Reviewing the Best Shoes for Nurses with Bunions

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Nurses are the lifeblood of our society,  under-appreciated, overworked key workers. Whenever we are in need it’s nurses who come to our rescue. Today, we want to come to your rescue. A life lived on your feet, helping others can take its toll on your body. Today we will be reviewing the best shoes for nurses, to help you, help everyone. 

If you have never had Bunions then lucky you, however for everyone else knows how debilitating they can be. Bunions are caused by wearing tight and narrow shoes, they can also develop because of deformities, medical conditions such as arthritis, and at times they develop because of the shape of a person’s foot. The condition is characteristic of painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe, and given that this condition seems to be naturally occurring, you might be tempted to think that it will go away on its own. 

The truth is that bunions don’t go away instead they become worse with age, so when it comes to the treatment of bunions there are three options most of which are surgical. And the first one would be the removal of the bunion from the joint, but the doctors don’t perform an alignment during this process also known as exostectomy. 

We then have osteotomy, a procedure where the surgeon will remove the big toe then proceed to realign it to the normal position. Lastly, we have arthrodesis, a procedure where the surgeon will replace the damaged joint with metal plates or screws in a bid to correct the deformity. 

Comparison Table for The Best Nursing Shoes For Bunions 

GenderProduct Name Upper material View Price on Amazon
MaleECCO Men’s Fusion Moc OxfordSoft, light, and breathable materialCheck Price Here 
MalePropet Men’s Vista Strap Shoe100% leather material Check Price Here 
MaleOrthofeet Proven Relief of Foot and Heel PainLeather upper Check Price Here 
MaleSas time out Men’s Tripad ComfortLeather upper Check Price Here 
MaleDr. Comfort Wing Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Leather upper Check Price Here 
FemaleAetrex Women’s Cheryl Jane sandalLeather UpperCheck Price Here
FemaleDr. Comfort Annie Women’s Casual ShoeStretchable Lycra material Check Price Here 
FemalePropet Women’s Mary Jane Walker100% leather upper Check Price Here 
FemaleMt. Emey 9205 – Women’s Orthopedic Mary JaneSynthetic Check Price Here 
FemaleApis Mt. Emey 608 Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Bunion ShoeLycraCheck Price Here 

Best Male Nurses Shoes for Bunions 

Best male nurses all day and travel shoe for bunions

ECCO Men’s Fusion Moc Oxford 

Are you having trouble finding comfortable shoes to wear over your bunion, well we have a solution for you, the Ecco casual men’s shoes. Sporting a soft lightweight breathable leather material, the Ecco shoe has been specially designed for the male nurses, and comes incorporated with a wide toe box, thus gives enough room for you to flex your toes after walking or standing for extended periods. The wide toe box is perfect for wide foot individuals and on the underside, you have been provided with the durable polyurethane soles. 

The latter is flexible and will encourage movement and easy transition from the foot to the toes; the sole is extremely durable and in the long run, you will realize that it retains its shape thus offers the same support and stability. All the parts of the shoe are a result of careful consideration, to which end the insole has incorporated a moisture absorbent foam, treated with AGION, a feature that enables effective control of bacteria and odor. 

The shoe is additionally a product of the dip injection process, where the upper part is placed into the mold and then liquid polyurethane would be injected to take on the shape of the upper part. The above robot precision is what makes the shoe a perfect fit with minimal or no effect on the bunion with the wearer in motion. 


  • Spacious toebox for problem feet (bunions)
  • Flexible sole minimizes strain during movement 
  • Breathable upper leather material keeps the feet cool 
  • The shoe is shock absorbent 


  • Problem with shoe sizing 
  • Shoe stability problem 

View Price on Amazon

Best long-lasting male nurses shoe for bunions

Propet Men’s Vista Strap Shoe

Sporting a synthetic sole the Propet men’s vista strap shoes will provide you with the relevant traction when walking on the slippery hospital floors. The upper part is made of durable, breathable leather material and the two straps allow the wearer to personalize the fit thus would not interfere with the bunions. 

And if the incorporated footbed does not offer the necessary comfort then you are at liberty to remove it and insert your custom orthotics. The sole in the heel area is a bit raised to ensure that your feet remain stable and balanced, either when walking or standing. 


