The Bear Komplex Black Diamond Grips – The best CrossFit grips in the market now?

Are you looking for good quality grips for your cross-training? The Bear Komplex Black diamond grips offer a firm grip and are one of the best products from Bear Komplex in the market at the moment. 

The Bear Komplex Black Diamond Grips are quality, sticky and firm grips used for cross-training. The handgrip is essential for any cross-training. They help to keep your hands healthy on a bar, on the rig, or any other obstacle while training. The Bear Komplex black diamond grip is light, durable, and protects your hands. These grips are great for ring work, kettlebell, weightlifting, and other gymnastic movements. 

The Bear Komplex black diamond grips are to be used by experienced lifters. Made from synthetic material, the black diamond grips are suitable for many types of bars including powder coated bars. A unique aspect of the black diamond grip is that they don’t need a chalk to stick to the bar. They might not even hold chalk if you try. This is part of its appeal making it stand out from competitors. 

What to expect from The Bear Komplex Black Diamond 3 hole Grips

The Bear Komplex black diamond grips are Available in only 3 holes and come in sizes from extra-large to small. There is a reinforced neoprene layer on the wrist to make it more comfortable to wear. The adjustable lockdown fit ensures no risk of sliding or grip loss. 

To get the best experience, make sure you use a sizing guide to get the right fit. You should be able to almost open your hand fully to have the leather lie flat in your hand. Make sure that you get the perfect size for you because you cannot return them once you’ve used them. These black diamond grips help reduce grip loss and the risk of slipping when you sweat. Your palms and hands are also protected from rips while doing high-intensity lifts and snatches. 

What are some of the key features of the Bear Komplex Black Diamond Grips?


The Bear complex black diamond grips come with three holes, unlike the usual 2 holes. The three whole grips are worn normally on the first three fingers. The grips are to be worn in a way that the cut-out is by the thumb so you can even wear it on the middle or pinkie finger if preferred. The holes stretch slightly after some time of use and can be adjusted to fit larger fingers. It is made of synthetic material that has extra stickiness which ensures your hold on the bars. The grips are around 2mm in thickness. These bear Komplex black diamond grips come in color black with a neon green strap and a “Get better” Bear Komplex branding. 


The Bear Komplex black diamond grips are made with superior material. This material reduces slipping on the bar. It is great for the sleek and powdered coated bars as well. This material ensures to protect your hands and palms during pull-up workouts, kettlebell swings, power lifts, deadlifts, and gymnastics. It is made from synthetic material, it does not even need a chalk to stick to the bar. The black diamond grips are perfect for competitions because of the versatility when you don’t know which bar to expect. The material has the firmest grip which is perfect for both slick and powder coated bars. 

Wrist security

The bear Komplex black diamond grips are re-enforced with a neoprene layer on the wrist strap. This strap ensures comfort while performing your CrossFit exercises. It comes with a custom wrist strap made in a hook and loop design making it easy and fast to adjust. This not only provides comfort but also support positioned under the buckle. Bear Komplex black diamond grips will not dig into your wrists. 


The diamond grips provide support and durability. The tough design ensures you have a strong and long hold on the bar while exercising. Depending on the intensity and frequency of your training, the Bear Komplex grips can last you between 4 to 6 months. Due to a large amount of force and friction being applied when you exercise on the piece of material, this is very durable.


  • The diamond-cut design provides some of the most secure grips for CrossFit exercises. 
  • The thick carbon fiber material reduces the chances of getting rips on your palms and hands. 
  • They are perfect for competitions because they offer versatility in the different challenges when you don’t know which bar you will get.  
  • The custom hook and loop wrist strap let you tighten the handgrips down for better wrist support. 
  • The 3 holes allow more of your palm to be covered than the common 2 holes, providing more protection for the sides of your hands. 
  • Very durable. The durable triple stitching ensures stability on the bar and reduced chances of tearing of the material. 


  • Some athletes complain that the diamond design doesn’t offer the same sensation as the smoother hand grips. 
  • The bear complex grips are made of firm carbon fiber instead of fabric or leather. This means it may take more use to break-in. 
  • The circular shape of the finger holes digs into the fingers while breaking it in. 
  • It is expensive. 

Final Word

The Bear Komplex Black diamond grips are some of the best in the market always improving their quality and durability. These grips come with 3 holes and an adjustable wrist strap. The 3 hole design is new and improves support while on the bar, also covering more of your hand to reduce cuts. You also don’t need to use chalk all the time. 

These grips are suitable for experienced athletes and high-intensity cross-training like gymnastics, barbells, ring work, and a kettlebell. An amazing feature of these grips is the hook and loop wrist strap that ensures comfort while securing your wrist. It is adjustable to your preference. These are great grips that are worth the money while being efficient and durable. 

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