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The design of the shoe plays a major role in your CrossFit performance and comfort. Check out the best CrossFit shoes for flat feet to make your exercise routine more effective.

Getting the right shoe is a very important part of CrossFit training. The right shoe will allow you to perform to your best ability while keeping you safe from injuries or aces throughout the period. The wrong pair of shoes can lead to back, knee and foot injuries. Believe me, I learned that the hard way. It makes sense to spend time choosing the perfect CrossFit shoe but if your feet are flat, you need extra time to make a much more careful and knowledgeable decision.

Here are some things to consider when picking out the best cross training shoes for flat feet

Like any other fitness programme, you have to be extra careful when starting out the exercise routine. Talking to a professional trainer will help you get a better view of all factors in CrossFit before you begin. Keep in mind that anyone can benefit from CrossFit so there is not much restrictions there. If you have flat feet, you have to ensure you get shoes with an ample arch and padding to support your ankle and foot.

The medial arch support

Chose shoes that will be able to lift and support your natural arch regardless of the kind of activities you are into. Whether it cardio, team sports and lifting, the shoe should be able to your feet. Getting a proper medial arch support will help you distribute the weight across your feet. This prevents any form of injury, discomfort or pain.

Lateral support

CrossFit training includes a number of lateral/side to side movements, twists, jumps and more. Sneakers are not secure and comfortable in this situation. Getting a CrossFit shoe that fits will ensure you have enough lateral support.

The size

It should be obvious that your CrossFit shoe should fit perfectly for an efficient performance. The thing is, it is pretty hard to get the right sizing especially when you are purchasing the shoes online. Companies do not produce standard sizes anymore so the measurements online might be deceiving. The best way to find your perfect pair is to try them of get accurate measurements from the producing company.

The quality of the sole

To provide your feet with the right amount of cushioning, the soles of the shoes should be thick enough. The outer material of the sole should allow for a great traction and grip on several surfaces.

Cushioning and protection

Get shoes that offer you the right amount of shock absorption depending on the kind of CrossFit routine you are in. weight lifting requires medium to low cushioning while jumping, running, climbing and other aerobic exercises will require extra cushioning for shock absorption.

The flexion points

You are looking for a flexible, multidirectional design but you also have to pay attention to the placement of the flexion points. Too much flexing is dangerous and could cause accidents on the track. The shoe push down check should let you know about the flexion points of the shoe.

Weight and stability

If you plan on weightlifting and other exercises that do not require much pressure on your leg, get shoes that could withstand weight lifting and give you more stability on your feet. Running shoes require a light, flexible sole to increase your performance on the track.

Durability and durability

The materials of the CrossFit shoe will determine its durability and breathability. A breathable shoe encourages airflow in the foot to prevent moisture, sweating and bad odor which could leave you feeling uncomfortable and cause health issues. A good quality shoe should last you for a while, even when subjected to the high intensity workouts during training.

Removable insoles

Ensure you always check if the insoles are made to be removable or not. Removable insoles give you the chance to install insoles when they wear out or when they simply do not fit right. While even the high-quality shoes have plenty of cushioning and arch support, It wears out after some time due to the high intensity interval training. You can change the cushioning for a much more comfortable shoe that will serve you for a longer period of time before you purchase a new pair.

Here is a comparison table of the best CrossFit shoes for flat feet

ShoeMidsole featuresCheck price on Amazon
New Balance Men’s 1260v6ACTEVA LITECheck price
PUMA Tazon 6 Cross Training ShoeEVA heel podCheck price
Nike Metcon Repper DSXultralight Flywire supportCheck price
Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 FlexweaveTPU heel lockCheck price
Asics Gel Intensity 3 CrossRearfoot and forefoot GEL CushioningCheck price

Individual reviews of the best CrossFit shoes for flat feet

New Balance Men’s 1260v6 Stability – best CrossFit shoes for overpronation

While the New Balance Men’s 1260v6 was initially created as a running shoe, it has made its way in the cross-training filed as one of the best shoes for people with flat feet. The shoe is lightweight and very comfortable. You will not feel weighed down by the shoe while you are training. The mesh upper and dual-density midsole make the shoe breathable and lightweight. To add on that, the FantomFit upper of the sneaker is seamless to allow for a higher level of comfort while you are wearing the shoes.

