What Adidas Shoes Are Good For Overpronation

Overpronation is a condition where the ankle rolls inwards during the gait cycle, which then causes increased pressure on the inside part of the foot. Athletes with this type of feet need shoes that will realign their foot by incorporating more material on the outside part of the heel. In essence, is that as an athlete you need shoes that minimize stress on your body. 

Shoe manufacturers have battled for years to combat overpronation, spending millions on R&D. In this article we will be going over some of the sneakers Adidas, have developed to help runners with overpronation. The running shoes that you, therefore, decide to settle with should incorporate features that enable it to absorb shock thus prevent injuries. Remember that as your foot hits the ground during running or jogging it is exposed to constant shock with which your shoes should be able to absorb. 

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Causes of Overpronation

There are self-inflicted situations that can be blamed for causing overpronation which are, gaining too much weight to the point of being obese, engaging in activities such as running where the foot repeatedly strikes the concrete for an extended period or when pregnant.  However, there are instances where people are born with overpronated feet, in simple terms therefore, overpronation is a condition of having very flat or flexible feet. 

Injuries Associated with overpronation

While many people might be ignorant about knowing their type of feet, having this information will put them in a better position to know how to protect themselves from developing plantar fasciitis, bunions, splints, patellofemoral pain syndrome, chronic lower back pain, Achilles tendonitis, and shin splints among other conditions that result because of overpronated feet. 

Features of Athletic Shoes for Overpronators 

While it might help you to know the exact kind of Adidas shoes that are good for overpronation, it is equally important to know of the exact features incorporated in the shoe that make them suitable for your kind of feet. In most cases, the shoes are referred to as stability shoes that will stabilize your feet when running or jogging thus prevent your ankle from rolling. 

The first thing that you will, therefore, look at is the stretch web outsole, which is designed to enhance traction, allowing the wearer to maintain a natural and comfortable stride. We then move up to the midsole, which is normally configured to boost cushioning, and is normally made of responsive TPU pellets, and still on the midsole, the torsion system is normally designed to deliver a level of arch support. 

Good Adidas Shoes for Overpronation 

Adidas holds the second position after Nike when it comes to sportswear, and they have managed to maintain this position because they simply cater to all categories of individuals including the overpronators; below are some of the Adidas shoes specially designed for the overpronated feet. 

Adidas Adipure Sport Golf Shoe   

The Adipure Golf shoe from Adidas, boasts of a shaft that measures, exactly low-top from the arch, the shoes have additionally been made with a more rounded toe and if you look closely at the ceiling is a bit low for enhanced comfort not to mention the aesthetics. 

The feature that makes the shoe perfect for overpronators is the incorporated fit foam PU sockliner designed to offer great cushioning, comfort, and support. The shoes have, therefore, been designed to provide control between the heel and the forefoot and at the same time offer enhanced arch support. 

Adidas Originals Men’s Senseboost Go Running Shoe

The original men’s Senseboost from Adidas are a regular fit type of shoe and has incorporated a normal type of arch. The upper part features a single layer knit upper complete with an adaptive tongue necessary for midfoot support. The shoes are best suited for running, are stable and breathable with a sock-like fit. 

The incorporated features that make these Adidas shoes perfect for overpronators are the flexible stretch web outsole and the responsive boost midsole. 

Adidas Men’s Pulseboost Hd Running Shoe   

Overpronators will love these shoes mainly because they offer a sock-like fit which enhances stability, the shoes are also breathable given that knit upper that comes complete with ventilation holes. The outsole features an adaptive Traxion outsole that comes equipped with continental rubber that not only offers stability but can very well be used on different types of surfaces while offering maximum traction. 

They incorporated special features for the overpronators is the equipped high-density boost HD midsole known to provide a responsive and stable feel. 

Adidas Men’s 4D Run 1.0 Parley Shoes  

The Adidas Men’s 4D has been made with targeted cushioning and support a good feature that would offer stability to the overpronated feet, the incorporated innovative lattice ensures that the wearer feels the comfort and support on the part of their feet that they actually need it. 

The shoe has also been fitted with a dual-layer mesh upper that offers a comfortable fit; the Adidas Men’s 4D Run 1.0 features a unique but highly responsive digitally printed midsole designed to offer stability to the overpronated feet. 

Alphabounce Shoes

Adidas has significantly reduced the prize of the Alphabounce shoes from $100 to $60, but don’t expect the same prices from other retailers. Traction is very important for the overpronated feet, to which end the Alphabounce has been equipped with a grippy outsole meant to offer traction in varied surfaces. 

And for runners who wish to engage the long distances, you have been provided with the Bounce midsole technology, known to provide cloud-like energy-filled cushioning a stability feature that will be much appreciated with athletes who have overpronated feet. 

Adidas Men’s Alphaboost M Running Shoe

The Adidas men’s Alpha boost is a regular fit with a lace closure to ensure maximum stability, the shoes are light in weight and breathable, and have incorporated a dual-density boost in the midsole and on the outsole you will find the stability pods. The above are some of the features that overpronators should be on the look-out for when combing through the varied Adidas Athletic shoes. 

Additionally, the shoe has incorporated a continental rubber outsole, which offers extraordinary traction in both the wet and dry grounds. 

Final thought 

As we mentioned before, Adidas did not gain the second position after Nike by chance, but through professionalism; the shoes reviewed above are just but a few from Adidas’s large collection designed to cater to individuals with overpronated feet. And while there are many ways to treat overpronation it is important for people to take the necessary steps in preventing re-injury or protect themselves from developing other overpronation related injuries and this they can do by investing in the right footwear.

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