Reviewing the Best Work Boots for Achilles Tendonitis

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Getting the proper work boots for feet with Achilles tendonitis can be quite difficult, and here is why; if you get work boots that are either too short or too narrow, they will crowd your feet and make them uncomfortable. Big work boots, on the other hand, tend to leave a lot of space in the shoe, and will, therefore; end up causing hot spots and blisters.  

So while shopping for Work boots for Achilles Tendonitis, you will be looking out for shoes that prevent the unfavorable movement of the foot, the ankle collar should not be too rigid or stiff; rather it should be cushioned consequently providing the relevant support and stability. 

Achilles Tendonitis pain tends to get better with rest, spanning 6 weeks to a few months, but with the current economy, resting for six weeks to a few months is not exactly an option for many, the reason why we are providing you with the best work boots for Achilles Tendonitis. The below-discussed shoes will, therefore, keep you comfortable and on the move. 

Comparison Table- Best Work Boots for Achilles Tendonitis 

GenderBest Work Boots OutsoleCheck Price Here 
MaleIrish Setter Men’s 83606 6″ Aluminum Toe Work Boot Rubber heat resistant outsole Check Price Here 
MaleTimberland PRO Men’s Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial BootRubber sole with a stable stride technology platformCheck Price Here 
MaleWOLVERINE Men’s TRAPPEUR-WPF 8″ DURA-MRubber outsole (Wolverine Dura Shocks Polyurethane OutsoleCheck Price Here 
MaleKEEN Utility Men’s San Antonio Industrial ShoeRubber outsole Check Price Here 
MaleCaterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work BootSlip-resistant rubber outsole Check Price Here 
FemaleArch support orthopedic women work support bootsCushioning Ergonomic stride soleCheck Price Here 
FemaleTivoli- Black orthofeet proven work boot with Arch support Multi-layer cushioning and premium support outsole Check Price Here 
FemaleDelta Brown Women’s Work Boots Lightweight Ergonomic design outsole Check Price Here 
FemaleFlorence Women’s Boot with Fur Cushioning, Ergonomic. arch supportCheck Price Here 
FemaleBreeze stretchable black women work bootsErgonomic outsoleCheck Price Here

Best Men’s boots for Achilles Tendonitis 

Irish Setter Men’s 83606 6″ Aluminum Toe Work Boot 

Best Overall Pick 

The timeless Irish Setter Men’s work boots are made of a flexible and durable leather upper, complete with a comfortable lace-up feature that enables for a personalized fit. The shoes are all-round protective, with a safety and spacious toe box; men in the construction industry have so much to benefit from this footwear apart from the protection and stability offered by the cushioned collar. 

The outsole is made of flexible rubber thus enable a natural transition from the heels to the toe, which consequently relieves pressure on the Achilles Tendons. The soles are additionally electrical hazard protective, are heat resistant, and can, therefore, be used on the high heat surfaces. For your Achilles’ tendons, the Irish Setters are also stable and flexible thus will not aggravate the pain. 


  • Easy to put on as the boot opening measure about 14” all round 
  • The 6” lace-up enables and support as it prevents too much movement of the foot 
  • Equipped with a flexible rubber outsole, with grip 
  • The work boots outsole is resistant to melting 


  • The sole is not very durable 
  • The upper leather material wears out faster 

Check Price Here

Timberland PRO Men’s Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial Boot 

Best Men’s Waterproof And Cushioned Outsole Work Boots For Wide Feet

The Timberland Pro men’s soft toe work boots have been equipped with a 7” shaft perfect for individuals suffering from Achilles Tendonitis, the collar is perfectly padded thus will keep your foot stable while at the same time provide enough pressure to prevent the development of pain in the Achilles tendon area. The long padded tongue and the lace-up feature helps to hold the foot in position, offering support and stability to keep the Achilles tendonitis from aching. 

What’s more, is that the Lace-up enables a personalized fit, the rubber arched outsole flexes with the foot, and keeps it stable on the ground, during movement. A wide spacious toebox makes the shoe attractive to the wide feet individuals and ensures that the feet are comfortable thus less pressure on the Achilles. 


  • Durable, and waterproof leather upper 
  • Low shaft makes it easy to put on 
  • High lace-up allows a personalized fit and offers stability 
  • Stable shoes for busy work environments 


  • The boot runs narrow 
  • The boot wears out quickly

Check Price Here


Warm Energy-generating Work Boots

The wolverine’s men work boot is versatile, so apart from using them at work, they can also double up as hunting boots, thus individuals treating their Achilles tendonitis have no reason for not engaging the outdoors. Of the work boots that we have reviewed, these ones are quite unique in that they come equipped with a removable footbed. 

