What Adidas shoes Look like Yeezys?

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Are Yeezys worth the hype? Well for the fashion-forward individuals, they wouldn’t mind breaking the bank to stay trendy, but for some of us, it would be a question of quality over hype, and truth be told as it is right now, the Yeezys are not just any type of sneakers but pieces of art. You, don’t believe it, then how about we tell you that these shoes sold out in 10 minutes, now do you believe it. 

The retail prices for the Yeezy boost 350 V2 black are as follows, the adult Yeezy sneaker goes for $220, and if you want to get these classic kicks for your kids then it will cost you $160. And in case you didn’t know, the Yeezy sneakers can be rocked by every member of your family including the infants, so don’t be shocked to find them retailing at $140. 

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You can also get the Yeezys in Nike, and these are the Air Yeezy and the Air Yeezy II, in short, what we are saying is that Yeezys have become quite a staple in the fashion industry more so because it has received the backing of the top sports shoe brands in the world Nike and Adidas. And since we have established that Yeezy’s cannot stay a minute on the shelves beside their high price point, we have alternatives that are not only good quality but will represent the original Yeezy perfectly. Check out the rundown of Adidas Sneakers, we have put together, that give off that Yezzy style, but not quite at that sky-high price point. 

Adidas sneakers that look like the Yeezys 

Adidas Pure Boost DPR

The Adidas Pure Boost DPR, are your chance to get the Yeezy to feel but at an affordable price, so apart from being fashion-forward, the pure boost can also double up as runners, as it has incorporated a wider foot platform, that offers natural support during the versatile city runs. 

And unlike the common sneakers with a synthetic or leather upper, the Adidas pure boost DPR sneakers feature a knitted upper part complete with engineered zones to offer the wearer an adaptive fit meaning it flexes with your foot naturally as you move. Now apart from the sole offering the best traction, it has been made with a stretch web rubber outsole that stretches with the underfoot thus offers an energized outride. 

Adidas Pure Boost DPR can be found on Amazon, View Price

Adidas Alpha Bounce

Adidas Alpha bounce will enable you to gain a competitive edge in performance, first because the upper part has been fitted with a one-piece forged mesh, that can take a beating without giving in when performing the linear and multi-directional movement. The running shoe has also incorporated a stretched bounce midsole that accommodates foot movement thus offers superior multidirectional cushioning.

The outsole has been designed to take on different surfaces, offering traction for the sudden stops and movements when playing a quick reaction game. Additionally, the shoes are well padded at the collar with perforations at the top to prevent the discomfort caused by moisture build-up.  

Adidas Alpha Bounce can be found on Amazon, View Price

Adidas Tubular Shadow 

The tubular series we can say are a blast from the past but now representing more of the edgy Yeezy influence. The sneaker has been designed to offer a snug fit more especially with the innovative wraparound tongue construction designed to offer a comfortable and snug fit.  Traction is enabled on various surfaces (wet) given the tacky outer rubber sole. 

The shoe is not heavy on the feet as it has been made with the lightweight EVA midsole and the signature Yeezy sock-like construction at the upper part allows the shoe to hug the feet thus offers stability during movement. 

Adidas Tubular Shadow can be found on Amazon, Check Price

Adidas Pure Boost 

The Adidas pure boost can double up as a lifestyle shoe, if you don’t want to use them for exercising or running, and comes in varied color options. The upper part features durable knit is stretchable and durable, meaning that the wide feet individuals will be well accommodated; the mesh is breathable and allows room to stretch the toes a bit. 

The lace-up is pretty unique when compared to the common lace types seen in most sneakers, the sole is made of synthetic material but the stretch Webb outer sole is made of rubber thus not only offers traction but flexes with the feet during movement. The pure boost has been configured to take the beating when covering longer distances during running, while the sock-like fit offers much-needed stability and comfort. 

Adidas Pure Boost can be found on Amazon, View Price

Is your Adidas Yeezys real or fake?

Do you know that the knock-offs industry in Asia will never die because we keep supporting them despite having cheaper original versions of the classic kicks like the Yeezy. Anytime you order stuff from some Asian countries dedicated to producing knock offs then you better brace yourself for disappointments, however, we have some cool original stuff manufactured in Asia most of which include apparels. 

Back to the yeezys, so how do you know if you have bought the original Adidas Yeezy or the fake one’s, below are some helpful tips to help you get value for your money. Distinguishing fake Adidas yeezys from the original is not very hard as there are a couple of things that you can check, however, the most basic thing that you can check really quick are the tags. Original Adidas shoes will have tags with different serial numbers for both the left and the right shoe, meaning that if it is fake then the serial numbers will be the same. 

Additionally, original Adidas Yeezys are never easy to find, and not all the retailers stock them therefore, to avoid being duped, you could check them from Adidas, Farfetch, or Amazon. You can also check on the little details that the counterfeiters take for granted such as the insoles, and in this case, you will find that the removable insoles tend to have an Adidas logo and brand name. The genuine brands, therefore, have a grey tone ink while the counterfeits have white ink. 

Original Adidas Yeezys are also fitted with a side logo, so here you will find the Adidas logo and the YZY stamp strategically placed on the sides of the shoes are on a suede-like material and centered on the inside. The counterfeits will get the positioning wrong and you will also realize that the fonts are a bit bigger when compared to the original

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