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Looking to improve your speed and training? The best CrossFit shoe for running could alter your performance to give you the best speed agility, strength, and other benefits.

Today, most athletes turn to CrossFit for challenging and exciting exercises that help improve their agility, strength, and speed. Your CrossFit routine will lack in performance and comfort if you lack an excellent pair of CrossFit shoes. Wearing the ideal pair of CrossFit shoes can make a significant difference in your performance. One conspicuous and desirable feature that makes CrossFit shoes different from the rest of the training shoes is the wide-tooth box that enables your toes to spread and distribute your weight evenly.

Things to consider while picking out the best CrossFit shoes for running.

There are several features that you should look into in a CrossFit shoe that make it reliable and suitable for some specific exercises.

What makes the CrossFit shoes good?

The material – materials used for any pair of CrossFit shoes will determine its functionality and durability. Get a pair of shoes that have hypoallergenic material to prevent any reactions you may have to it.

Shock absorption – This entirely depends on the type of workouts you are doing. People who focus more on weightlifting and such workouts should go for CrossFit shoes that will not absorb too much shock. This is because it will reduce your lift on a routine basis. If your CrossFit workouts are more focused on running, then you need shoes that will absorb the shock and ensure you do not injure your feet while running.

Stable base – before you make the final purchase, consider the sole/base of the shoe. Again, if you plan on weightlifting and other exercises that do not require much pressure on your leg, get shoes that could withstand weight lighting. Running shoes require a light, flexible sole to increase your performance on the track.

Arch and heel support – this is a major factor to consider when you are purchasing any kind of training shoe. Get a shoe that will support you depending on the shape of your feet. Some people have flat feet while others have a long arch at the center. A shoe that supports your arch and heel will distribute the weight and pressure evenly on the foot reducing any strain or pain and accidents.

Durability – investing in a good quality durable shoe is important. This means you will not have to replace it too soon and will serve you for an extended period of time without fast wear and tear.

Breathable and lightweight shoe – heavy CrossFit shoes are better for weightlifting while lightweight CrossFit shoes increase your agility, speed, and comfort on the runway. All athletes sweat inside the feet after high-intensity interval training; which is why it is important to get breathable shoes. They ensure airflow in your feet to reduce overheating or sweat making your workout time more comfortable.

A snug fit – wearing a shoe that is bigger than your foot will cause you to slip and slide while you are running and one that is too tight will simply make it unbearable. Get a CrossFit shoe that fits well for proper performance.

Comfort – once you have checked out everything, this factor will come into place. A lightweight, breathable, flexible, right arch, snug fit CrossFit shoe will ensure maximum performance on the running field.

Here is a comparison table of the best CrossFit shoes for running

ShoeSupport/midsolesSole materialCheck price on Amazon
Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 TPU heel lockRubberCheck price
The Nike Metcon 4 XDFlywire technologysyntheticCheck price
No Bull TrainerEVA and SpEVARubberCheck price
Inova-8 F-lite 235 V2cradle lacing systemSynthetic soleCheck price
ASICS Gel-quantum 180EVA and SpEVARubberCheck price

Individual reviews of the best CrossFit shoes for running

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker – bets for high-intensity interval training

Tokeo la picha la Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave SneakerThis is one of the newest nano models of reebok. It was put out with all the same features of the nano 8 plus some added benefits to give the wearer even more. This Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 comes in 19 different colors which makes it great for options and also unisex. The solid knit uppers of the reebok 8.0 are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. They fit, move, and feel like a pair of socks would on your feet.

The Nano weave upper part Is not only designed to provide comfort, security, and fit as well as increase your durability. It has a 360o TPU heel lock that wraps around to increase your stability while you are on the move. It has a strong foundation and multidirectional countering that enhances the durability and traction all around. The 4mm heel drop is good for comfort and stability too.