However, if you find that the double density footbed offers the much needed cushioning then there is no need to swap. The leather upper is waterproof, breathable, and flexible thus allows the shoes to flex with the foot, consequently relieving the foot of pressure. And given the high height of the shaft it is very obvious that the shoes are warm, thus keeps the foot snugly comfortable. 

And apart from the densely cushioned footbed, the shoes have also been fitted with a supportive nylon shank that provides the overall structure of the shoe and consequently diminishing the load on the arches, knees, and calves.  The above then ensures that you remain balanced while the shape of the boot will be maintained over time. 


  • The boots are durable 
  • Offers value for money 
  • The fit is perfect (true to size ) 
  • The work boots keep the feet warm 


  • Runs narrow across the instep 
  • Wears out quickly from everyday use 

Check Price Here

KEEN Utility Men’s San Antonio Industrial Shoe 

Running Shoe Inspired Comfortable Men’s Work Boots 

The Keen Utility Men’s work boots are not exactly the safety boots that you are used to seeing but are highly effective nonetheless. For one, the toe box has been reinforced with aluminum, which offers lightweight protection at the worksite. And though fancy the shoes are highly resistant to electrical hazards and will, therefore; keep you safe when you come into contact with the live electrical circuits. 

The outer rubber sole does not only help relieve pressure from your Achilles tendonitis but is oil and slip-resistant and if you wish to keep them on for extended hours, you can worry less of bad odor thanks to the incorporated Cleansport NXT that offers natural odor protection. 

The shaft is not as high thus makes putting the boots on a breeze, high lace-up offers the much-needed support, and the perforated upper allows for the circulation of air in and out of the shoe thus keeps your feet cool and dry. The outsole is multi-directional lugged and therefore, offers the best traction, the inside has been appropriately cushioned for stability and support thus helps relieve pressure on the foot. 


  • The cushioned collar and tongue offers support thus relieves pressure on the Achilles
  • The lace-up allows for a personalized fit 
  • The work boots are Light in weight, which makes it easy to move around 
  • Hold up well when worn for extended hours on concrete 


  • Are a bit wide fitting 
  • Keeping the white clean is hard 

Check Price Here

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot 

Thinly Insulated Work Boots With Customizable Inserts

Cold and heat therapies are used to help alleviate the painful Achilles Tendonitis, using the above incorrectly, might not cause serious damages but then pain and swelling in the Achilles might increase. The above is, therefore, the reason why the Caterpillar men’s diagnostic waterproof work boots, have been insulated with 200grams, of Thinsulate patented thermal technology that insulates, against cold, thus keeps the feet warm and comfortable. 

The outsole has been equipped with a T901 outsole which will keep you stable when working in slippery environments such as in areas with water and oil. The shoes can also counter the low traction surfaces thus keep your foot stable while preventing aggravated pressure on the Achilles Tendonitis. On the inside, the work boots have been furnished with Nylon mesh lining, which enhances comfort and breathability. 

The inserts are removable and perforated, have been equipped with the famous gel technology that offers maximum shock absorption, and are comfortable. 


  • The leather upper is waterproof 
  • Equipped with the slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Relieves pain on the Achilles 
  • Convenient for the long term 


  • The water-resistant leather upper does not always keep the foot dry 
  • The insoles are uncomfortable 

Check Price Here

Best women’s works boots for Achilles Tendonitis 

Arch support orthopedic women work support boots 

Innovative Pain Relief Work Boots

Now that more women are moving into the construction industry we hope to see more work boots released into the market for the various foot conditions. Until then the Arch support Orthopedic women work boots, features the non-binding uppers, available in different sizes thus offer the perfect fit. The shoes have incorporated a unique therapeutic design that allows it to alleviate pressure and stress on the joints, consequently enhancing stability, which then makes walking easy. 

The collar is not densely cushioned but neither is it rigid, a feature that makes it comfortable for the Achilles; what’s more, is that the lace-up feature, allows for a comfortable personalized fit. 


  • Can be used for many other foot conditions apart from Achilles Tendonitis 
  • Offers anatomical arch support thus keeps the foot stable 
  • Equipped with a cushioning heel seat that relieves pain and pressure on the joints 
  • Good shoes for individuals standing for long hours 


  • Not the best units for Post-operation 
  • The shoes run a bit wide 

Check Price Here

Tivoli- Black orthofeet proven work boot with Arch support  

Best Value For Money 

The Tivoli black work boots with arch support are neither too loose nor too tight for your feet, the interior lining of the shoes are seam-free thus necessary for eliminating pressure and pain on the joints, while being gentle on the skin, thus offers superior comfort and protection. Wearers also get the anatomical insoles that help control overpronation, and at the same time ease stress on the various joints of the foot including the lower back, hips, and knees. 

