoes are usually made of strong durable material that flexes with the foot and the midsole has to be flexible enough to flex when engaging the multi-directional moves. When you need to push and pivot, a lower heel drop will be handy, and the fit should be snug and light in weight, in which case the Nike Men’s Metcon only weighs 340grams.

So, how soon should you replace your Nike Men’s Metcon, a worn-out sneaker will not offer you the necessary protection as you work out, therefore, it is recommended that you acquire some new training pairs at least after six months. For those who are involved in intense training exercises, might have to replace their shoes frequently.

Also, there are some pointers that you can look out for, to know when it is time to replace your training shoes such as physical pain, you might notice that you are developing blisters, breaking in is taking longer than expected or if the heel counter is not firm enough to support your feet.

The most significant pointer is the outsole and you might notice that you have worn past the outermost tread, extending into the midsole. If the outermost sole is worn out then you lack good traction and could easily slip during training and hurt yourself.


  • The upper part features a Flywire lacing
  • Has Flex Grooves that help with forefoot flexion
  • Has an abrasion-resistant mesh for air conditioning
  • Features a dual-density midsole for enhanced cushioning


  • The fitting is wide
  • Not very flexible

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Final thought

Working out involves a combination of various exercises while using different gym equipment and the varied types of workouts are associated with different injuries. Investing in the right type of training shoe will, therefore, reduce the impact on the steps and at the same time cushion your feet when you jump or lift heavyweights. What’s more, is that performance will be greatly enhanced.

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