The added heel drop and heel piece provide you with more stability for lifts. The multidirectional traction and anatomical toe box have been designed to give you a natural toe splay during high-intensity interval training workouts like jumping, lifting, and squats. They offer a good level of stability without hindering your movements during a workout

They are made of good quality material and are highly durable. It is made with a Nanoweave overlay that creates a mesh look and adds contrast to the selection of bright colors that move up the heel and outsole. The problem is, some people feel like the toe box is still not wide enough to provide them with the right grip. They might be a little heavy on the foot and require a bit more work to break out but are worth more in the end. You may feel that the Nano shell is too rigid and compressing but the fit eases up after a couple of workouts.


  • They are highly breathable
  • They give off a comfortable sock-like fit
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Secure and locked-in feel
  • Durable


  • The woven upper part lacks the stability you would get from other cross feet shoes
  • They may feel baggy and unsupportive during vigorous workouts
  • Maybe too narrow or rigid


This Reebok CrossFit nano 8. Is the perfect shoe for CrossFit and high-intensity interval training. It can handle the intensity of workouts plus made for the comfort and flexibility of the user.

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The Nike Metcon 4 XD – best for multipurpose workouts

The Nike Metcon is a versatile and well-balanced shoe that is great for CrossFit. It has a noticeably supportive heel and coveted fly wire structural support that make it stand out from the rest. It is a great solution to the past durability concerns that came with the previous Nike Metcon line.

The Metcon 4 XD has a flat platform that stabilizes you during all the movements. This is a CrossFit shoe that was designed to take on all your stitches with ease and rhythm, from heavy lifting to sprints and sled pushes.

The forefoot of the shoe is made with a sticky rubber material that works together with the TPU heel counter to give you control on your lateral movement and more traction. A new drop-in midsole is included on the shoe and works with the heel for figuring and to action to give you flexibility when you run and more stability when you lift.

This Metcon gestures a new toe to heel 3D print base durable upgrade that is blended with an enhanced mesh material. This increases the strength and grip needed for the ropes without wrecking the soles. You are able to slide, climb or jump more securely without the need for extra energy. The outer soles are constructed with extra abrasion for extra protection. The light mesh material breathes so well that the sweat builds up is not an issue within this CrossFit shoe.

It features flywire technology; the Nike Metcon is integrated with flywire cables for quick movement and a more stable transfer. The flywire on the midfoot unifies with the laces to give you a secure and yet flexible fit.

Just like Metcon 4, the Metcon 4XD CrossFit sneakers have a firm heel with soft midfoot padding that allows extra flexibility in the toe box. This, together with the breathable mesh gives you more extension on the foot.

It comes in multiple color choices and faded design patters. The Nike Metcon are comfortable and has a great design.


  • Has a wide toe box
  • Made of good quality material
  • Breathable
  • Great for ropes
  • Very flexible


Runs a size smaller


The Metcon 4 XD CrossFit show works to stabilize you without compromising the comfort levels on your feet. It makes the wearer feel that they are grounding into the shoes when there is added weight and pressure. The versatility of the all-terrain should construction makes it great for multiple functions and areas. This shoe is totally worth your money with its features that allow for durability and stability.

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No Bull Trainer – best multipurpose CrossFit trainer

No bull trainers are very common among many CrossFit professionals and athletes. The brand is known to produce durable, effective shoes that help you perform at optimum levels. This CrossFit shoe is designed specifically for CrossFit athletes and their needs. The trainers are guaranteed to get you through any type of CrossFit workout with comfort and flexibility. They should are multifunctional and also highly versatile.

It features an outsole lug pattern than allows an easy transition between any movements in both outdoor and indoor environments. The Super Fabric on this shoe can withstand almost anything. The upper part of the shoe is made out of a seamless piece of the super fabric and this prevents abrasion making them long-lasting. The super fabric guard plates further increase the flexibility and durability of the shoe.

When it comes to comfort, the No Bull CrossFit shoe is impressive with features that make it breathable, flexible, and very comfortable. It has a 4MM heel drop that keeps your feet next to the ground during your workout routine. This allows you to have increase traction, grip, and stability.

The flexibility provided by this shoe optimizes your agility movements and helps you with rope climbing. The sneakers allow you to move freely in between the workouts so you can perform your best. Style-wise, they are made like the typical No Bull sneakers, very effortless and practical. If you are into the style of the shoe, then you will be happy to have a variety of colors but disappointed there is no sleek design. It all comes down to one thing, these shoes get the job done, and that’s the important part.