  • Wearers can incorporate the custom orthotics 
  • Incorporated a firm heel counter 
  • The upper part features breathable perforations complete with durable leather material 
  • Adjustable straps offer the perfect fit, not too tight or loose


  • The heel is somehow loose 
  • The shoes take a lot of time to break-in 

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Most comfortable male nurses shoe with arch support

Orthofeet Avery Island 

Orthofeet Avery island shoes have been specially designed to alleviate pressure on the existing bunions, your feet will, therefore, be treated to a wide toe box, complete with soft and stretchable uppers. The incorporated insoles are orthotics that come complete with an anatomical arch support feature, which helps reduce overpronation while straightening the foot and toes. 

The wide toe box effectively accommodates wide feet individuals, and will consequently offer a customized fit to individuals with bunions on their feet. Apart from offering the perfect fit, the shoes feature an extra foam padding, an anatomical insole, for enhanced comfort and stability, and two spacers that help enhance cushioning. 


  • The best shoes for diabetic feet
  • Helps relieve plantar fasciitis 
  • The best shoes for bunion feet 
  • Durable upper leather material 


  • The construction is poor 
  • Not convenient for the long term 

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Most spacious male nurses shoe 

Sas Time Out

Sas Time out is cool shoes for both official and casual wear, sporting a breathable leather upper, the shoes are flexible given that the leather material stretches and relaxes with every stride. The lace-up feature makes the shoe stable and allows for a personalized fit; the shoe is characteristic wide and deep perfect for individuals experiencing bunion problems. 

The perforations on the top part of the shoe allow air to move in and out thus keeps the feet cool and dry. On the inside, you will find a removable cushioned insole that comes incorporated with an antimicrobial treatment, which helps to keep the feet cool and dry and can be switched for the custom orthotics. On the underside, wearers have been furnished with a lightweight, flexible synthetic sole, designed to relieve pressure on the joints thus eliminate fatigue if the wearer has to walk or stand the whole day. 


  • Equipped with a breathable insole and a perforated breathable leather upper 
  • The lace-up offers a custom fit 
  • Equipped with flexible and durable leather sole 
  • The shoes are light in weight thus easy to walk on 


  • Takes some time before breaking in 
  • Not true to size 

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Smart comfortable male nurses shoe 

Dr. Comfort Wing Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress 

Dr. Comfort Wing Men’s shoe runs a bit narrow at the front part, for the aesthetics but is also wide enough on the toebox and you can, therefore, wear them to work without adding more pressure on your bunion. The timeless footwear is perfect for the male nurse who is taking care of a bunion but has to look sharp and professional at the same time.  

The upper leather material is not only breathable thanks to the incorporated perforations but tough enough to protect the problem feet from external forces and you, therefore, don’t have to move around while being too careful. The outer rubber sole is flexible and will conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot when walking. 

Durable construction prevents wear and tear and makes the shoe the best choice for individuals who have to move around a lot. The insoles are customizable and you can therefore replace them with the doctor recommended custom orthotics. 


  • The nursing shoes feature a durable construction 
  • Equipped with a roomy but protective toebox 
  • Good shoes for wide feet individuals 
  • Incorporated rubber sole enhances traction 


  • The insider liner is not durable 
  • The sizing is poor

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Best Female Nurses Shoes for Bunions 

Stylish and comfortable women’s nurse’s shoes 

Aetrex Women’s Cheryl Jane sandal

While caring for bunions fashion would definitely be the last thing on your mind, but in the Aetrex women’s Cheryl sandal, you will remain fashionable and still take care of your problem feet. The easy-to-wear sandals are equipped with orthotic footbed support that will ensure your feet remain balanced and aligned thus offers enhanced support.  

Even more important is that the loop strap enables the wearers to achieve a comfortable fit; the shoe has additionally incorporated a memory foam cushioning which apart from helping with cushioning, it provides the much-needed support if you are to walk or stand for extended hours. 


  • The Anti-microbial technology helps keep the feet healthy and clean 
  • The incorporated memory foam cushioning offers support 
  • Can be worn on the go 
  • Made with the comfortable memory foam cushioning 


  • Does not offer a snug fit 
  • The feet do not fit in well when worn with socks 

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Casual and comfortable shoes for female nurses

Dr. Comfort Annie Women’s Casual Shoe

Dr. Comfort women’s casual shoes offer a personalized fit thanks to the incorporated hook and loop closure that allows the wearer to achieve a comfortable fit. From the outside the shoes do feature quite some aesthetics, sporting a perfect combination of matte black complete with the incorporated shiny black leather material. 

The matte black lycra material has not been used to offer only beauty but is stretchable thus enables easy transition from the heel to the toes, thus gives room to move freely relieving pressure on the bunion. For individuals who need extra arch support from the insoles and are, therefore, finding the incorporated insole inadequate, they have the option of removing it and using the custom made orthotic insoles. 

