Yeezy Foam Runners- What to Expect and Review

Yeezy foam runners shook the shoe industry first because they derive their looks from the sneaker shoe and also seem like they want to fall into the croc family; the foam runners have been crafted from one material complete with ridges and holes on the sides. The Kanye West-inspired shoes are the future of sneakers, given that they have deviated far away from your typical leather or synthetic sneaker shoes, thus feature a new simple slip-on design.

Though simple, the shoes are a never before seen design that has obliterated the need for the shoelaces and the insoles. They have incorporated some rare material in their manufacture that is not commonly used in the creation of shoes and this is harvested algae and the Eva materials. The foam runners are versatile representing the male’s contemporary fashion and can complement many casual outfits. 

Twitter is Dragging Kanye's New Foam Runner Aka The “YEEZY Croc”

The Yeezy foam runners are still a dream for many because they quickly sold out immediately after their release in June 2020. Interestingly, the shoes were first ridiculed on the social media platforms for looking like an upgrade of the crocs, but the true shoe fanatics and supporters of the musician welcomed the new invention. The shoes were, therefore, hyped as their reveal neared but when released most fans could not get them, as they were barely enough. 

What are the Yeezy Foam Runners?

So while enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for a potential restock let us break it down and see what they offer. 

On the insides of the Yeezy foam runners, there are some details (protrusions on the sides) not sure how they react to the skin when worn for long distances given the friction but they are generally comfortable. Breathability is 100% percent so no chances of moisture accumulating on the wearer’s feet, the perforations on the shoes are of different sizes with some rather big holes at the back. 

Wearers also don’t need to worry much about the fit because it has some sort of oval structure meaning that it is a good fit for the wide feet individuals. The front top part has also been perforated to encourage the flow of air in and out of the shoes even if you wear them with socks, additionally, the toe box is wide enough to enable the flexing of the toes. 

Though not padded the material used in the making of the shoe is not rigid thus it will definitely go easy on your Achilles, the collar is also very spacious so wearers can easily slip the shoe in and out of their feet, well this is a welcome relief when compared to the hustle of lacing and unlacing your typical sneakers as you try to get on and out of your feet. 

The insides don’t have insoles but when worn you won’t feel like you are walking on concrete as they are soft and padded enough to protect your joints when you use them on long distances or the different surfaces. On the bottom back of the shoe, you will realize that the heel has been enhanced a little, well the most basic reason for this would be to boost your confidence as you will look a bit taller and your legs will even look appealing. 

On a more serious note a slightly elevated heel, more like a zero drop is known to engage the shoe into absorbing the impact developed when running, meaning that they allow a lot of foot movement. There are many advantages that come with the zero drop shoes, for one is that they place the heel and forefoot flat on the ground which consequently corrects the posture, thus aligns the spine and encourages the midfoot strike. 

In essence, is that the shoe helps alleviate strain on the lower back thus allows the wearer to walk with a healthier forefoot to midfoot strike. The shoe sole also features the same design as the one seen on the upper part, and here you will find some rather wavy grooves, designed to offer wearers traction when tackling different surfaces. 

You will also notice there is some sort of depression on the sole, this is to prevent gravel from sticking to the shoe thus make it difficult to walk on. The design on this part is also very different from the traditional sneakers as you don’t get two separate parts, which are the outsole and the midsole which are normally made of different materials. 

Yeezy Boost Foam Runner 

Yeezy Boost Foam Runner by 52kings on Amazon Music -

The Yeezy foam runners boast at least four colorways, and these are black, orange, white, and beige, so you don’t have a reason to miss out on the contemporary classics. The shoes have also been found to complement a variety of casual outfits and this goes for both the ladies and gents; the shoes look great when worn with socks but you are not restricted, so you can wear them how they best suit you.

Yeezy foam runners are comfortable, stylish, and retail at a pocket-friendly price at $75, and the only negative vibe that we seem to pick about these shoes from the future, is that they initially retailed in the USA only thus limited in quantity. But since the fan base has built up more markets have consequently opened up and Adidas can expect a major sale across nations with the second release. 

From the design, we can see that the Yeezy foam runners are pretty easy to clean and maintain, so its basically a futuristic comprehensive solution when it comes to edgy and versatile shoes. You never know as this might be the genesis of some serious but simple design from other manufactures keep your eyes open. 


  • Comes in four different colorways
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Matches will different outfits 
  • Uniquely designed 


  • Only available in the USA

Final thought

We must say that the market is ripe for the release of the second batch of the Yeezy foam runner, and for the trendy individuals you need to stay alert to grab a pair given the speed with which they sold out. The Yeezy shoes are not only unique and pretty but they are comfortable and versatile to be worn on different occasions and with different outfits.

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