The CrossFit Diaries

I developed arthritis at a young age and have difficulties with it since. My physician advised me to keep as active and tolerable and to keep the muscles around my spine toned as this would help prevent sprains and other problems.

The worst of my pain resides in my knees, so I needed something that was relatively low impact and yet still helped tone my muscles. Plus, certain medications had aided my weight gain a bit and I was uncomfortable with that. A friend of mine recommended CrossFit to me. Going on her word and the results she had attained, I enrolled at a local facility that offered CrossFit classes.

The membership fees were not horrible. $125 a year to get unlimited access to as many classes that I desired. I had better deals at gyms locally, but honestly, I didn’t want to pay even a smaller amount for access to equipment I was never going to use.

My first class was a primer for what CrossFit is and the course of activities that will follow. CrossFit offers an array of workout equipment such as gymnastic rings, barbells, medicine balls, and rowing machines. Heavier, higher impact workouts exist using weighs, powerlifting, etc. but I was mostly interested in the aerobic, cardio, and a lighter strength and conditioning program.

The instructors at my local facility were extremely friendly, understanding of my physical and medical problems and were very knowledgeable about the specific programs and exercises I would be doing. Instructors’ knowledge base and compassion vary from place to place but if you have medical problems, it helps to talk about them with your location before signing up.

After tailoring a special regimen for my capabilities, I began my weekly workout. Twice a week at first, utilizing various stretching exercises before moving on to more strenuous exercises like sit-ups and push-ups. The next phase involved using a machine called the GHD. The GHD helps with strengthening and stretching the back muscles and for me, suffering from back ailments, it was a useful exercise. I eventually moved to lighter weights for toning.

I’m now on a three times a week program and I’m finding that it is a very effective program. I’ve dropped a lot of weight. Twelve pounds in three months to be exact as well as adding four pounds of muscle. I have more energy and I even sleep better.

It takes willingness and dedication to the program, for it to work. If you’re not willing to commit to it, much like with any exercise, the program will not produce results. However, if you do commit, there is a definite upside to using CrossFit. Contact local gyms and exercise facilities and see if they offer these classes. Find out prices and comparatively shop around. Talk to your friends and family, research facilities and programs online before signing up.

Most importantly, talk to the instructors and get a feel for their credentials. Ask questions. Can the program be customized to your capabilities? Do the instructors have experience working with people that have special conditions or disabilities? Do the instructors have any experience with other areas such as dietary concerns. How long will each session take?

I am enjoying the CrossFit program and in the right hands and with the dedication it takes, it is productive for you too.

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