The women’s work boots also feature, the lightweight ergonomic outsole, with superior cushioning necessary for propelling the foot forward with minimal joints motion, while adding spring to every step taken; the above feature helps alleviate pressure on the Achilles. 


  • Helps the feet to remain in their neutral position 
  • The ortho cushion system enables easy gait which in turn relieves pressure on the joints 
  • Fit true to size 
  • Are comfortable when worn


  • Doesn’t offer much ankle support 
  • The sole is not exactly solid

Check Price Here

Delta Brown Women’s Work Boots 

Comfortable, Supported, And Pain-free Women’s Work Boots  

The one feature that makes this shoe to stand out are the spacers, the above allows wearers to achieve a personalized fit in that they can remove the spacers, that come incorporated with the shoe measuring 1/16” and 1/18” thick. And just like the previous women’s work boot, the Delta brown has incorporated the innovative ortho cushion system that comes complete with a premium orthotic insole. 

The above features when combined with the ergonomic cushioned sole soften the impacts of every step that you take, which then relieves the joints of your foot from pressure and pain. 


  • Comes equipped with customizable fitting spaces 
  • The incorporated insole enables heel pain relief 
  • Uneven cushioning enables support and balance 
  • The arch support is comfortable 


  • The toe box runs a bit narrow 
  • The insoles are not as effective 

Check Price Here

Florence Women’s Boot With Fur 

Maximum Pressure Point Protection Women Work Boots 

Apart from being warm and extremely comfortable, the Florence women’s boot with fur, come equipped with a two-strap closure system that allows a customized fit to the contours of your foot and also makes the shoes easy to wear and remove. The arch support is exceptional, perfect for individuals dealing with heel and foot pain, among other foot conditions. 

The upper part offers a non-binding flexible fit, while also providing extra room for toe movement thus enhanced protection to the joints and pressure points. 


  • Warm comfortable boots 
  • The boots are lightweight on the feet 
  • Good shoes for high arches 
  • Comfortable when worn without socks 


  • The sizes run small 
  • The shoes have a chunky look and do not complement most outfits 

Check Price Here

Breeze stretchable black women work boots 

Exceptionally Comfort Orthopedic Women Work Boots

The overall construction of the breeze stretchable black women’s work boots is aimed at offering maximum protection against the pressure points. The shoe, therefore, comes with elasticized laces, complete with a hook and loop strap that allows for users to achieve a customizable fit, thus help alleviate pain and pressure on the foot’s joints. 

On the inside, you have been provided with the anatomic orthotic insole, and with the ergonomic soles, you can expect comfortable support and cushioning that makes working through the day a breeze. The stretchable work boots have the aesthetics, are not bulk, and can be used by individuals suffering from various foot conditions, such as neuropathy, arthritis, and Achilles Tendonitis among others. 


  • Easy to slip on the go 
  • Flexible upper eliminates pressure on the Achilles 
  • Orthotic insoles provide support to the feet 
  • Encourages the foot to stay in its neutral position 


  • The shoes are somehow heavy 
  • The shoes run small

Check Price Here

Tips on buying the best Work boots for Achilles Tendonitis 

Fit the boot for length- and this should be done on both shoes, put your foot inside the shoe and slide it forward, until your toes touch the front part of the boot, then try bending your knees forward. Check to ensure that the width of your index finger, fits between the heel of your foot, and the back of your shoe. 

The work boots must be flexible at the ball of your foot- what we are looking for here is support, you, therefore, must ensure that the specific boot does not bend in the area of your arch. 

Try fitting the work boots on after work- our feet tend to swell in the afternoon and fitting shoes earlier than that will not provide you with the correct size. So to get the best shoe, do your fittings, in the afternoon after work, as your feet will have swollen. 

Be careful on the type of socks that you wear to work- people who have severe Achilles Tendonitis cases, wear braces beneath their socks, which then means that when going for shoe fitting, the socks that you wear together with the braces should be used to fit the work boot. And as a rule of thumb, socks made of wool and polyester are normally preferred for use with work boots. 

Lastly, ensure that your work boot has been equipped with the relevant arch support insoles as they help spread the impact of every step that you take; they correct alignment issues and relieve pressure on the ligaments that joins your heel to your toes. 

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