This pronation minded CrossFit shoe also features a stabilizing absorb Actveta lite and crash pad foam to make it more comfortable and archy for flat feet. It allows the show on the treadmill as well as take your cross-training up to the next level in security and performance.

The seamless mesh upper allows for breathability while the synthetic overlays provide additional stability to your feet during workout. The blown rubber on the outsole provide additional cushioning and endurance while the rubber provides additional tread.


  • The absorb form layer and fuel midsole
  • Is very supportive ‘has plenty of cushioning for comfort
  • The sole is durable with good traction
  • Here are extra wide widths available
  • Multifunctional – great for both running and cross fit


  • Some people may find the shoes too cushy and not ideal for heavy lifting
  • The shoe can be a little heavy

The verdict

This is the perfect CrossFit shoe if you have flat feet and are not looking for solid arch support. The shoe is made with a nitro infused midsole plus a layer of absorbing foam cushioning to give you a good arch support and impact protection while you are training. It is one of the best CrossFit shoes for people with flat feet. This shoe is especially great for people who have pretty low arches on their feet.

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PUMA Tazon 6 Cross Training Shoe

Puma has marked their PUMA Tazon 6 Cross training shoe like the ‘running-inspired training shoe”. Puma is historically known as a significant player when it comes to creating the ultimate training shoe, and the Tanzon 6 is in the long list of one of its great inventions. The sole is made out of synthetic leather that makes it sturdier and firmer during workouts that might involve side to side slippage. The sole is heavily padded on the inside making it very comfortable and supportive but it can also be heavy.

The sole provides a good grip on different types of terrain; you can wear it on gravel, gym floor, wet floor and gravel among others. The midsole of the shoe is made with EVA foam cushioning heel pod that allows the shoe to absorb any shock. The problem is, the EVA sole wears out quicker than the leather which hold up much better and this could be a major issue. The upper part goes higher on the ankle than most CrossFit shoes and is available in wide, which helps you secure a better fit.

The PUMA Tazon 6 Cross Training Shoe is generally an athletic cross training shoe that you can wear to work, leisure and the gym. This is a great option for people with flat feet who are also looking for shoes that will offer stability during basic training and workouts. The TOU shank and EVA foam cushioning make the shoe comfortable but very heavy this it is not recommended for long runs. The upper part of the shoe contains perforated detailing to allow for some ventilation.

The branding on this shoe goes all the way with the basic Puma Forms trip on the side plus a cat on the toe box, tongue and heel. It comes in multiple color options including the iconic monochromatic look.


  • appealing style and color options of the trainer
  • reliable footwear for workouts and casual daily wear
  • made of high quality of the materials
  • Midfoot saddle for optimum fit and comfort
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Fantastic cushioning and in-shoe feel
  • Streamlined sleek silhouette


  • You will need a break-in period

The verdict

The price of the PUMA Tazon 6 Cross Training Shoe is quite reasonable, especially considering the durability and comfort of the shoe. The product is made to be of excellent value due to the comfort it provides for everyday wear and workout sessions.

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Nike Metcon Repper DSX

Nike continues to impress us with its innovative CrossFit shoe designs every year. The Nike Metcon Repper DSX may be a 2017 mode, but it provides you with the best fit, especially when you have a flat foot.

Besides the perfect fit and support it gives for flat feet, the Nike Metcon Repper DSX is one of the most versatile Nike shoes. It is great when it comes to comfort and flexibility when you are training. They beat most Nike shoes when it comes to offering stability to people with flat feet.

