Reviewing the Best Hiking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

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An injury in the Achilles tendon will prevent you from jumping, running, and even walking, the “Achilles tendon” is the fibrous band of tissue, located between your calf and heel and are the reason why you are able to perform the various activities using your legs. The fibrous tissue is strong and given its positioning, it is exposed to a lot of stress and pressure. 

Once you injure the Achilles tendon, it is advisable that you tone down from the high impact activities to doing things like cycling, swimming, and walking. Hiking can be categorized under walking but we must also realize that this sport tends to exert a lot of stress and pressure on the Achilles tendon. In light of the above, you can always find suitable footwear that will offer the necessary support and relieve pressure even as you go on hikes. 

The excerpt below will, therefore, consolidate and review some of the best male and female hiking shoes for individuals suffering from Achilles Tendonitis. 

Comparison Table- Best Hiking Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis 

GenderBest Hiking Shoes Outer sole Check Price Here 
Women’sSalomon Women’s Alphacross GTX W Trail Running ShoeRubber contragrip outsoleCheck Price Here 
Women’sKEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking BootAll-terrain improved grip rubber outer soleCheck Price here 
Women’sOboz Women’s Bridger 7″ Insulated B-Dry Waterproof Hiking BootGranite peak mid and outer rubber soleCheck Price Here 
Women’sMerrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking ShoeVibram high-performance rubber soleCheck Price Here 
Men’sRange AC+ Trail RunnersM- select grip outsole with deep lugsCheck Price Here 
Men’sSaucony Men’s Omni Walker 3 Walking ShoeRubber outsole Check Price Here 
Men’sSkechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Compete Lace-Up Walking ShoeRubber outsole Check Price Here 
Men’sSkechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort SneakerBrooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking ShoesRubber sole Check Price Here 
Men’sBrooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking ShoesMade with synthetic outsole Check Price Here 
Men’sOrthofeet, Foot Pain ReliefRubber outsole Check Price Here 

Best Women’s Hiking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis 

Salomon Women’s Alphacross GTX W

Best Outdoor Training And Running Shoes 

Apart from being attractive, the Salomon Women’s Alphacross, GTX W features a great traction feature on the outsole; the aggressive lug pattern will keep you steady on the steep slopes and on rocky ground thus the perfect shoes for hiking. On the inside you have been provided with the ortholite die-cut sock liner that will provide cushioning thus keep your feet stable and relaxed relieving pressure on the Achilles tendon; they are also breathable in that they allow the circulation of air thus keeps the feet cool. 

The construction of the shoe features, the Ristop fabric, which is made of nylon and has included reinforcements that enable the shoe to resist ripping, tearing, and abrasion when being used in intense activities such as hiking. The shoe is additionally water repellent, and you can, therefore, be sure of remaining comfortable even when exposed to light rain. 

On the Achilles area, the shoe is slightly cushioned with a tongue-like extension to keep your feet stable and provide just enough pressure to help relieve pain from the Achilles tendon. 


  • The hiking shoes are instantly comfortable 
  • Made with a rubber outer sole 
  • Equipped with a high-performance Eva Foam which provides shock attenuation 
  • The lug pattern enables grip on both rocky and slippery ground thus relieves pressure and stress on the Achilles’ tendons


  • The toe box is not as wide 
  • Not true to size 

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KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot 

Timeless All-terrain Hiking Boots 

The Keen Women’s Targhee hiking boots feature rugged construction, the collar is also extended and you can, therefore, expect to get maximum support. The cushioning will put enough pressure on your Achilles thus relieve it of pain and keep you comfortable as you go up the hill. 

The incorporated rubber outsole is perfect for engaging both the steep, flat, and slippery terrain. On the inside, support and stability have been enhanced and you will, therefore, find a removable metatomical dual-density EVA footbed, that will offer the much-needed arch support. The above keeps the foot stable consequently relieving pressure that would have otherwise been exerted on the Arch. 

The robust lace-up system allows the wearer to achieve a personalized fit, what’s more, is that the dual-density, compression-molded Eva midsole will keep you comfortable when engaging the trail. From the outer part, the shoes don’t seem breathable, so given that they are to be used for the intensity tasks, its construction has incorporated the Echo Anti Odor technology, which naturally breaks down odor thus keeps your feet fresh. 


