What I Gained and Lost After Joining a CrossFit Gym

Good health requires more than a good eating plan. It also involves a solid physical fitness program. I evaluated several of them. The one that I decided to go with was CrossFit. It is more than a simple fitness program. Here is the detail on the program and what I gained from it, along with some of the things that I lost.

What I gained

I learned very quickly that good physical fitness is about gaining some weight at first. It turns out that your muscles will grow with this program. This is just at first though. It happens because the muscles have been sitting dormant for a long time. Now that they are being used, the muscles will begin to grow and create more mass in your overall body weight. It’s temporary though and does eventually switch over to burning fat and turning that old fat into muscle.

I also gained an enormous amount of energy. It does take a week or so to begin. The first week I was extremely tired. After a couple of weeks, though, the energy completely changed and I found myself refreshed after a workout. That was exactly what I wanted. I was very happy.

The final thing that I gained from it was a sense of endurance. My mental and physical endurance vastly improved. The program is very intense and offered a wonderful way for me to gain both forms of endurance.

What I lost

The losses were significant. They were also very good. The first one was the weight. After a while, I was able to get my fitness to a healthy level of weight loss. The muscle began to take over burning the calories and my diet was on course as well. It was just the right mixture.

I also lost my sluggish and tired feeling. That was a great thing. I started out looking to get my health on track. What I didn’t realize when I began the CrossFit program was that most people that think they are in great shape because they are “fit,” are actually very much out of shape. The muscle-mass is important, as much as the size of a person. When I finished the CrossFit program, I learned how all of that is measured, and how it works to help create a healthy body. When the program was added to a well-balanced diet, then my doctor was far more pleased with the results. It should add years to my life, that otherwise would have been lost.

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