Salomon Ultra Pro vs Sense Pro 3. Which one is better for long-distance races?

Salomon shoes have been in existence since 2001. They’re firm and designed to give you responsive feedback with a good feel for the ground. They use different technologies and innovations to construct their shoes and the Salomon ultra pro and sense pro 3 are great examples of quality shoes from Salomon. 

Salomon shoes are designed for both road and trail. So, whether you’re running a road race or scaling a mountain, you will find a pair of Salomon shoes that have been designed to handle the conditions in your run. These shoes are well known for their grip thanks to the contagrip outsole that is made with a special rubber that creates an outsole that has an excellent grip on all kinds of terrains. A quick lace lacing system where you can use an adjustable cinch to tighten and loosen the laces and a pouch on the tongue to tuck them in. The midsole uses both EVA and TPU materials for better shock absorption and to create support and stability. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

What is the difference between Salomon ultra pro and sense pro 3

Salomon shoe modelUltra proSense Pro 3
Stack heightHeel – 27 mmToes – 19 mmHeel – 25 mm Toes – 17 mm
Heel drop8 mm 8 mm
Toe boxRoomy but not too wideIt’s not wide but not too narrow or pinchy
PurposeLong-distance trail runsShorter trail runs
Check pricesCheck prices

Salomon ultra pro vs sense pro 3. How do they differ?


The Salomon ultra pro midsole is made of a dual-density EVA foam and a TPU energy save insert that runs from your forefoot to the front part of the heel area. The insert provides more cushioning for longer runs and allows for better energy return so you don’t have to use too much energy when moving your feet. The shoes are firm but have more resilience in the midsole which keeps you more comfortable even when running on hard surfaces without any bouncy effect. The sense pro 3 on the other hand, has a thin full-length energycell+ midsole that gives you a firm yet reasonable cushioning and protection for short to medium trail runs. If you combine it with the pro feel film, it will provide very good rock protection and still maintain a good balance of the trail feel. The firm cushioning is great for slower runs on softer surfaces, but if you’re running fast on hard surfaces and rocky terrain the ride can be a bit harsh and unforgiving. 


Salomon ultra pro upper is made from hydrophobic 3D stretch air mesh and thin welded Sensifit overlays that run from your forefoot to the midfoot. It’s very comfortable, supportive, and well-ventilated. The external overlays are very comfortable and provide a snug fit without putting a lot of pressure. It has a toe bumper that is very sturdy and protective that integrates very well with the welded overlays for better protection. The toe box is roomy but not too wide and more slender at the midsection that conforms to your feet. The sense pro 3 has an upper made of breathable mesh and TPU overlays that add structure and abrasion-resistance. The toe box isn’t wide, but also not too narrow, pinchy, or tapered. The toe bumper blends with the overlays to create a secure and well-protected toe box that is flexible and breathable.

Salomon Ultra Pro vs Sense Pro 3. A Comparison Review

Salomon Ultra Pro

Salomon ultra pro is a lightweight running shoe that is designed to go the distance and still keep your feet comfortable. It will keep you comfortable for the long-haul thanks to the wings that wrap themselves around your midfoot to give you a stable hug even when your feet start to swell later in the day. The upper is designed with a 3D stretch air mesh with Sensifit that is well ventilated, comfortable, and supportive. The Sensifit wings are very comfortable and do a good job of giving you a snug fit without applying to much pressure on your feet. The toe bumper is well built and protective and it blends in well with the welded overlays that help to improve your feet’ support and protection. The tongue is thinly padded but has just enough padding under the eyelets to protect the top of your feet. The heel counter is a bit stiff but sturdy and protective while the midsole is well cushioned and a bit flexible for running over mixed terrains. The wet traction contagrip outsole has 5mm lugs that are deep enough for off-trail and loose dirt even on soft and even roads. The rubber compound sticks to rock slabs especially when wet for amazing wet traction.


  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent shoes for distance runs
  • Excellent grip
  • Roomy toe box


  • Doesn’t have a rock plate

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Sense Pro 3

Sense Pro 3 is a lightweight, firm, and stiff trail shoe. It’s a perfect blend of a road racing flat feel with trail running technology to create an aggressive and nimble trail race shoe. It has a 26mm thick midsole with a thin layer of EVA foam which is ideal for light gravel and smooth flowy trails. The well-spaced hard-edged lugs keep you stable on wet grass, mud, and loose gravel and prevent mud from sticking on your shoes. The heel counter is thin and a bit flexible and still can provide enough structure and protection while the heel collar is low and thinly padded but perfectly adequate and comfortable. The premium wet traction contagrip outsole is durable and provides great traction on most terrains. The wide-spaced, deep and pronounced lugs dig into deep and lose ground. They have enough spacing so they don’t get clogged with dirt and mud and also soft enough to keep you comfortable when running on hard and flat terrain.


  • Can handle various terrains
  • Great traction
  • Comfortable and light
  • Great for fast races


  • Minimal cushioning

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Both Salomon Ultra Pro and Sense Pro 3 are constructed with quality materials that ensure your comfort, protection, and support. The Ultra Pro is an ideal shoe for shorter races while the Sense Pro 3 is better for long-distance races. 

So, which one is better Salomon Ultra Pro or Sense Pro 3?

Salomon Ultra Pro is a better trail shoe it has a great balance of features from its soft pliable toe box and soft overlays with an excellent balance in its cushioning and stability and a bit of response.  


Is Salomon Ultra Pro a smooth trail running shoe?

It’s a bit stiff but flexible with a thick sole which makes it an ideal shoe for long-distance trail runs over a variety of terrains.  

What is the best terrain for Salomon Sense Pro 3?

It’s a light shoe with a modest drop and provides great traction on mild, even, and groomed trails.

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