  • The shoes are waterproof and can, therefore, be used in moist environments, and can also be worn in during the light showers 
  • Can be used on all terrains 
  • Incorporated footbed helps support the arch ensuring overall foot stability 
  • Rugged construction can, therefore, be used over a long period of time 


  • Highly-priced 

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Oboz Women’s Bridger 7″ Insulated B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

Protective Women’s Trail Leather Shoes 

Rubber sole as we all know is flexible and when used on hiking shoes then it means that the shoe will flex with your foot thus relieve pressure and stress on the pain points. The Oboz Women’s Bridgers 7,” features a granite peak midsole, which delivers precise, torsional stability, are additionally firm and light in weight thus allows for streamlined outsoles. 

Other features that the wearers are going to benefit from are such as the incorporated Nylon shank which provides enhanced support in between the heel and the forefoot, there is also the single density Eva midsole that offers a supportive balanced cushioning. The TPU chassis also offers enhanced protection and torsional stability on the underfoot.  

The shoes have also been equipped with the thermal wool all around the collar area, thus offers enhanced support and comfort more especially for the problem feet, while providing insulation at the bottom of your feet. 


  • Can best be used for snowshoeing and hiking 
  • Over the ankle height allows the shoe to offer the much-needed support 
  • Waterproof construction protects the foot when worn under light rain and showers
  • Equipped with the best workmanship 


  • Warm but not comfortable 
  • Not true size 

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Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Women’s Hiking Shoe With Targeted Heel Cushioning 

Not only are the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 hiking shoes fairly priced but have been equipped with an Air cushion that comes complete with targeted cushioning at the heel, a feature that makes the shoes perfect for use by individuals who suffer from Achilles tendonitis. The incorporated rubber sole will flex with the feet during movement and at the same time offer, unmatched comfort while providing the relevant traction on both the smooth and rough terrain. 

The upper part is made of durable, flexible, and breathable leather material not to forget the mesh feature which encourages the circulation of fresh air in and out of the shoe thus leaves the feet cool and dry. 


  • The lace-up feature provides a personalized fit 
  • 5mm lug depth enables stability on different terrains 
  • Cushioned collar enhances comfort in the Achilles area 
  • The rubber sole flexes with the feet thus reduces stress and pressure on the Achilles tendons


  • The grip provided by the shoe is not very effective 
  • The cushioning is not as effective 

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Best Men’s hiking shoes for Achilles Tendonitis 

Merrell Men’s Range AC+ Sneaker

A Versatile Range Designed Men’s Shoes 

Retailing below $40, the Merell men’s range AC+ sneakers feature a breathable synthetic textile material that minimizes pressure exerted by the foot in the Achilles during the heel to toe transition. At the back of the shoe it hasn’t been cushioned, however, the textile fabric incorporated is totally stretchable meaning it will not make the injury worse,  rather provide just enough pressure for enhanced stability. 

Besides the stretchable fabric has taken to the design of the braces, and is flexible, thus requires minimal effort when walking or climbing thus less stress on the Achilles tendons all the way to the calf area. Cushioning is from the heel to the toe thus enhances support and stability. The M-select grip rubber outsole has grip when used on both the smooth and rough terrains, and offers a personalized sock-like fit. 


  • Made with breathable and flexible upper 
  • Easy to put on and remove on the go
  • Lace-up enables a personalized fit 
  • The deep lugs on the outsole enhance stability when used on rough terrain


  • The toe box is a bit constricting 
  • The construction is not durable

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Saucony Men’s Omni Walker 3 Walking Shoe

Best Hiking Shoes With A Non-slip Outsole

Saucony Men’s Omni walker comes incorporated with a wide toe box, meaning that the heel to toe transition when walking will be more natural. The collar is densely cushioned thus provides support and relieves pain on the Achilles when tackling steep terrain. The outer non-skid rubber sole offers stability and is flexible thus flexes with your feet during movement a stance that alleviates pressure and stress on the Achilles tendons. 

The upper full-grain leather material encourages the flow of air in and out of the shoe, and your feet will, therefore, remain cool and dry. Comfort has also been enhanced inside the shoe, so apart from providing the relevant arch support, the cushioning ensures that the feet are stable thus less pressure on the entire length of the leg from the heel to the calf area. 