This shoe has managed to become a favourite choice for flat footed athletes. These stable cross trainers are highly recommended for use during your high intensity workout. The shoe is guaranteed not to weigh you down as you jump and also manages sweat, odor and moisture while you are active. The Nike Metcon is a highly versatile training shoe that features a zero drop. This allows beginner athletes with flat feet to be more proficient in their workout process


  • Upper construction makes it Lightweight and breathable
  • Has a Springy cushioning and Well-padded tongue and collar
  • Flat heel part provides stability while lifting weights
  • durability and support offered by the Thermoplastic polyurethane overlays
  • Solid sticky rubber outsole
  • Flat laces & Fly wire cables keep the foot in a secure position
  • Semi-curved design mimics the natural shape of the human foot
  • Flex grooves in the forefoot facilitate movement


  • No drop-in sole
  • Issues with the durability of the upper
  • Narrow toe box

The verdict

The Nike Metcon Repper DSX has an attractive external design, a lightweight and breathable construction and it is great for people with lower budgets. Looking for the perfect CrossFit shoe under a budget? Go for the Nike Metcon Repper DSX show.

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Reebok Men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave

Reebok CrossFit nano 8.0 comes in 19 different colors. . They are made of good quality material and are highly durable. It is made with Nanoweave overlay that creates a mesh look and adds contrast to the selection of bright colors that move up the heel and outsole. The Nano weave upper part Is not only designed to provide comfort, security, and fit as well as increase your durability. The solid knit uppers of the reebok 8.0 are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. They fit, move, and feel like a pair of socks would on your feet. The added heel drop and heel piece provide you with more stability for lifts

It has a strong foundation and multidirectional countering that enhances the durability and traction all round. It has a 360o TPU heel lock that wraps around to increase your stability while you are on the move. The 4mm heel drop is good for comfort and stability too. The multidirectional traction and anatomical toe box have been designed to give you a natural toe splay during high intensity interval training workouts like jumping, lifting and squats. They offer a good level of stability without hindering your movements during workout.


  • They give off a comfortable sock like fit
  • Lightweight and breathable and Durable
  • Secure and locked in feel


  • May be too narrow or rigid
  • The woven upper part lacks the stability you would get from other cross feet shoes
  • They may feel baggy and unsupportive during vigorous workouts

The verdict

some people feel like the toe box is still not wide enough to provide them with the right grip. They might be a little heavy on the foot and require a bit more work to break out but are worth more in the end. You may feel that the Nano shell is too rigid and compressing but the fit eases up after a couple of workouts.

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Asics Gel Intensity 3 Cross– best CrossFit Shoes for Flat Feet

Asics has been on a roll when it comes to producing some of the best CrossFit shoes for specific needs inspired by the ASICS running shoe collection, the ADD Asics Gel Intensity 3 CrossFit shoe has characteristics that make it ideal for people with flat feet.

The FluidAxis and Fluid Ride tech on the shoe allows for plenty of cushioning and protection while you are on the track or at the gym. It provides you with the flexibility you need to handle the CrossFit/high intensity interval training workout routine.

The ADD Asics Gel Intensity 3 Cross- comes with a personal eel fit collar lining that allows for a customized fit. This means that you get much more support and protection form the shoe during workout. The mixture of responsive shock and foam absorbing gel cushioning makes the ADD Asics Gel stand out from the rest by giving it a smoother heel to toe transition.

These stylish pair of CrossFit/workout shoes can handle a diversity of locations and physical workouts. The AHAR sole on the ASICS is good quality and made for durability as well as traction. There will be no slippage on any type of ground as you work out.


  • It is made with a sturdy and supportive under platform
  • The shoe is comfortable and super versatile
  • The external design on the shoe is fashionable
  • Comes in a number of color schemes


  • Has a narrow fit
  • The upper part of the shoe has durability concerns
  • Not fit for super heavy lifting

The verdict

This shoe is high quality for the surprising budget-friendly price that comes with this. It features some of the best tech that ASICS foot ware has on some of their best performing shoes. The rearfoot GEL cushioning system works with the midsole material to attenuate any chock from vertical forces during all high-intensity training activities. The cushioned midsole work with the deep flex grooves to make the sneaker more comfortable.

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Final word

Close to 30% of people in the world have flay feet, which is commonly know and overpronation. Most of us do not release it, even with the most obvious of signs. Knowing the structure of your foot could change many things including what shoes you want and how much comfort and flexibility you get during a workout.

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