The toe box on the other hand is not only deep but wide, and you can, therefore, be sure of minimal to zero toe-stubbing, complete with reduced pressure on the forefoot. 


  • Stylish nursing shoes that can complement different outfits 
  • The padded collar helps support the Achilles 
  • Perfect shoes for individuals who require ankle support
  • The shoe is equipped with supportive insoles


  • The bigger sizes tend to have a manly outlook 

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Best round-toed shoes for nurses

Propet Women’s Mary Jane 

 Propet women’s Mary Jane nursing shoes are the perfect bunion shoes given the incorporated wide and deep toe box. The shoes feature the nubuck uppers, which apart from being breathable will mold and flex with the shape of your feet when in motion. The above is especially important for bunion feet individuals because the muscles in their feet are provided with enough space and can, therefore, work without getting strained. 

Even better is that the adjustable loop strap allows for a personalized fit, what’s more, is that the rubber sole offers high traction and allows the foot to naturally transition from the heel to the toes. The incorporated footbed can be removed to pave way for the customized orthotics, and the padded collar offers the relevant comfort to the Achilles while also encouraging stability. 

Nurses stand and walk for long hours, thus need shoes that have been equipped with a stable outer sole, and a comfortable insole which in combination will minimize fatigue in the lower back, knees, and waist. Propet women’s Mary Jane shoes have incorporated an internal heel counter, which offers stability if the wearer has to stand or walk for extended hours. 


  • The insole can be removed or used with the orthotics 
  • Can be worn with both the casual and official outfit
  • The upper part flexes with the feet 
  • The adjustable loop closure allows for a personalized fit 


  • The sizes run small
  • The shoes are somehow stiff 

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Best all day walking shoes for nurses

Mt. Emey 9205 – Women’s Orthopedic Mary Jane 

Have you been looking for simple shoes that will complement your outfits both casual and official without standing out too much, then Mt Emey 9205 has you sorted. We could say that these shoes look more like the elementary shoes, but they double up as protective because they have been made with a wide and deep toe box and are flexible enough thus exert less pressure on the area of your feet that has been affected by the bunion. 

The Adjustable lock strap adds to the shoe comfort and wearers can, therefore, adjust it to fit comfortably without exerting unnecessary pressure on the bunion. The top collar area is well padded for stability and comfort and the heel sole has been enhanced for stability and will, therefore, not worsen any existing foot conditions. The incorporated insoles are removable thus allows wearers to fit in the custom orthotics. 


  • Incorporates responsive sole 
  • The shoes are light in weight thus easy to walk on the whole day 
  • The shoe can be used with the custom orthotics 
  • The shoes flex with the feet 


  • Not waterproof 
  • The Upper strap are not gentle on the skin when worn without socks 

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Best therapeutic women’s shoes for nurses

Apis Mt. Emey 608 Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Bunion Shoe 

Apis Mt. Emey are the perfect shoes for female nurses with bunions, on the side, the shoe has been equipped with a special feature, designed to accommodate both the mild and severe swelling of a bunion. The Lycra material used on the upper part is stretchable thus wearers will experience minimal constriction when in motion. 

A stretchable shoe flexes with the foot, a feature that tends to relieve pressure and pain on the problem feet. The shoe offers additional comfort around the collar thanks to the padding, thus the Achilles will be exposed to minimal strain, so when the wearer is in motion transitioning from the heel to the toe will not exert any more pressure to the bunions.

The shoe is a flexible fit thanks to the rubber sole which flexes with the foot and can, therefore, be worn the whole day while at the same time being gentle on the pressure and pain points. For enhanced comfort the insides are made of a seamless lining thus zero irritation will be experienced on the foot when the shoes are worn without stockings or socks. 


  • Rubber sole enhances traction when the shoes are worn on a slippery floor 
  • The shoes have been made with a flexible lycra upper part 
  • Can accommodate orthotic insoles 
  • Shoes made with a special feature to accommodate bunion feet 


  • The shoe takes time to break-in 
  • The lycra material is not waterproof

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Bunions are quite uncomfortable and it is only fair that you take all the necessary precautions to prevent them from developing. Some of the simple strategies that you can implement are wearing shoes that fit properly without pinching the feet. For the women, high pointed shoes will lead to the development of a bunion, and for the individuals who come from families that have a history of bunions, you might want to be keen on how your feet develop with time. 

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