  • The heel is a bit enhanced for support and the is light and springy thus less pressure on the Achilles Tendons 
  • Made with durable upper leather material 
  • Equipped with a slip-resistant outsole 
  • Breathable upper keeps the feet cool and dry 


  • Not true to size 

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Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Compete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

Lightweight Men’s Hiking Shoes 

The Skechers performance hiking shoes have been constructed with comfort in mind, the shoes are light in weight thus wearers can easily go up or down a hill or a cliff without exerting pressure or stress on the Achilles. What’s more is that the low heel-toe drop and the extra padding on the collar, allow for natural movement thus reduces wear and tear on the Achilles Tendons. On the inside, you will find a soft fabric lining that is comfortable on the skin. 

Wearers also get a two-piece midsole that comes complete with resalyte foam which offers the much-needed stability while the lace allows the wearers to achieve a personalized fit that is neither too loose nor too tight. 


  • Lightweight allows a natural heel to toe transition 
  • Low collar rarely irritates the Achilles tendon 
  • A wide toe box minimizes the pressure and stress  exerted on Achilles 
  • The lace-up feature allows the wearer to achieve a customized fit 


  • The fitting is large 
  • Sole made of two kinds of rubber foams

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Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker

Comfortable High Heeled Men’s Hiking Shoes 

The sketchers sports men’s shape ups don’t come cheap and the reasons are valid, for one the shoes when worn are sort of springy thanks to the wedge soft foam midsole that relieves the foot and the entire length of the leg of pressure and stress, while also offering the best shock absorption. 

Minimal padding at the collar and the soft non-irritable material relieves tendon’s pain thus keeps the foot comfortable during hiking. The toe box is wide enough and the perforations at the top part keep the feet cool and dry. The footbed is made of memory foam, thus supports and keeps the foot stable. The sculpted rubber rocker outsole will provide the wearer with the much-needed traction keeping them stable on different grounds. 


  • Equipped with some comfortable enhanced soles 
  • The mesh feature around the shoe keeps the feet cool 
  • Great for people who suffer from foot pain 
  • Good for both walking and hiking 


  • Not quite durable 
  • Takes some time to break-in

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Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Best Leather Hiking Shoes For Use In All Weather Conditions 

Equipped with the extended progressive diagonal bar, the Brooks men’s addiction walker will provide support to your arch, thus guide and keep your body on its natural path of motion, the above then equals to less tension and pressure on your Achilles. The upper secure fit and the slip-resistant outsole will protect your leg from straining when making movements which could lead to pain and tear of the Achilles tendons. 

The equipped soft cushioning has been designed to adapt to the wearer’s foot, thus every step they take, their weight and speed is well absorbed by the shoe which in overall makes the shoe comfortable to wear for extended periods. 


  • Equipped with a slip-resistant outsole 
  • Offers the best fit and are comfortable 
  • Enables pain-free walking 
  • Perfect shoes for the long haul 


  • Squeaks when walking 
  • The sole is a bit slippery, while the toe area is cramped

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Orthofeet Proven Foot Pain Relief

Biofit Hiking Shoes For Men

Your outdoors don’t have to be stressful any more thanks to the Orthorfeet proven shoe, that comes equipped with a padded collar, and a soft interior protection material that eliminates the pressure points, and protects the skin from irritation. The anatomical orthotic insoles helps to ease stress on the foot’s joints, the lower back, and hips thus keep you comfortable when walking. 

The ortho feet foot pain relief shoe offers walking on a cloud experience, the above is because of the innovative ortho cushion system, that incorporates the premium orthotic insole and the ergonomic cushioning which softens every impact thus makes every step soothing. 

The ortho cushion system, allows easy transition from the heel to the toes, adding spring to every step, so as the foot is easily propelled forward less tension and stress is exerted on your Achilles’ tendons thus helps relieves pain. The incorporated premium orthotic insoles have unmatched cushioning for comfortable arch support, and heel pain relief, which consequently offers support and alignment to the foot thus keeps the leg in its natural position relieving pain while protecting the Achilles Tendons.


  • Offers improved support and alignment 
  • The padded collar relieves pressure and stress from the foot 
  • The non-binding construction keeps the foot comfortable 
  • The lightweight soles help propel the foot forward thus less tension on the Achilles’ tendons


  • Not very spacious on the inside 
  • Not comfortable for walking on concrete 

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Achilles tendonitis might restrict you from going on hikes because the condition is likely to get worse, but with the right shoes, the outdoors will definitely become friendlier. The shoes reviewed above have been constructed to go easy on your Achilles Tendons and you will, therefore, find the best for ladies and gents, pick your best shoe, and experience nature.

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