  • Offers longevity of use because of its durability
  • Can work in any environment
  • Has exceptional flexibility


  • The brand is not easily accessible


The No Bull trainer is a great all-round cross fit shoe. They are also convenient for beginners as well as professionals because they take you through a fast transition and help you be great at all the movements while you are working out. You can change from lifting to sprinting or handing with a matter of seconds and do it efficiently. While the shoes are at a higher end of the price spectrum, their performance is unmatchable. I would say that the no bull trainer is a worthy investment and will help you with your CrossFit effectively.

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Inova- 8 F-lite 235 V2 – Best for a natural feel on the foot while training

While it may not be a very recognizable brand, it is becoming a fast favorite among cross-fitters. They are perfect if you like a more natural/ barefoot feel while you are on the field. The shoes are super lightweight and provide you with a great grip so there’s no need to worry about accidents.

As for versatility, this shoe is top-notch. It provides you with support for close to all the exercises without getting in your way even once. What makes it stand out from the rest? It has a more flexible and snug-fitting when compared to other major CrossFit shoes. This provides athletes with a feeling of fewer restrictions during climbing exercises, cardio and polymerics, and even lifting. The wide toe box of the Inova F-lite 235 V2 together with the structured heel offer you enough support and stability to keep the weight in your heels while you are squatting and lifting.

Because this shoe is designed to fit like a glove, it gives you a secure and flexible fit. The Inova F-lite 235 V2 is very popular for cardio. If you have been doing cardio, looking to start a little lifting and you are not used to the sturdier feel that comes with it these are the right shoes for you.

It features a met cradle lacing system that provides you with a snug and yet flexible security that locks your foot in place during training. The Inova F-lite 235 V2 has zero drops. The rubber toe provides you with extra protection and does not catch while you are doing box jumps. The sticky outsole rubber is extended to the upper so the shoe can support increased traction while you are climbing. The style of the Inova F-lite 235 V2 is simple, fun and functional.


  • It gives off a natural foot feel
  • Gives you plenty of support to help you improve your form
  • Does not get in the way of your training
  • It is lightweight and flexible


  • Shows some signs of wear and tear


While the Inova* F-lite 235 V2 does not offer a wide variety like other CrossFit brands, the offer a colorful and grey pair that are great for both men and women. The shoe is designed to fit your foot more snugly and move with it. It also provides a supported heel and wide toe box which helps in lifting or during high-intensity interval training.

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ASICS Gel-quantum 180 – the best comfortable CrossFit shoe

The ASICS Gel-quantum 180 is a favorite among many athletes for their excellent performance. It is a very reliable shoe with practical tech and features all through.

The structure of this shoe makes it stand out from the rest. The outsole features AHRH tech which is Asics High Abrasion Rubber. It is made mainly out of rubber and uses the tech to provide you with comfort every step you make and also ensures it lasts.

The features on this sneaker are meant to give you the most out of your workout, the Solyte midsole and gel cushioning ensure support and comfort. The trussic system and high abrasion rubber ensure its durability.

The shoes are versatile, comfortable, stabilizing, and supportive – all the things you need during your work out. With the ASICS Gel-quantum 180, you will be able to rope climb, run, and lift with comfort. They allow you to go from running 400’s straight to power cleaning during the workouts.


  • Has gel cushioning to absorb any shock during a workout
  • The trusstic system helps reduce the weight of the sole unit
  • Cushioning has a spring embedded for extra comfort
  • The upper part of the shoe fits snug on your foot for more support and comfort


  • The heels wider than most people are used to
  • Is not very lightweight
  • The traction may lose some grip when the shoe is wet


The ASICS Gel-quantum 180 is lightweight, flexible, and very comfortable to work put in. It features a gel cushioning that offers comfort during your performance. While the shoe runs a bit high in price, its performance makes it totally worth it. The combined features give you high performance, and plenty of comforts and cushioning.

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Final word

Finding the perfect running shoe can be confusing with all those brands on the internet. To find the perfect shoe, you have to consider the factors mentioned above. A great shoe should offer you comfort, stability, flexibility, and performance.



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